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Chess Kombat is basically your standard game of chess, but with a Mortal Kombat twist. When starting a game, you must compose a team. This team is made up of one Leader, one Champion, two Shifters, two Sorcerors, and eight Grunts. You should choose whoever you’re best with as the grunt, since you should be using them most often. The Leader is basically the King piece, and once he’s killed, the game is over. There is only leader, and if you’re any good, you shouldn’t have to use him, so make the leader your forth or fifth best fighter. The champion should be your third best fighter, and the shifter should be your second best. The sorcerers are there to mainly cast spells, so make them whoever you wish.

The object of the game is to kill your enemy’s leader.

When the game begins, you should place a trap. The best place for it is by one of the power cells, as a lot of times the opponent likes to try to make it up that way. After placing your trap, the game begins.

To begin, you should start moving your grunts toward the power cells (the green spaces), because each power cell gives you a bonus 25% to your health, which is important. Why? Your health doesn’t recharge after a battle, so if you only had a sliver of health from the last fight, you’ll only have a sliver going into your fight. The only way to heal is to own a power square, or use the heal spell.


There are eight spells available to you, four for defense and four for offense. The two sorcerors cast these spells, so if they are killed, you won’t be able to use them. Each sorcerer has a different outline around them: red or blue. Red equals offense, blue equals defense. If one of these sorcerers is killed, you will only be able to use spells available to the remaining sorcerer. Spells available are:

Offensive Spells
Kill – Kill any enemy, as long as they are a Grunt or Shifter.
Imprison – Use this to glue an enemy to the spot for a few turns.
Exchange – Swap any Grunt, Shifter or Champion. Enemy units are counted.
Sacrifice – Sacrifice one of your units to heal a different one

Defensive Spells
Heal – Heal one of your fighters
Teleport – Teleport one of your fighters. You can also teleport enemy fighters.
Resurrect – Resurrect a killed fighter
Protect – Protect a fighter from being attacked and from spells for a few turns.

Once you capture the leader, the fighter who defeated him will automatically perform a fatality, and you win, checkmate. You are then given an overview screen.



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