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Default Control Setups


[] - Use med pack/Use stasis while aiming
/\ - Pull up inventory/Zero-G jump while aiming in zero gravity
O - Use kinesis while aiming
X - Reload weapon while aiming/Interact/Shake off
R1 - Melee punch attack/Primary fire gun attack while holding L1
L1 - Aim firearm
R2 - Stomp attack/Secondary fire gun attack while holding L1
L2 - Hold to run while moving
L3 - N/A
R3 - Objective finder
Start - Pause menu
Select - Pull up map
Left Analog - Move character
Right Analog - Move camera (while standing still)/Turn Isaac (while moving)
D-pad up - Cycle through menus
D-pad down - Cycle through menus
D-pad right - Cycle through menus
D-pad left - Cycle through menus

* D-pad = Directional Pad, L3 = Push in on left analog, R3 = Push in on right analog

Xbox 360

X - Use med pack/Use stasis while aiming
Y - Pull up inventory/Zero-G jump while aiming in zero gravity
B - Use kinesis while aiming
A - Reload weapon while aiming/Interact/Shake off
RB - Stomp attack/Secondary fire gun attack while holding LT
LB - Hold to run while moving
RT - Melee fist attack/Primary fire gun attack while holding LT
LT - Aim firearm
LS - N/A
RS - Objective finder
Start - Pause menu
Back - Pull up map
Left Stick - Move character
Right Stick - Move camera (while standing still)/Turn Isaac (while moving)
D-pad up - Cycle through menus
D-pad down - Cycle through menus
D-pad right - Cycle through menus
D-pad left - Cycle through menus

* D-pad = Directional Pad, LS = Push in on left stick, RS = Push in on right stick

Information about Special Armor

If you have a broadband connection and a PlayStation Network account or Xbox LIVE account, a special armor for each console may be downloaded for free (for now) from the PlayStation store and Xbox LIVE marketplace. These provide upgraded armor and a total of 25 inventory slots. There are also a few other armors and weapons skins that are available for purchase through both stores.

Saving the Game

The game may be saved at Save Stations found on the walls of the ship throughout the game. Find rectangular metal boxes on the wall that sticks out a bit from the rest of the wall and have a white holographic image in front of them. Be sure to keep about two or three separate save files.


Hold down L2 (or LT) while moving to run. Isaac can run in ANY direction, whether that is forward, sidestepping to either side or moving backward. One should ALWAYS keep in mind that Isaac can actually dash while moving backward since this is not all that common in a third person action game. This kind of technique might just save your throat one day, along with your leg, arm, and many other vital appendages that you surely don't want to lose.


Stores look much like an ATM machine with a blue screen on them marked "Store". Various items may be bought from a Store including weapons and other materials. Some items require Schematics in order to make them available for purchase. Isaac can access his full inventory while at the Store and place it into the Store's safe. The safe allows him to place an infinite number of items for safekeeping and these items may be retrieved at any time from any Store safe.

- Schematics

Schematics may be collected throughout the various areas of the game and they are automatically used upon your next arrival at a Store. Until then, they remain in your inventory filling one slot of inventory space. For a certain price, they will provide Isaac with whatever item is listed on the Schematic. Most weapons, items and all ammo are unlockable only through a schematic.

- Semiconductors

Any semiconductor items found in the game (Gold, Ruby, etc) can be sold to a Store for a certain amount of credits. Being sold to a Store is the only purpose that these items have, so be sure to sell them once they have been collected, otherwise they simply take up valuable inventory space.

Upgrade Benches

Upgrade Benches are basically workstations (with "Bench" marked below them) that will fold out upon interacting with them. Through the use of Power Nodes, Isaac's current gear stats for weapons, abilities and his RIG (suit) can be upgraded. The display for each gear lists several small circles (slots) - some consisting of colors while others are blank. Power Nodes placed in colored slots will give the corresponding equipment whatever upgrade is listed. Blank slots will not give any sort of upgrade. In order to place a Power Node into a slot, it must connect to a slot where a Power Node already lies, which means that you will have to place Power Nodes into blank slots in order to place another Power Node in an upgrade slot at times.

- Power Nodes

Power Nodes are sometimes found around the various areas of the game, usually lying in blue containers and they may also be bought from a Store for a total of 10,000 credits each. Power Nodes allow Isaac to upgrade his gear at an Upgrade Bench.

