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The walkthrough portion was written based on my second time through the game while playing the Xbox 360 version on normal mode (I played through the PS3 version on my first time through). If you've read a guide by me before then you'll notice that I use symbols around a word to showcase an important item pickup or area. Here is a description of how this works in this Dead Space walkthrough:

--ITEM-- = denotes an item, ammo pickup, or database file
++ITEM++ = denotes a key item
!!ITEM!! = denotes a save point, store, or upgrade bench

*NOTE 1: All database files are usually received at key points throughout the main story but a few of them are placed in text or audio logs, which are placed in various rooms.

**NOTE 2: You might find a different item other than the one that I have listed in some areas. Some item pickups are random. Just about all ammo pickups are random and they are listed as such.


- Keep the Plasma Cutter, Force Gun, Pulse Rifle, and either the Line Gun or Contact Beam with you at all times and you will not have any problems getting through this game. I would really recommend the Line Gun over the Contact Beam but the Contact Beam is still good if you have time enough to charge it.

- Aim precisely for the limbs of your enemies and the Plasma Cutter can be the ultimate weapon. Horizontal positioning is really the best, if you ask me.

- ALWAYS keep at least one Power Node in your inventory at all times. Isaac will sometimes run into doors that require one Power Node in order to open them and these Power Node rooms contain a really good assortment of items. Don't forget that you can buy Power Nodes from the Store.

- Drop off any spare items at a Store's safe. Horde! Horde! HORDE! Sometimes you'll need to resort to your backup reserve ammo later in the game, so try to drop off any spare ammo that you might have early in the game.

- Be sure to use any Schematics or sell any semiconductors to the store. These items will continue to take up valuable inventory space while they remain in your inventory.

- Learn to fight without stasis. Stasis is good, but it's limited. You only really need it when fighting a Brute or a pair of Spawners. Learn to only use it when you have to and always recharge at a stasis recharger.

- Music will play whenever an enemy is around, so be sure to listen for the music when in doubt if an enemy is in the area. During quarantines, if a quarantine remains active, then there is still an enemy in the current area.

- Objects shot with kinesis can damage enemies, especially in the case of sharp objects or explosive canisters. You can shoot out vents (fans) along the ship wall or ceiling and fire the blade at your enemies using kinesis.

- Keep at least one Large or Medium Med Pack in Isaac's inventory at all times.

- MAKE MULTIPLE SAVES. At least two saves. If you're a fan of horror games, then you should not have to be told this.


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