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 Challenge of Hades


A cutscene will trigger while Kratos steps through the portal and it will eventually show him a Triton's Lance in the hands of a statue up above the pool in the cave. Save your game at the nearby --SAVE PILLAR-- first of all. View Screenshot

Hop into the lake and swim to the right. Jump on top of the first platform View Screenshot and open the --UNMARKED CHEST (GORGON EYE [8/21])-- then swim further to the right and open the --RED CHEST-- and other --RED CHEST-- on the piece of land on the far right side. Swim back to the middle of the lake then jump on top of the middle platform with the two torches below the rough wall. View Screenshot Climb up the rough wall then climb to the right portion of the rough wall in the back of the statue.

Climb down to the ledge on the far right side View Screenshot then pick up ++TRITON'S LANCE++ from the statue. View Screenshot This allow Kratos to breathe and swim underwater, so jump back into the water below. Hold the Square button to descend, hold the X or Triangle button to surface and hold down on R then let go to make Kratos charge ahead with a dash. Swim over to the far left side of the lake and open the --RED CHEST-- and the --UNMARKED CHEST-- on that side. View Screenshot Just hold the Circle button while next to them like normal and it will open them, just a bit slower through since Kratos is underwater.

There is a shiny switch past the fenced area on the left side (to the right of the underwater chest) but Kratos cannot get to it yet. Swim back over to the right and move into the alcove with the broken gate and the damaged gate. Use a speed dash (hold R to charge then release) to make Kratos slam through the damaged gate. View Screenshot Swim ahead then to the right, left then left again. Use another speed dash to burst right through the next damaged gate.

Right after destroying the damaged gate, open the --RED CHEST-- to the right then swim ahead and open the --RED CHEST-- on the left and the --UNMARKED CHEST (PHOENIX FEATHER [9/19])--. Swim through the opening up ahead off to the left then charge another dash at the end and destroy the damaged gate on the right side of the tunnel. Swim to the left then perform another speed dash to destroy the final damaged gate then pull the shiny switch at the end of the tunnel.


The left statue up above will stretch its arms upward and lift the stone that is blocking the left portion of the rough wall. View Screenshot The gate in front of Kratos will open and the back portion of the tunnel will seal off as stones collapse and block the way. Swim back to the save pillar and be sure to save your game - you'll have to double jump up to the ledge.

Swim back to the middle platform on the far side of the lake then climb the rough wall again but this time climb to the left (in the back of the left statue). Keep climbing toward the rough ceiling and Kratos will automatically sink his blades into the ceiling then just climb toward the camera and traverse to the rough wall up above then climb up on the ledge at the top. Run up to the door and lift it open then enter the next room. A new enemy will spawn in the room.

New Enemy: Minotaur View Screenshot


None of this enemy's attacks can be blocked, so Kratos will have to keep his distance and hit the Minotaur as he ends or recovers from an attack. He has three moves: a headbutt (close range), a slash combo (mid-range), and a ram (long range). The best way to defeat him is to hit him as recovers from his ram. Intentionally get far away from him to make him charge a ram then roll out of the way and hit him with a Plume of Prometheus or Spirit of Hercules as he recovers - repeat this to beat him easily as long as you can time the roll well. Another way to defeat him is to start a Plume of Prometheus from long range as he is ending his slash combo. You don't want to be caught close to him while performing a Plume or the Mintaur will headbutt Kratos. You can also use The Efreet to knock him away also.

Hit the Minotaur from a distance at all times. Wait for him to perform his slash combo then Plume him as he ends it or stay at a distance, dodge his ram then Plume him while recovers. Open the --BLUE/GREEN CHEST-- on the right side of the room if needed and destroy all the rock stalagmites around the room for some extra red orbs.


Go through the doorway up ahead and rotate the crank counterclockwise to make a bridge through the doorway move together. View Screenshot Run across the bridge then open the door at the end. Step toward the river up ahead for a cutscene. View Screenshot

Open the --BLUE/GREEN CHEST-- to the left of the goddess' platform if you need it then follow the river up ahead. Dive into the deep section of the river then open the --UNMARKED CHEST (GORGON EYE [9/21])-- on the bottom below the right torch. Continue further ahead along the river then defeat the fire guards that spawn View Screenshot by using jumping Triangle hits and/or Plumes of Prometheus.


Move further down the tunnel and open the --GREEN CHEST-- off to the left if needed then save your game at the --SAVE PILLAR-- on the right. Continue into the next room up ahead and collect the ++PRIMORDIAL FIRE++. View Screenshot This allows Kratos to reflect projectiles through the use of the Helios Reflect ability with the sun shield. In order to reflect, hold up the sun shield by tapping L the moment right before a projectile is about to hit Kratos.

The side of the platform will sink into the ground then the three surrounding statues will point their shields at Kratos and shoot fireballs at him. View Screenshot Wait for each one to shoot a fireball from its shield then reflect the projectile by tapping the L button before each fireball hits Kratos.


Kratos will acquire the ++LIGHT OF DAWN++ View Screenshot once the statues have all been destroyed. Undead soldiers will appear on the three alcoves where the statues were and they will toss fireballs at Kratos. Use the Light of Dawn or practice your new Helios Reflect to defeat them. The rest of the platform will rise back up once the enemies are defeated.

Walk through the opening on the right then open the --RED CHEST-- and other -- RED CHEST-- near the wall inside. View Screenshot Run all the way to the other side of this tunnel and open the --UNMARKED CHEST (PHOENIX FEATHER [10/19])--. View Screenshot Find the opening in the middle of the tunnel then continue forward and place the sun shield in the middle of the door to open it. View Screenshot

Run outside and hop down to the lower platform. A few fire guards will appear on the next platform. Open the --GREEN CHEST-- and --BLUE CHEST-- if needed View Screenshot then jump back into the lake below. Swim back to the side with the save pillar and save your game then walk back through the portal.


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