Vacuums (Hull Breach)

Vacuums are parts of the ship that are free of air. Either a portion of the ship has been breached and left uncontained, the area is simply outside of the ship or all the air has been sucked out of the area through other means. Whenever Isaac enters a vacuum area, he must breathe through an oxygen tank. The tank's oxygen amount will appear on the back of his suit whenever he steps into a vacuum. Isaac already comes equipped with an oxygen tank from the beginning of the game.

Get through the vacuum area quickly to avoid running out of oxygen. Isaac will begin to take shorter breaths as his oxygen supply runs out and the gauge on the back of his suit will turn red to warn you of his impending fate. Exiting a vacuum and reentering to an area with air will fully replenish Isaac's oxygen level. Air can items and oxygen recharger stations can also be used to refill Isaac's oxygen gauge. If all of Isaac's oxygen runs out then he is automatically killed. Isaac's oxygen tank may be upgraded by placing Power Nodes on his RIG to upgrade his "Air" attribute on the suit.

Vacuums are basically silent except for really loud impacts. Isaac's weapon and the slight thump of footsteps are about all that can be heard in a vacuum. Enemies sometimes roam vacuum areas and they can easily get the drop on Isaac thanks to the near complete silence, so always be aware of your surroundings while in these airless portions of the ship. Vacuums are sometimes free of gravity (zero gravity).

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity rooms are completely free of gravity and Isaac is free to move just about anywhere while in these type of rooms. Zero gravity rooms usually contain oxygen but they are sometimes in airless (a vacuum). Isaac's magnetic boots will automatically turn on in these rooms to keep him attached to the floor. Objects that are not attached to the floor will float in mid-air - even enemies. Enemies can attack from a variety of directions while a room is in zero gravity.

Isaac can walk on walls and ceilings while in zero gravity rooms. Aim with L1 (or LT) then target an area and press the /\ (or Y) button to make Isaac jump to the targeted area. If Isaac cannot jump to an area then the ammo display on the currently equipped weapon will flash red.


- Stasis

Once the Stasis module has been obtained in Chapter 1, it can be used by holding down L1 (or LT) then tapping [] (or X). Stasis will slow down any object that it hits dramatically. It can be shot at enemies to slow them down to a crawl and leave them wide open to an attack making precision aiming extremely easy. Stasis can also be used against certain objects to slow them down in order to accomplish a certain objective or stasis can be used to simply move by a hazardous object.

Isaac's stasis energy is showcased in the half circle on the right portion of his back. The light blue color that appears in the half circle is the remaining amount of stasis energy. The energy will turn red when stasis energy is extremely low. Recharge stasis by using stasis packs or by interacting with stasis recharger stations found around the ship. Upgrade stasis at Upgrade benches to lower the amount of energy that is used and also prolong its effect.

- Kinesis

Once the kinesis module has been obtained at the beginning of Chapter 2, hold the L1 (or LT) button then tap the O (or B) button to make Isaac shoot a transparent energy beam forward to grapple an object. Many inanimate objects such as crates, fan blades, explosive canisters and other types of environmental objects can be grappled. Press the R1 (or RT) button while holding an object to shoot the object forward. At any time, an object can be dropped by letting go of the L1 (or LT) button.

When an object lies in Isaac's path, Isaac may have the option of moving it with kinesis. Kinesis can be used to pick up dead enemies and dead enemy appendages as well. Kinesis can also be used to bring items to Isaac. Some items can only be obtained through the use of kinesis. Target far away objects and shoot them with kinesis then press X (or A) to collect them. Kinesis really shines in zero gravity areas since just about any object on the screen is weightless allowing Isaac to grapple bigger than normal objects.

All objects tossed with kinesis can damage enemies. Some objects such as fan blades or saws can cut appendages off an enemy when shot toward them. Upgrade kinesis at an Upgrade Bench to increase the distance that an object can be grappled from.

- Zero-G (Zero Gravity) Jump

Isaac's gravity boots will automatically magnetize him to floors in zero gravity rooms, and he can jump to a different section of a zero gravity room by holding the L1 (or LT) button then tapping the /\ (or Y) button. Isaac can jump to walls and ceilings while in an area with zero gravity by using this zero-g jump. If an area cannot be jumped to, Isaac's ammo display on his gun will flash red. Isaac begins the game with his gravity boots but they are only magnetized when he enters a zero gravity area.


