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Lance Vance
Mission: Brawn Of The Dead
Reward: $850
Unlocks: Pastel outfit. Reni Wassulmaier missions.

Get into the car with Lance and be at the mall before 4:15. The first thing you need to do after the cutscene is to kill zombies using a shotgun with unlimited ammo. Just keep killing the zombies until the director yells cut! and you'll pass. Next you have to guard the entrance to the record store from zombies using only a katana. Keep them away from the door until the director yealls cut! to pass. Drive lance back to his place to finish the mission.

Reni Wassulmaier
Mission: Accidents Will Happen
Reward: $850

After the cutscene, get into the red stunt car provided and head for the starting checkpoint. Now you have to drive through a checkpoint race with jumps every now and then. Dont let the time run out or the mission will be over. After the final jump the mission will be complete.

Lance Vance
Mission: Blitzkrieg
Reward: $500
Unlocks: Armando & Diego Mendez missions.

Note! You need to own at least 5 Empire buildings before you can start this mission. You and Lance have to defend one of your Empire buildings from gang attacks. Bring a lot of ammo and keep locking on to the attackers one by one, when all the attackers are dead you will pass the mission.

Armando & Diego Mendez
Mission: The Mugshot Longshot
Reward: $0

After the cutscene, get into the car and drive to the police station. Get to the vantage point and take a picture of Martinez and the DEA agent. Get back into your car and follow Martinez. Once at your destination, get to the vantage point and take another picture. You will now have a 4-star wanted level. Get to Lance's place. Now go back to the marina, get into a fast boat or the jetski and drive to the dock at the west island. Get out of the boat and head to the Print Works to meet Lance and finish the mission.

Mission: Hostile Takeover
Reward: $1000
Unlocks: The Empire building from the mission.

Get to the indicated house and kill all the bikers there. Once they are all dead a group of them will show up on bikes and try to get away. Go after them and kill them all to finish the mission.

Mission: Unfriendly Competition
Reward: $1500

Get to the indicated house and kill all the attackers there. When they are all dead, drive to the hotel on your map. Kill all the attacking girls by the pool, then get down on the beach and follow the boss on the quad bike. Catch up to him and kill him to clear the mission.

Mission: High Wire
Reward: $1500

Drive to the junkyard to pick up the helicopter with the big magnet then head to the impound lot. Pick up the container and drop it off at the airport. Now go after the next container which will be on a moving truck. Once you have it, take it back to where you dropped off the first one. Now you have to rescue your contact from attacking bikers. Fly as fast as you can to the east island and find him, pick up his car with the magnet and drop him off at the parking garage to finish the mission.

Lance Vance
Mission: Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out
Reward: $300
Unlocks: Rocket Launcher at the Ammu-Nation. The Reni Wassmulmaier mission The Colonel's Coke.

Make sure you bring a rocket launcher on this mission as it will help a lot. Drive to the police station marked on your map and get up on the roof. Destroy the two antennas on the roof and kill the two cops guarding the helicopter. Get into the helictopter and fly to the west island police station. Once there, land on the roof and destroy to antennas. Shoot down the police helicopter shooting at you then get back into your helicopter and fly to the downtown police station. Land on the roof, kill all the cops there then destroy the two antennas. Now you have to get rid of your wanted level to finish the mission. Good luck with that. :)

Reni Wassulmaier
Mission: The Colonel's Coke
Reward: $850

Drive to the dock indicated on your map. After the cutscene, get into the helicopter. Now you have to defend Gonzalez' boat from the attacking boats and jetskis. Just keep close to Gonzalez' boat and your onboard goons will take care of them. Once you get close the big ship at the south end of the west island there will be a helicopter attacking you as well. Take him out with your helicopter's guns. Once Gonazalez is safe the mission will be over.

Mission: Kill Phil
Reward: $1000
Unlocks: The Gonzales mission Homes on the Range.

Get into the car and drive to the bullet-proff limo marked on your map. Get into the limo and drive to the park to pick up Phil. Once he has arrived you will be attacked. Kill all the attackers and get into the limo with Phil. Make your way to the marina, staying clear of the attacking cars to finish the mission.

Mission: Say Cheese
Reward: $850

Get on the parked jetski behind the film studio. This will start a checkpoint race with jumps before the time runs out. When told, get off the jetski and on the bike to finish the last checkpoints of the mission.

