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R3 missions are started by pressing R3 (..for PS2, Down for PSP) when you enter the required vehichle. Ambulances can always be found parked outside the hospitals, or you can kill some pedestrians for one to show up. The firetruck can be found outside the fire stations. Taxis and police cars can be found driving all over the islands.

This is a great way to get to know the streets which will help you when you do missions or need to get away from the cops.

Location: Any Amulance.
Available: From start
Rewards: $100 x levels completed. After 15th level you get infinite runnning sprint.
Objective: Complete 15 level of rescuing injured pedestrians.

Taxi Driver
Location: Any taxi or Cabbie.
Available: From start
Rewards: The money from the completed fare. After 5 fares in a row you get $125 x fares/5.
Objective: Drop off 50 passengers or make $5000. After 50 passengers or $5000 in earnings you get Jump when pressing R3 while in a taxi.

Fire Fighter
Location: Any Firetruck.
Available: From start
Rewards: $20 per fire you put out. After 15th level you become fireproof.
Objective: Complete 15 levels of putting out fires.

Location: Any Police Vehichle, Rhino or Hunter.
Available: From start
Rewards: Cash for each level completed. After 15th level you get increased armor.
Objective: Complete 15 levels on killing criminals.

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