Plasma Cutter

-- Primary Fire:
Accurate, long rang energy blast A single straight line of energy is fired either vertically or horizontally depending on how the front portion of the gun is set through secondary fire.

-- Secondary Fire:
Blade orientation changes 90 degrees, either vertical or horizontal (default is always vertical) The front of the guns swivels between vertical and horizontal angles. The default placement is always vertical.

Ammo per pickup: 6
Ammo per inventory slot: 25

+ Accurate, especially with the rotation of the front portion through secondary fire, which can help for aiming at different types of appendages on enemies
+ Precise aiming can cut off appendages from average enemies easily
+ Good long range or short range weapon
+ Ammo is usually common

- Require precision to be useful against stronger enemies

Line Gun

-- Primary Fire:
Wide, powerful, long range energy blast A wide horizontal energy blast is fired. This can easily go through multiple objects, enemies, appendages and dead bodies.

-- Secondary Fire:
Timed Mine, radial damage An energy mine is shot toward the targeted area. The mine explodes after a few seconds damaging all objects around it.

Ammo per pickup: 2
Ammo per inventory slot: 6

+ Intense cutting damage from primary fire can cut through multiple appendages at once
+ Cripples enemies quickly when aimed at lower appendages

- Cannot hold much ammo at once
- Secondary fire takes quite a while to take effect

Pulse Rifle

-- Primary Fire:
Rapid-fire, long-range, accurate energy blast A rapid fire blast is shot toward the targeted area. Hold the button for rapid fire. A quick tap o the button will always fire two shots.

-- Secondary Fire:
Overhead 360-degree sweep (hold the button for maximum effect) Isaac raises the gun up above his head as the front portion slides down and rotates then sweeps the whole 360 degree area around him with rapid fire. This weapon only fires toward objects that are across from Isaac and not below or above him.

Ammo per pickup: 25
Ammo per inventory slot: 100

+ Primary fire rapid fire
+ Accurate
+ Long range

- Minimal damage per shot
- Eats up ammo fast (especially secondary fire)


-- Primary Fire:
Narrow cone, short range fire damage The Flamethrower spews forth a short distance flame that can set an object or enemy on fire.

-- Secondary Fire:
Napalm ballistic projectile with radial damage over time The Flamethrower shoots a long distance burst of flames that can set an object or enemy on fire.

Ammo per pickup: 25
Ammo per inventory slot: 150

+ Burning damage follows either type of fire for a few seconds
+ Long range secondary fire

- Primary fire eats through ammo extremely quick
- Does not work in vacuums


-- Primary Fire:
Medium-range, remote-controlled circular saw-blade A circular blade is shot out of the gun and remains suspended to an energy extension on the gun allowing Isaac to sweep the blade around the area in front of him. Aim for enemy appendages for the best results.

-- Secondary Fire:
Single, straight shot with circular saw-blade A circular blade is fired directly toward the targeted area.

Ammo per pickup: 4
Ammo per inventory slot: 15

+ Intense cutting damage against targeted area of an enemy
+ Ammo is not used up very quickly with primary fire and the primary fire has the ability to take down an enemy per shot
+ While fully upgraded, this can be a truly devastating weapon when primary fire is used

- Primary fire does not stagger an enemy all the time
- Secondary fire requires precision aiming to be useful

Contact Beam

-- Primary Fire:
Very powerful build-up, single-shot energy blast The Contact Beam gathers energy while Isaac charges the gun and then it lets loose a beam blast that can penetrate multiple enemies.

-- Secondary Fire:
Short-range, 360-degress energy blast from feet Isaac places the front end of the Contact Beam on the floor and the gun emits a blast that spreads like a shockwave in a circular pattern around him.

Ammo per pickup: 1
Ammo per inventory slot: 4

+ Major damage from charged primary fire
+ Knock-back effect that is more guaranteed than Force Gun knock-back
+ Can kill multiple enemies with one hit
+ Secondary fire can knock down surrounding groups of enemies

- Slightly long wait for each charge with primary fire
- Ammo tends to crowd inventory space since only 4 units can occupy one block

Force Gun

-- Primary Fire:
Wide cone, short-range, high-knockback/damage force blast. The Force Gun sends out a blast of force energy that takes off quite a bit of damage from up close and is capable of knocking down a foe and removing multiple appendages with one shot. The wide shot allows it to shoot multiple enemies while they are close. Don't always rely on the knockback effect of this weapon. Against very strong enemies such as Dark Slashers, the force blast will not always knock them down.