Mission: Homes On The Range
Reward: $1000
Unlocks: Swinger's Club bonus mission. The Lance Vance mission Taking The Fall.

If you ever played a golf game you shouldn't have any problems with this mission. You have to hit the target in the canal with the golf ball. Stop the meter in the green area by pressing the X button then stop it again in the green area on its way back by pressing the X button again. You have to hit both green areas for the shot to hit the target.

Mission: Purple Haze
Reward: $1000
Unlocks: The Reni Wassulmaier mission Kill Phil Part 2.

Get into a car and drive to the lockup and get the van with the drugs. Drive to the checkpoint where you will be hit by a truck. After the cutscene you will be under the influence of drugs making the screen all weird. You ability to drive will also be affected. Go to the nearby payphone and answer the call from Gonzalez. Now you have to get to Starfish Island and get the van with the drugs back. Once you get there, kill all the marked goons and get the van back. You will get a 2-star wanted level. Drive the van back to the garage where you picked it up, avoiding the cops to finish the mission.

Reni Wassulmaier
Mission: Kill Phil Part 2
Reward: $1500

Get into a fast car and drive to the stadium as fast as you can. Once inside, kill the first attacker, then get on the BMX and head for the first marker. You have to finish this mission before Phil arrives at 17.30 or you will fail the mission. Kill all the attackers there and continue to the next one. After the last set of attackers a keycard will drop. Get it and go back to the previous marker to get to the room with the bomb. Kill all the guards by the bomb before 17:30 to clear the mission.

Lance Vance
Mission: Taking The Fall
Reward: $300
Unlocks: Biker Angel at Lance's place.

While in the helicopter with Lance, fly to Starfish Island to find the first set of bikers you're gonna kill. Keep the helicopter level so Lance can shoot. When all the bikers are dead, fly to the hotel construction site on the west island. Kill all the indicated bikers. After the cutscene you have to get inside the building to rescue Lance. fight your way up the construction scaffolding. Once inside the building kill all the bikers there. After the cutscene the mission will be done.

Mission: White Lies
Reward: $1500

After the cutscene, get on the hovercraft and follow Lance. Pick up the drug packages Lance drops from the helicopter. Once the meter is full you will finish the mission.

Mission: Where It Hurts Most
Reward: $500

After the cutscene, drive to the King Knuts marked on the map on the west island. Once there, kill the attacking goons and get into your car. Louise will be hidden in one of three possible cars, which will all be guarded by gang members. Fight you way to the cars one by one to find the correct one. Once in the right car with Louise, drive her to the hospital to finish the mission.

Ricardo Diaz
Mission: Steal The Deal
Reward: $1500

Get into the car and drive to the strip club on the east island. Once the goon comes out, follow him and when he gets on a jetski go after him to the wooden shacks located in the water to the south. There will be three patrolling boats with goons and guards by the shacks and in the guard towers. Kill all of them and get into the speed boat marked with a blue arrow. Take off in the speed boat and head for Starfish Island. Drive it into the marker by Diaz' mansion to finish the mission.

Mission: The Exchange
Reward: $1750
Unlocks: The gonzalez mission Farewell To Arms.

Get in to the marked Pony and drive to the back of the hotel downtown. Once there you will be attacked by multiple snipers. You have to take them out before the DEA arrives. After the cutscene with the DEA, get into the truck. Once you enter the main road you will be attacked by two Sentinels so to make it easier for you, drive up the ramp leading to the front of the hotel instead of going straight out on the main road. Once there, get out of the truck and take out the two Sentinels below. Now get back into the truck and head for Diaz' mansion on Starfish Island.

Mission: Farewell To Arms
Reward: $2500
Unlocks: The Armando & Diego mendez mission Burning Bridges. Minigun at the north point Ammu-Nation.

You will be in control of a machine gun mounted on a helicopter. Your mission is to keep Gonzalez safe as he makes his way to the airport. Take out he first Shark vehichle on Starfish Island. Once on the west island, keep the attacking Sharks away from Gonzalez. Destroy the roadblock when you get to it and one more attack of Shark vehichles before Gonzalez is safe at the airport. Now help Gonzalez men defend the airport entrances, if all his men dies the mission will fail. After three waves of attacks you have to keep Gonzalez plane safe as it takes off.

