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God of War: Chains of Olympus

Developer: Ready at Dawn Studios
Publisher: Sony

Rated: "M" for Mature

Strategy Guide & Walkthrough
made by Berserker



In Kratos' last adventure, his servitude to the gods came to an end as he journeyed to the Island of Time to change his fate and thereby changed his own destiny. He freed the Titans and waged an all out war on Olympus itself. In God of War: Chains of Olympus, we join up with Kratos years before the events of even the first God of War when he still followed the will of the gods. Before he opposed the gods, he was forced to serve them. Before he seeked aid from the Titans, he was forced to help imprison them.

Chains of Olympus delves deeper into Kratos' past and helps us to understand more of his own personal torment and why he grows to despise the gods. The trickery behind his wife and daughter's murder at his own hands was only the beginning of Kratos' cursed fate at the hands of the gods. He now must serve the gods in defeating one of their greatest adversaries then make the ultimate sacrifice to show his devotion to them.

This Featured Guide will tear through each part of the game and give you tips to help you plow through boss fights. I'll also give you strategies that will help you bust through all the different enemy types with my own personal methods of defeating them. Oh, and I didn't stop there - a chest list is included with this guide that lists all the chests that may contain red orbs, gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers as well. To put it simply, if you are having problems with your servitude to the gods in Chains of Olympus then this guide will help you defy your fate of constant failure and thereby change your destiny... mortal!


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