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Available: After the Louise Cassidy-Williams mission To Victor, The Spoils.
Objective: Complete a total of 63 mission and own 30 different buildings.

Protection: Extortion

Convince 15 different store owners they need you protection

Loan Shark
Repossess 15 different vehicles and get them back to your house.

Prostitution: Pimping
Drive 15 hookers around town and protect them while they are doing their businesses.

Drugs: Drug Running
Complete 6 different missions involving drug deals.

Mission 1: Cut a Deal
Mission 2: Raw Deal
Mission 3: High-Jinxed
Mission 4: The Ringer
Mission 5: Rival Gang
Mission 6: Offshore Score

Complete 6 different missions involving smuggling.

Mission 1: The Drop
Mission 2: Supply and Demand
Mission 3: The Drop
Mission 4: Supply and Demand
Mission 5: The Drop
Mission 6: Wave Goodbye

Complete 6 different missions involving robbery.

Mission 1: The Briefcase Courier
Mission 2: The Money Truck
Mission 3: The Briefcase Courier
Mission 4: The Money Truck
Mission 5: The Briefcase Courier
Mission 6: The Briefcase Courier


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