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Unlike some fighting games, button mashing and constant use of specials won’t get you anywhere. Well, maybe it’ll get you laughed out of the arcade, but it won’t win you any fights. Use these tips to become a Champion of Earthrealm yourself.

Use Specials sparingly
Special moves are fun, and can be powerful, but don’t use them constantly. Most specials, if blocked or avoided, will leave you open for the enemy to get a free hit, and we can’t have that. So, don’t use Scorpion’s spear or Sub-Zero’s freezeball as every move.

Keep moving
An idle target is an easy target. Remember, the game is 3D, so you can move around your opponent instead of just away from him and toward him. Use sidestepping to move around opponents, be sure to jump or duck any specials they may throw at you, and always be moving. This will also keep you relatively free from death traps, since you won’t be getting pushed to one by the enemy.

Mix up high and low attacks
Both kinds of attacks have their strengths and weaknesses, but don’t use just one throughout the same match. If you keep using high attacks, your enemy will keep blocking them, leaving you open for a low attack.

Always block low
Whether your enemy is hitting you high or low, it’s better to block low. This way, no matter what kind of attack your opponent uses, you’re fairly safe, as any high attacks will go over your head, and any low attacks will be blocked.


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