-- Secondary Fire:
Timed/proximity grenade, radial force blast The Force Gun fires out a force grenade that explodes upon contact or falls to the ground and detonates within a few seconds. This works well for a group of enemies or distant enemies. Keep in mind that the force blast from the grenade can hit Isaac if he is too close when the grenade goes off.

Ammo per pickup: 3
Ammo per inventory slot: 15

+ Heavy damage from close range
+ Spread damage with both types of fire
+ Knock-back effect

- Short primary fire range
- Slight pause in between shots and long reload from beginning
- Knock-back is not always guaranteed against strong enemies

Necromorph Types

This portion of the basics section provides an overview of each necromorph along with methods to finish them easily. Focusing all fire on an appendage and then cutting off the targeted appendage always does more damage rather than simply shooting a necromorph in its body.


The most humanlike of the necromorphs, the Slasher is a mutation of a human that has recently been infected. These necromorphs start out simple enough in their attacks, literally standing back and allowing one to shoot them but later in the game they become increasingly violent and there are some that will actually spit acid and dash forward to attack. A later form has a darker look and a much tougher overall skin layer. Some of the them will start out crawling along the ground with no legs. The Slasher is the most common of all necromorphs.

-- Main Appendages

Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

-- Recommended Weapon

Plasma Cutter - Aim for each appendage and shoot the appendage until it flies off. It is best to aim for the legs first.

Line Gun - Aim for the legs and fire to make the Slasher fall. Aim for its head and fire to possibly cut off its head and both arms. This gun works extremely well for multiple Slashers and Dark Slashers. With good aiming, you can also aim directly upwards toward their neck and shoot them to cut off their head and both arms.

Pulse Rifle - Fire rapidly at each appendage until it falls off. The Pulse Rifle is good for spamming multiple Slashers with damage in an effort to keep them at bay.

Really any weapon can work well against these enemies, but as they get tougher later in the game, the Line Gun and Plasma Cutter become much more important for crippling them.


Lurkers are infants that have been infected. They are quite agile and can move along walls and ceilings. They usually dash throughout an area until they suddenly stop and allow their three tentacle-like appendages to rise out of their back, which signals that they are about to perform some type of attack. Their tentacle appendages are their main three appendages so wait for them to attack and then shoot off each tentacle appendage to damage them greatly.

Their main form of attack is to shoot a projectile from each appendage while they are at a distance but whenever they stick out their tentacles to attack from up close then they will try to grab Isaac. Mash the X (or A) button to break free from this grapple and Isaac will throw the Lurker to the floor and kick it, killing it instantly.

Lurkers have a dark form later in the game that has a much greater defense, much like Dark Slashers. The same methods still apply for defeating them however.

-- Main Appendages

A Lurker's Appendages are showcased right before it performs its projectile attack. Three appendages protrude from its back. Left Tentacle Middle Tentacle Right Tentacle

-- Recommended Weapons

Flamethrower - Fire a flame burst secondary fire blast at a Lurker whenever it stops to attack and allow the shot to burn it and its appendages. Lurkers usually fall really fast to flames. The burning damage of the flames will make them stagger in place until the flame starts to die down, so simply shoot it with another flame burst before the first extinguishes - don't shoot too quickly though.

Plasma Cutter - Wait for it to showcase its appendages then shoot off each appendage until it is defeated.

Line Gun - Wait for it to showcase its appendages and aim for the middle appendages while trying to keep one of the side appendages in the line of fire then blast it to knock off more than one appendage - sometimes all three.

Force Gun - Wait for it to showcase its appendages then get close and blast it. The Force Gun is capable of blasting off all three appendages at once. The grenade secondary fire can usually knock off all appendages at once if timed correctly.


Besides their wide-open mouths with long teeth and tail on their back end, Stingers look much like fallen Slashers that have lost their legs but they have a much different setup for attack. They remain on their on the ground most of the time and they attack with their hands and back stinger tail. Their stinger is mainly used for close attacks, watch for them to lean their stinger tail back. They can also perform a long-range jump and can use their arms to run really fast toward a destination. These enemies are capable of latching onto walls with their hands. Much like the Lurker and Slasher, Stingers also have a dark form with much greater armor.

-- Main Appendages

Left Arm
Right Arm
Stinger Tail

-- Recommended Weapons

Line Gun - Since these enemies are already crawling, one Line Gun shot aimed at their head will most likely cut off their head and both arms with one shot, killing them.

