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Puzzle Kombat is similar to puzzle games of the past, again with a MK twist. To begin, you have to choose your fighter. They are similar to Virtua Fighter Kids in the way they look and their size. Like arcade mode, you go up a mountain of progressively more difficult enemies.


Like Tetris, different colored pieces come down, and you have to flip and set them. The object of the game is to keep alike pieces together, so that when the breaking piece comes, you can blow them all off the board at the same time. The more you get rid of at once, the more pieces fall on the enemy’s board. Whenever the board is filled to the top, the match is over. Every so often, a black bomb comes along, which allows you to get rid of all alike pieces at once. Each fighter has a special move. For example, Raider causes a storm cloud to float over the enemy’s board, dropping random pieces onto it. Baraka has two giant blades cut through the edge of his board, giving him room for more pieces.

To make puzzle kombat even more fun, the two fighters wail on each other at the bottom of the screen the entire match, and when a match is run, a mini-fatality is performed.



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