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Jerry Martinez
Reward: $50
Jerry Martinez Missions.

After the cutscene, drive to the pink marker on your minimap. After another cutscene you will end up in the water. Just ignore the guys shooting at you and swim to shore. Get back to your barracks to finish the mission.

Cleaning House
Reward: $100
Unlocks: Phil's Shooting Range.

Drive to Phil's place in the docks. After you've talked to Phil, get into his car and drive to the marker on your map. Get out of the car and shoot all the Cholos outside the house, then enter the house. Shoot the two Cholos inside, then pick up the money. Drive back to the base to finish the mission.

Conduct Unbecoming
Reward: $0
Unlocks: Phil Cassidy missions. 101 Bayshore Avenue safehouse.

Drive to Phil's place and get into his car. Drive around in the docks until you find Mona. Drive her to the party on Starfish Island to find Mary. After the cutscene, kill the guys making trouble then get into a car with Mary and take her back to the army base.

Phil Cassidy
Cholo Victory
Reward: $200
Marty Williams missions.

After the cutscene, get into the car with Phil. Drive to the police station, then to the hospital. Drive after the Cholo so Phil can do a drive-by at his car. When the Cholo is dead, head to a Pay'n'Spray then go back to Phil's place.

Boomshine Blowout
Reward: $250

Get into the car with Phil and drive to his warehouse. Drive to the back of the warehouse then watch the cutscene. Now you have use the forklift to pick up four boxes of boomshine and put them on Phil's truck. After each box there will be more burning debris blocking the path so you have to take different and longer paths for each box. Pick up all four boxes before they overheat.

Truck Stop
Reward: $300

Get into the car with Phil then go pick up two of Phil's friends. Locate the truck on your map. Once you reach it, Phil and his friends will start shooting at the truck. Once you get the truck to stop, follow Phil as he drives the truck back to his place. You will have to keep the followers from shooting at the truck, if it explodes the mission will fail.

Marty J. Williams
Reward: $500

After the cutscene, get into the car with Marty and head for the first store. Take care of the two Cholos coming at you then go into the store. Kill the two Cholos in here as well, then watch a short cutscene. Drive to the next store, get inside, then start destroying stuff. Pretty soon there will appear more Cholos. Kill all of them to finish the mission.

Fear The Repo
Reward: $500
Louise Cassidy-Williams missions.

You have to repo three different vehichles for Marty. The first one is a parked Cheetah. Just ignore the owner, take the car and drive it back to Marty's lock-up. Now you have to get a Sentinel. Get the driver to stop the car and pull him out. Drive the car back to Marty's lock-up. The last one is a Benson van. When you arrive at its location, just hit the two guards with your car and get into the van. you will get a two-star wanted level so either go to a Pay'n'Spray or get it back to Marty with the stars.

Waking The Neighbors
Reward: $500

You have to blow up three Cholo vans. The better weapons you have, the easier it will be since the vans are guarded by Cholos. The locations will be marked on your minimap.

O' Brothel Where Art Thou?
Reward: $700

First drive to Stonewall J's and pick up a gun. Then head to the brothel. Destroy the parked car outside the brothel and kill all the gang members. Get inside the building and kill the gang members in there as well. Destroy the bed to complete the mission.

Got Protection?
Reward: $500
The Phil Cassidy mission Marked Men.

You have to pick up three hookers and drive them back to the brothel. Get a car with four doors and pick up the girls. Watch out for Cholos trying to kill the hookers, if any of them dies the mission will be over. Get them back to the brothel to finish the mission.

Phil Cassidy
Marked Men
Reward: $0

Get into the truck with Phil and drive to the lock-up. After a cutscene, get out of the truck and shoot all of Jerry's men. Get into the truck and drive back to Phil's place. Phil will throw molotovs at the followers. Once you reach Phil's place the mission is finished.

Louise Cassidy-Williams
When Funday Comes
Reward: $500
Sunshine Autos Turismo missions. Quadbike for sale at Sunshine Autos.

Get into a car and head to the trailer park. Here you have to finish first in a two lap quad bike race to complete the mission.

Takin' Out The White Trash
Reward: $200

Get into a car with Louise and drive to the trailer park. After the cutscene you will be attacked by Marty's men. Kill all of them and get back into the truck. Drive back to Louise's place, avoiding Marty's men in the trucks chasing you.

Reward: $0
Compound safehouse. Trailer Trash outfit.

Drive to the trailerpark. Once there Marty will take off with Louise. Follow them and try to get Marty to stop the truck. Once he gets out, kill him. Get back to the safehouse to finish the mission.

To Victor, The Spoils
Reward: $1500
Unlocks: Brothel Empire building.

Drive to Sunshine Autos and recruit two men. Drive to Marty's lock-up and kill all of his men there. Get into a car with your goons (if they are still alive) and drive to Marty's Protection Racket. Kill all of Marty's men outside, get into the building then kill the two men inside as well.


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