Plasma Cutter - Shoot off its head then both arms.

Stasis + Isaac's Boot - Shoot one with stasis while it is on the ground then run up and stomp its head and arms off. This works very well when one is by itself.


Brutes are the biggest and toughest type of normal necromorphs that Isaac will face. They have a tough armor on their front portion but their back portion is not covered with armor, making them vulnerable from behind. They attack from long range by running straight toward Isaac to punch him; this punch is very hard to sidestep if stasis is not used. Even with stasis, the punch can sometimes hit if you're not quick enough to react. Brutes attack from close range with short range punches. When they are at mid-distance, and more often, when a leg is wounded, the Brute will fire out an acid pod. The acid pod can be grappled with kinesis and shot back at the Brute.

Brutes can be damaged from their front side as well as their backside. Damage from the front side or back side will eventually make them lean over. At that point, Isaac is free to attack the Brute from its exposed backside and put some serious hurt on the creature.

-- Main Appendages

Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

-- Recommended Weapons

Contact Beam - Get in the back of it and shoot it with a few charged shots from this weapon to damage it badly. As usual, aim for the appendages.

Flamethrower - Flame it from the back with the primary fire. This weapon takes it down really fast if you have enough ammo to keep it active for a while. It takes about a whole ammo gauge.

Line Gun - Get in the back of it and aim for its appendages then shoot them with the primary fire. This weapon will cut off its legs and other appendages within a few shots.


And here you thought that stomping on random dead bodies made you some kind of evil person or something. Well, there is actually a reason to mutilate dead corpses other than watching Isaac's pleasing stomping animation. You see, Infectors can jump on any nearby dead body that is not mutilated and infect the body to turn into a Dark Slasher.

Infectors have the appearance of a large bat-type creature. They hop to move and infect their prey from their bottom side. These enemies only have one appendage - their infecting tongue. Hitting this appendage is much easier said than done so it is best to simply blast them anywhere when fighting one. To actually hit the appendage on them, you have to wait until they are infecting a host (a dead body) then shoot their infecting appendage. Whenever these enemies jump on Isaac, mash the X (or A) button to make Isaac hammer away at them with punches and grab them then tear off their infecting appendage to kill them instantly.

To keep Infectors from infecting a dead body, Isaac must completely mutilate a dead body before an Infector can use it as a host. Most appendages must be removed by tearing the body apart (with stomps). An Infector can actually infect a headless body; so don't stop at just removing the head.

-- Main Appendages

Infecting Tongue

-- Recommended Weapon

Force Gun - Simply wait for an Infector to try to infect a body then shoot it with a primary fire blast from this and it will take some major damage since its appendages is out in the open. Sometimes this can be a one shot kill.

Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle - Just about any weapon will work fine on these enemies while they move about normally but the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle have better accuracy for catching these quick enemies.


Spiders always attack in groups. They are small bug-like necromorphs that jump on their prey and bite. Tap the X (or A) button in order to shake them off. Be forewarned that they can damage Isaac quite a bit whenever an entire group attaches to him. It is best to defeat these enemies with a gun that has a rapid fire or wide shot in order to take down an entire group.

-- Main Appendages


-- Recommended Weapons

Pulse Rifle - This is the better weapon to use against a group of Spiders early in the game since it fires rapidly enough to finish off an entire group.

Contact Beam - Use the Contact Beam's secondary fire near a group and the energy shockwave will most likely defeat the whole group.

Force Gun - Shoot a whole group from a distance with one force grenade and the grenade will likely finish all of them. The primary fire shot from the Force Gun is another good option for when Isaac is close to a group of Spiders.


Pregnants might as well have a "Hit me here, lol" sign on their stomach since the stomach is the most obvious place to hit one at first, but it is also the most dangerous. Hitting their stomach one single time will result in it busting open to reveal a smaller enemy such as Spiders, Crawlers or Lurkers. The smaller necromorphs will only make the battle with the Pregnant that much harder since the Pregnant will most likely survive the stomach burst and still be ready to fight.

Try to aim for a Pregnant's top head and arms. While other enemies are around it may pay you to shoot off a leg to cripple it so it won't charge toward you. Shooting off a leg has its disadvantages when fighting a Pregnant however, since it is much easier to accidentally shoot its stomach while aiming for its remaining front appendages while it is in its grounded state.

