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Arcade mode is the standard mode of any Mortal Kombat. It is here where you can go head-to-head with a friend, or play the CPU, working your way up a mountain of progressively difficult enemies. You start on the bottom rung, with no time played and a small difficulty percentage. For every match played, your overall time is carried over, and the difficulty increases, until you eventually face off against The Dragon King. Successfully beating The Dragon King will award you with a video of your character, explaining their story. Each match is worth a certain amount of koins which can be used to unlock koffins in the krypt. The higher you go, the more koins you can earn.


There is also a practice mode including under Arcade, which allows you to practice the moves of any fighter, including unlocked ones, against a stationary enemy who won’t fight back. You can practice any move except fatalities and hari kari’s.



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