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There are 99 hidden red balloons you have to shoot, placed all over Vice City. For every ten balloon you shoot, you will be rewarded with a weapon pickup icon at your hideouts, or some other bonus item.

You cannot reach all of the balloons until you have completed some of the missions. Use the checklist to keep track of which balloons you shoot up or it will be very hard to find the last ones.

Collect # of balloons: Reward:
10 balloons Pistol
20 balloons Scorpion
30 balloons Stubby Shotgun
40 balloons Molotov Cocktails
50 balloons AK-47
60 balloons Body Armor
70 balloons Flamethrower
80 balloons Equaliser
90 balloons Sniper
99 balloons M249 Minigun


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