-- Main Appendages

Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

-- Recommended Weapons

Ripper - Aim for the head area and saw off their head and arms.

Plasma Cutter - Shoot their head then both arms.

Pulse Rifle - Shoot their head then both arms.

Contact Beam - This can do some extreme damage to a Pregnant with its primary fire, sometimes killing it with one hit. The secondary fire works very well at defeating a whole group of its stomach Spiders all at once also.

Force Gun - Use either type of fire with this gun to defeat Spiders that might spawn from its stomach. Aiming directly up for a Pregnant's top appendages can sometimes do some major damage without destroying the stomach when primary fire is used. Aiming upwards with the force gun can be a good option when fighting multiple Pregnants.


Crawlers are basically dead human heads with small tentacle-like appendages that helps them to move about. They are mainly fought once a Divider has separated, but they are sometimes found in groups inside various areas of the ship. They can move very quickly and basically only stop before they try to jump at their prey and latch on. It is best to use a gun with a wide spread attack in order to shoot a whole group of them and make sure that you hit one that keeps scampering away.

-- Main Appendages

N/A (they are basically walking appendages)

-- Recommended Weapons

Force Gun - Use the primary fire to shoot a whole group of them. The wide primary fire is sometimes good for single crawlers as well since trying to shoot them precisely with other weapons is hard at times.

Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Flamethrower - You'll need to use precise aiming with the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle but the Flamethrower's primary fire is good for hitting a Crawler from up close. Allow it to burn once it has been ignited then get ready to flame it again if it survives.


Exploders walk toward a foe with the most obvious of any weak point displayed on their left arm. These enemies are ready to die but they want to take Mr. Clarke with them or at least make a definite impact as they slap him with their glowing appendage and die in a sort of "kthxbai" kind of way. While they are close, they will slap you with their explosive arm to damage Isaac greatly with their exploding blast. Fighting these enemies in groups can be both a blessing and a curse. Hit their explosive arm while they are near a group of enemies to defeat the whole group or at least damage them badly. These enemies can easily get the drop on you while a group is present however. Make sure that you listen for their screams while fighting other enemies. Their left explosive arm can actually be cut off if you hit the top portion without blasting the yellow explosive portion of the arm. Once the explosive arm falls off, it can be grappled with kinesis and tossed at an enemy much like a red explosive canister.

-- Main Appendages

Left Explosive Arm
Right Arm
Right Leg

-- Recommended Weapons

Plasma Cutter - Aim for the explosive arm. Shoot the right arm and right leg off to stun them if they get too close.

Pulse Rifle - Aim for the explosive arm.


Spawners are a type of necromorph that attach themselves to walls while encased inside an outer layer of body tissue. Slender tentacles emerge from their stomach and attach to the wall around them to hold themselves in place while they shoot pods from their stomach in order to overwhelm their prey.

The pods that they shoot land on the ground and a tentacle emerges from the center portion of the pod then attacks by shooting acid balls. These pods may also explode while in close contact to a foe.

It is best to keep your distance from a Spawner as much as possible since they have an instant kill decapitation move from short to mid-range. Shooting them with a weapon that will spread across their body and damage their many tentacles is the best method of disposal. Using kinesis to grapple and launch a red explosive canister at them is the absolute best way to dispose of these enemies quickly. Shooting a Spawner with stasis will stop it from spreading tons of pods but this will NOT stop its decapitation attack - get close to it while it is under the effect of stasis and it will still decapitate Isaac very quickly.

A Spawner's pods can be defeated by cutting off the tentacle that protrudes from the pod. Any type of cutting weapon or gun that does not spread works well for finishing off a pod.

-- Recommended Weapons

Force Gun - Fire at a Spawner with the Force Gun's secondary fire force grenade and this will hit all of its tentacle appendages at once. Usually a few of these must be used to defeat one but every now and then one well-placed force grenade is enough to finish them off for good. Make sure to aim toward both sides; don't just aim toward the middle all the time.

Line Gun - Shoot the Spawner with stasis after its tentacles move out of its stomach then fire a mine at it. The mine should be enough to immediately finish it on just about any mode, even Impossible at times.

Pulse Rifle/Plasma Cutter - Either of these weapons are a good choice for hitting a few appendages at one time if you don't have access to either of the guns above.

Tentacle Pod

Tentacle Pods are usually thrown out from Spawners although there is one room in the game where they are simply lying around without a Spawner. These globs of organic tissue lie on the floor then a tentacle sprouts up from the middle of the pod and fires projectiles. If Isaac steps too close to a pod then it will explode and damage him.

