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Cheat Codes

To enter a cheat code, bring up your phone by pressing Up, then Up again to access the keypad.

Get a Parachute:
Call 359-555-7272 on your phone.

Super Punch:
Call 276-555-2666 on your phone.

Explosive Sniper Rounds:
Call 486-555-2526 on your phone.

Get Health & Weapons:
Call 482-555-0100 on your phone.

Get Health & Armour:
Call 362-555-0100 on your phone. Blocks the achievement "Finish Him."

Get Weapons, Advanced:
Call 486-555-0100 on your phone.

Get Weapons, Poor:
Call 486-555-0150 on your phone.

Remove Wanted Level:
Call 267-555-0100 on your phone. Blocks the achievement "Walked free."

Raise Wanted Level:
Call 267-555-0150 on your phone.

Change Weather:
Call 468-555-0100 on your phone.

Spawn Floater:
Call 938-555-0150 on your phone.

Spawn Akuma:
Call 625-555-0200 on your phone.

Spawn Vader:
Call 625-555-3273 on your phone.

Spawn APC:
Call 272-555-8265 on your phone.

Spawn Buzzard:
Call 359-555-2899 on your phone.

Spawn Bullet GT:
Call 227-555-9666 on your phone.

Spawn Annihilator:
Call 359-555-0100 on your phone.

Spawn Jetmax:
Call 938-555-0100 on your phone.

Spawn NRG-900:
Call 625-555-0100 on your phone.

Spawn Sanchez:
Call 625-555-0150 on your phone.

Spawn FIB Buffalo:
Call 227-555-0100 on your phone.

Spawn Comet:
Call 227-555-0175 on your phone.

Spawn Turismo:
Call 227-555-0147 on your phone.

Spawn Cognoscenti:
Call 227-555-0142 on your phone.

Spawn Super GT:
Call 227-555-0168 on your phone.

Unlock Weapons at your safehouse

Unlock Pistol .44:
Complete 10 Drug Wars.

Unlock Advanced SMG:
Complete 20 Drug Wars.

Unlock Explosive Shotgun:
Complete 30 Drug Wars.

Unlock Sticky Bombs:

Complete 40 Drug Wars.

Unlock Gold SMG:
Complete 50 Drug Wars.

Unlock Gold SMG (Armando delivery):
Finish the Yusuf mission For the Man Who Has Everything

Unlock New Vehicles

Unlock Gold Buzzard:
Finish the Yusuf mission High Dive

Unlock Gold Super Drop Diamond:
Finish the Yusuf mission For the Man Who Has Everything

Unlock APC (Yusuf's construction site):
Kill all 50 seagulls

100% Completion Requirements

Complete all 26 main story mission. (60%)
Complete all 5 random character missions (2 for Arnaud, 2 for Margo and 1 for Daisy). (5%)
Complete 25 Drug Wars. (2.50%)
Complete 6 levels of cage fighting. (1.43%)
Win all 3 triathlon races. (2.50%)
Clear all 15 base jumps. (2.50%)
Kill all 50 seagulls. (2.50%)
Dance successfully at Maisonette 9 & Hercules. (1.43%)
Win a Champagne drink-off. (1.43%)
Win four activities against a friend (Golf, Air Hockey, Darts, Pool) (5.71%)
Complete all friends activities (Air Hockey, Drinking, Pool, Strip Club, Darts, Eating, Golf) (5%)
Complete 8 Club Management activites (10%)

Armando & Henrique services

If Armando is available your can have him come to your location with his van, from which you can buy guns and armour.

If Henrique is available you can have him deliver a vehicle of your selection to your location. More vehicles will be available once you progress through the story.


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