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Lance Vance
Jive Drive
Reward: $0
Unlocks: Umberto Robina missions. The Louise Cassidy Williams mission Hose the Hoes.

Drive to the airport and pickup Lance. Cholos will turn up after the cutscenes. You have to shoot all the attacking Cholos as you make your way back to the brothel. Once you are there you will be attacked by even more Cholos. Once all the Cholos are dead Lance wants to go to his hotel. You will have a two-star wanted level so go to a Pay'n'Spray before you continue.

Louise Cassidy Williams
Hose The Hoes
Reward: $300

Get into a car with Louise and drive to the firetruck. Take the firetruck and continue to the brothel. Put out the fires of the cars in front of it first, then spray the roof of the brothel. Once the fires has been put out, follow Marty's goon up on the roof and kill him to finish the mission.

Lance Vance
The Audition
Reward: $750
Unlocks: Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound. Brian Forbes missions.

Get into the car with Lance and drive to the King Knuts just down the road. When you are inside, the place will get robbed. Kill the robbers and go outside. You will now have a two-star wanted level, kill the cops and get into one of their cars. Once you get into the impound, kill all the guards and get Forbes' car. Jump the ramp to get out of the impound to finish the quest.

Bryan Forbes
Money For Nothing
Reward: $1500
Unlocks: The lance Vance mission Caught as an Act.

Get into the car with Forbes and Lance and head to the parked van. Take the van to the warehouse and have it re-painted. Now you have to act as a decoy so Lance can get away with the real van. Head south and keep from getting caught until Lance's meter has filled up. Now get to a Pay'n'Spray to get rid of your wanted level to finish the mission.

Louise Cassidy Williams
Robbing The Cradle
Reward: $300

Get into a strong car and drive to the social-worker marked on the minimap. You have to take out the two hitmen following the social-worker first. When they are gone, hit the social-worker's car until he gets out to complete the mission.

Umberto Robina
Nice Package
Reward: $750

Get into the parked Hermes and head for the marker downtown. Once you get there you will get a message that someone else has the package. Find the car and hit it until the package drops from it. Get the package and head for the new marker on your minimap to finish the mission.

Reward: $800

Get into a four seat car with Umberto's men. Find the Cholos on the map and kill all of them. You have to keep Umberto's men alive or the mission will fail. Once all of the Cholos are dead you will pass the mission.

Papi Don't Screech
Reward: $1000

Pick up Umberto's father at the stadium. Now you have to drive him back to his diner. If you drive too fast the old mans heart meter will go up. Also, stay out of the Cholos' way, if they spot you the mission will be over. Follow the beach and the docks as far as you can and you will be fine.

Havana Good Time
Reward: $1500
Unlocks: Cuban outfit.

Get into the hermes and drive to Umberto's warehouse. Once there you have to protect Umberto's men from the attacking Cholos while they load up the vans. Once the vans are loaded, get into one of them and drive it to marker on your map to finish the mission.

Lance Vance
Caught As An Act
Reward: $750
Unlocks: The Brian Forbes mission Leap and Bound.

Get into the parked Cheetah and follow Forbes. Hit his car to make him stop. Money will start flying out of the car, you have to stop him before all the money is gone. Drag him out of the car to finish the mission.

Snitch Hitch
Reward: $1000

Get to the airport within 3:00 minutes. Once there go into the terminal and talk to the dealer. Go back outside, pick up all your guns, then drive to the other terminal to ge the files. When you get there, kill all the guards by the airplane. Lance will go inside the plane and bikers will appear. Kill the bikers and a short cutscene will play before the mission is done.

Bryan Forbes
Leap And Bound
Reward: $1500

Drive to the marker downtown and get up on the roof. Watch Lance through the binoculars. When Lance gets captured, get down there and get into the Comet. Follow the boat to Viceport, if you let it get too far away the mission will fail. Hit the unique jump ramp by the big ship and land on the ship. Get down into the ship, kill anyone who gets in your way. Kill the guards by Lance and free him. Find all the packages on your way off the ship, then head for the marker to finish the mission.

The Bum Deal
Reward: $0

Drive to the White Stallionz bar. Kill all the bikers outside then go into the bar. After the cutscene, kill all the bikers in the bar then go outside and kill any leftover bikers there. Go back to where Forbes is. When he tries to escape, follow him and shoot him from your bike.

Lance Vance
From Zero To Hero
Reward: $3000
Unlocks: Access to the east island. Clymenus Suite safehouse.

Get into a car and drive down to the docks marked on your minimap. Once there, take out all the guards. Lance will get into one truck and you take the other one. You will be followed by Martinez' people while you drive to the bridge leading to the east island. Once on the bridge, Martinez will show up in a helictopter throwing bombs at you. Just keep the the side of the bridge he doesnt throw the bombs and you will be fine. Drive through the roadblock and head for the garage to finish the mission.


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