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Deception features environmental death traps that you can use to your advantage, or be used against you. Some of these involve sending your enemy over a ledge into a pit of spikes, some allow you to throw them into gigantic meat grinders, and some just let you knock them into acid. Here you will find what arenas have death traps, and where they are.

The Slaughterhouse has one death trap. To find it, uppercut or smash your opponent through the wooden floor. It takes a few hits to break it. Once on the bottom floor, you’ll see two large, spinning grinders. Hit your opponent into them, and watch as his body is splattered onto the wall.


Sky Temple
Knock your opponent through one of the metal barriers, sending them crashing to the floor below. On the bottom floor, knock them through one of the metal barriers, and they will fall, eventually landing on the ground and splattering.


Yin Yang Island
The level changes from light to dark, good to evil. Get your opponent to the edge by the water, and when the level changes to evil, knock them into the water, where they will be eaten by deadly fish.

Hell’s Foundry
Knock your opponent to the lower level by pushing them off one of the ledges, then get them over to one of the lava pressing things. Push your enemy into it, and he’ll try to get out, only to be crushed by the machine.


Falling Cliffs
Throughout the match, the stage will keep falling away, until there’s only a small portion remaining. If your enemy is near the edge when it begins to crumble, they will fall to their death. Otherwise, you can help by pushing them over the edge, causing them to land on a piece of jagged rock.

Dark Prison
Knock your opponent onto the lower level over the railing, and then get them over to the spike walls. Push them into the machine, and even though they try to fight it, they lose.


Lower Mines
This stage has three death traps. The first is on the level you start off on. Push your opponent over to the metal dragon’s mouth, and when the mouth is open, push your enemy into it to cause it the teeth to come squish him. The second one requires you to knock your enemy to the lower level, and then pushing him into the pit of fire. The final one again takes place on the lower level, and you have to push your enemy into the spinning rock crusher.


The Pit
The Pit was first seen in the first Mortal Kombat, and it’s been updated. Get your opponent to any edge of the stage, and uppercut them off it, into the waiting spikes.

Dead Pool
The Dead Pool is a rather simple death trap. Get your opponent to any edge, and knock them into the acid pool that circles the stage.

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