Armando & Diego Mendez
Mission: Burning Bridges
Reward: $0
Unlocks: The Lance Vance mission Blitzkrieg Strike Again.

After the cutscene you will wake up at the Gas Works without any guns and Lance is in trouble. Pick up the nearby weapons and head for the gap in the fence shown in the cutscene. Kill the attackes, turn right and move to the first valve. Shoot it then go back and around the big tank. Kill all the attackers on the way and head for the second valve. After you shoot it, move to the third and last valve. Once you shoot it, get on the bike and pick up Lance for the mission to end.

Lance Vance
Mission: Blitzkrieg Strike Again
Reward: $700
Unlocks: The Reni Wassulmaier mission So Long Schlong. The Ricardo Diaz mission Domo Arigato Domestoboto.

Note! You need to own at least 7 Empire buildings before you can start this mission. Now its time to defend your Empire buildings again. This time you have to defend three different buildings. Once the third building is safe you will finish the mission.

Mission: Lost & Found
Reward: $1500

Drive to the hospital to pick up Louise. Once there, step into the marker to get into the helicopter. Fly to where Lance is and pick him up from the burning roof. Once you spot him you will have 30 seconds to pick him up. Then go after the three boats trying to escape. Have Lance kill everybody on the boats, then position yourself over the leader boat so Lance can jump on it. Fly Louise to her appartment to finish the mission.

Ricardo Diaz
Mission: Domo Arigato Domestoboto
Reward: $2000
Unlocks: The Reni Wassulmaier mission So Long Schlong.

Drive to the Mendez' mansion and get into the parked truck outside. You now have to control the Domestobot. You have to make you way to the basement. The entrance to it can be found in the store room next to the kitchen on the bottom floor. You will probably have to perform small tasks for Armando using the different arms on the robot. Once you make it to the basement, open the safe using the code 8423 then set the contents on fire using the lighter arm on the robot to finish the mission.

Reni Wassulmaier
Mission: So Long Schlong
Reward: $1000

Defend the film studio by killing all the attackers. After a while, Reni will page you. Get into any car and drive to Reni. Once there, kill all of his attackers and get into the car with Reni. Drive him to the hospital while avoiding the attacking cars to finish the mission.

Mission: In The Air Tonight
Reward: $3000
Unlocks: Phil Collins concert for purchase outside the stadium. The Lance Vance mission Light My Pyre.

After the cutscene, go round to the back of the hospital to the helicopter and get into it with Reni. Now fly him/her to the airport. Once you have dropped reni off, get to the stadium. Here you will have to stop the goons from cutting the wires to the lights. If they cut enough wires, the lights will fall down on stage and you will fail the mission. Since your guns have been taken away from you, you will have to punch them to stop them. They will spawn in pairs but always go for the one cutting first.

Lance Vance
Mission: Light My Pyre
Reward: $3000
Unlocks: The Ricardo Diaz mission Over The Top.

After the cutscene, get in the nearest vehichle and go after Lance. Defend him from the attacking cars by doing drive-bys. Once on Prawn Island there will be a cutscene with Lance entering the building. Kill all the guard outside the house and follow Lance inside. Once inside, Mendez will attack you with a flamethrower. Kill him to finish the mission.

Ricardo Diaz
Mission: Over The Top
Reward: $3000
Unlocks: Army outfit.

Make you way to Phil's place fighting off any attacking Mendez' goons. Get into Phil's truck and head for the army base. Once inside the base, kill all your attackers and head for the buidling indicated on your minimap. Inside, kill the guards and activate the console. Get outside and go back the way you came. Make your way to the hunter and kill the soldiers in the towers. Get into the Hunter and fly it back to Diaz' mansion to end the mission.

Mission: Last Stand
Reward: $0
Unlocks: Winner T-shirt. Video memories feature accessable from you safehouse TVs.

Get into the hunter and fly to the Mendez' house. Kill all the guards using the Hunter's guns. Once you are on the roof, get inside the building. Kill all of Mendez' goons, making your way to the back stairs. Go downstairs and kill all of Mendez' goons here as well. After the cutscene, kill the goons attacking you then shoot down the helicopter. Go upstairs to find the Mendez brothers. Kill both of them to finish the mission.


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