Wait for a pod to showcase its tentacle then cut off the tentacle to defeat the pod. A pod's dying explosion animation will not damage Isaac.

-- Main Appendages


-- Recommended Weapons

Plasma Cutter - Wait for the pod's tentacle to move upward then shoot the tentacle in the middle and this will usually finish it within one shot or two.

Ripper - It might be considered overkill, but the Ripper's primary fire will slice through a tentacle like a hot knife through butter.


A Divider is a group of several Crawlers that have bonded together into a human-like form. These enemies move toward Isaac incredibly fast when they catch sight of him. A Divider will fall and split apart into Crawlers the moment that one of its appendages has been shot off. It's best to hit them with stasis and shoot off a leg then take out the Force Gun and blast the many Crawlers that a Divider splits into when it separates.

Each appendage of theirs will turn into a Crawler once they fall to the ground after having one appendage removed. After shooting a Divider with stasis, if you're stasis is leveled up enough, you can actually aim at each individual appendage with the Plasma Cutter and shoot it off then shoot and kill the Crawler as it separates. This is very interesting to try and makes for a nice little crowd pleaser when your friends are over. This can be done with any weapon really. Keep in mind that the Divider remains whole until the body hits the ground.

-- Main Appendages

Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

-- Recommended Weapons

Line Gun, Plasma Cutter - Shoot it with stasis then aim for a leg and cut the leg off of a Divider and it will split into Crawlers instantly once the leg is gone.

Contact Beam - These are not always the best option for a Divider, but the Contact Beam is the only weapon that is guaranteed to knock a Divider down from a distance, which can help for when one of them is charging at Isaac.

Force Gun - Whenever a Divider splits into Crawlers, quickly switch to the Force Gun and blast all of the Crawlers at one time to finish them all off with little effort.

Stasis Slasher

Stasis Slashers show up much later in the game. They are soldiers that were previously aboard the USM Valor that have now been infected. Their stasis modules have combined with their bodies, which gives them heavily increased speed compared to that of a normal Slasher. It is almost as if they teleport at times with how quickly they can move.

They still have all the basic appendages much like a normal Slasher but cutting off a leg will not render them as helpless as one might think since they are still so incredibly fast in their wounded state. It is best to hit these enemies with stasis then slowly tear them apart limb by limb while they remain still. The Force Gun is the absolute best weapon to use if you want to take these enemies on without stasis since they always rush up close to Isaac, to which Isaac can have a Force Gun blast waiting to greet them.

-- Main Appendages

Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

-- Recommended Weapons

Force Gun - The Force Gun can really tear these enemies apart especially when they dart toward Isaac. You don't even need to use stasis when using a Force Gun. Just aim upwards and wait for the Stasis Slasher to attack then shoot. About three close range shots will defeat it. Sometimes one blast from the Force Gun will kill it with one shot. The best part about using a Force Gun is that you do not have to hit a Stasis Slasher with stasis in order for it to hit him well.

Line Gun - Once a Stasis Slasher has been hit with stasis, it is completely open to a blast from this weapon, which can quickly cut off either the top or bottom appendages.

Ripper - I'd only recommend using this when the Ripper is at full power, but it really can do some damage to these enemies if you aim for the legs then continue to saw away at their remaining appendages while they are grounded.


Tentacles appear in one of two ways. Throughout the majority of the game, they will suddenly appear and then grab Isaac's leg and pull him toward a hole. If they manage to pull Isaac into the hole then he will automatically die. Later in the game, they will appear from the bottom of pits. The tentacles that appear from the pits attack with a ground smash whenever Isaac steps near them. In both cases, they can be defeated by shooting the glowing middle portion of the tentacle with any type of weapon. The Pulse Rifle works the best for both types of Tentacles but the Plasma Cutter isn't too bad either. Standing Tentacles that don't grab Isaac will take more hits than the Tentacles that do grab him.

-- Main Appendages

Top portion of tentacle

-- Recommended Weapons

Force Gun - Aim at the yellow portion of the Tentacle then fire rapid blasts at it to defeat it quickly.

Plasma Cutter - Aim for the yellow portion of the Tentacle and fire at it. It's risky to use this weapon against the Tentacles that grab Isaac since you'll have to defeat it within a certain amount of time before it drags Isaac too far.

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