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Random Characters

There are a total of 3 random characters. They will show up on your map as you play through the story. If they are marked on your pam with a blue person icon their missions can be started. If they have a white icon you'll have to come back another time.

Description: Arnaud wants you to take him to a massage parlor. Get in a car and drive him to the location on your map to finish the mission.

Description: You find Arnaud on the ground all beaten up. A pimp stole his wallet and now he want help to recover it. Take Arnaud to Bronco Street to find the pimp. When you get there, the pimp spots you and takes off. Drive after him and take him out, then get the wallet back to Arnaud and drive him to Fortside to finish the mission.

Description: You find Margot outside the barber shop next to Hercules. She is sad because you dumped her and now she has taken too many sleeping pills trying to take her life. Drive Margot to the emergency room before she dies to finish the mission.

Description: You find margot on the side of a ledge threatening to jump. After you talk to her, she still jumps and dies. The bystanders thinks you pushed her and will come after you. You have to run away from them and lose the cops to finish the mission.

You'll find Daisy at the bar inside Maisonette 9. It seems an old boyfriend is in the possession of a dirty movie starring Daisy and he is threatening to release it to the public. He is bleeting about his whereabouts so get in a car with Daisy and drive uptown to see if you can spot him. When you reach the marker, look around for him. He'll bleet again about what he does, this time you have to go to Perseus and look for him. After another bleet you have to go to Squid Row. The last bleet says he is at Star Junction. Once you get there and find him it is too late and the movie will show on the big screen on Star Junction.

Drug Wars

After the Mom's House mission Corner Kids you can do a total of 50 Drug War side missions. For each 10th drug war mission you complete, a new typoe of weapon will be availabe at your safehouse. The missions are activated by going to a marker on your map. The type of mission will be randomized from a couple of different scenarios. The missions will get harder and harder as you complete them. You will be awarded an amount of money by completing these missions, starting at $4000 and rising as they get harder. The different types of missions are:

Drug Wars: The Stickup
Get in the car with Armando and Henrique and drive to the location of a drug deal between two gangs. Drive to the location marked on your map and kill the drug dealers and steal their drugs, then head back to you drop off location.

Drug Wars: The Highjack
Get in the car with Armando and henrique and drive to the location on your map. Steal the vehicle and drive it to the drop off location.

Drug Wars: The Convoy
Get in the car with Armando and Henrique. Now drive to the convoy marked on your map and stop the drug dealers vehicle. Then drive the vehicle back to the drop off.

Drug wars: The Stash
Get in the car with Armando and Henrique. Drive to the location marked on your map and steal the stash of drugs then make your way back to the drop off.


Unlock Pistol .44:
Complete 10 Drug Wars.

Unlock Advanced SMG:
Complete 20 Drug Wars.

Unlock Explosive Shotgun:
Complete 30 Drug Wars.

Unlock Sticky Bombs:

Complete 40 Drug Wars.

Unlock Gold SMG:
Complete 50 Drug Wars.

Triathlon Races

There are three different locations on your map which will trigger a triathlon race. The three parts are the same as in the Mori mission This Ain't Checkers. You have to jump out of a helicopter, land on or by a boat, race the boat through checkpoints and then race a car through checkpoints to the finish line.

Base Jumping

After the Yusuf mission High Dive, 15 different base jumping locations will appear on your map. There are 5 helicopter jumps where you get airlifted and jump from a helicopter, then has to fly your parachute through markers and land on the target. There are 5 vehicle jumps where you jump off a roof of a tall building and has to land on a moving truck or boat. And there are 5 target jumps where you jump off a building and has to land on the ground target for it to count.

Club Management

Go to Maisonette 9 and enter the manager office to start the mission. You now have to move around in the club and loook out for people creating trouble. After a while you will get instructions on what the miccion is about. It can be things like helping a celeberity to avoid the press or go and pickup takout food for some important guest.

Club Mini-Games

There are two different club mini-games, dancing and a champagne drinking contest. On the dance missions, get on the dance floor in one of the clubs and press LB to start the mission. Follow the on screen instructions on how to dance and finish the dance to complete the mission. The champagne mission can be started by going to the VIP area in one of the clubs and pressing LB. here you have to shake a bottle of champagne then spray the other club visitors with it's content and finally drink the rest before your opponent to win the contest.


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