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Analog - Move
Select - Pause/Options Menu
Start - Access Upgrades, Moves and Inventory
Triangle - Strong Attack
Square - Light Attack
X - Jump
Circle - Grab, Action/Interact
L - Block/Deflect
R + Square, Triangle or Circle - Magic (hold R then tap face button)
L + R + analog direction - Roll/Evade
D-pad down - Switch between current weapons


Once an enemy has been damaged enough to where it has almost been defeated a Circle button icon will appear over its head. Run up to it then tap the Circle button to initiate a context sensitive attack that will require you to enter certain button or analog movement commands in order to finish the enemy off. These animations are usually quite brutal and will make the enemy release more red orbs than usual.

While in the water Kratos can ascend (Triangle or X), descend (Square) or dash (R). Dashing will allow Kratos to break through certain walls - hold the R button to charge a dash then release R to perform a dash.

To make Kratos climb a wall, walk toward it and push against it with the analog. To move quickly along a wall, press in a direction then tap the X button. To slide down a wall, hold down then tap X. While moving along ceilings, tap X while moving in a direction to make Kratos speed up while climbing.

Throughout Kratos journey, he will encounter a few puzzles that must be solved in order to advance. Kratos must interact with certain objects in order to solve these puzzles. Any time a glowing white light is visible on any object, that object can be interacted with - this may involve attacking or destroying it or possible tapping the Circle button near it to grab the object.

Kratos can move some objects by stepping near them and then holding the Circle button - an icon will appear as Kratos steps next to a movable object. Hold down the R button then release while moving an object to kick it and make it go further.

As Kratos attacks his enemies during battle, the combo meter to the side will begin rise once a combination of attacks is achieved. The higher the combos, the more red orbs will be released once Kratos defeats his enemies. Kratos can mix up his attacks to form some very deadly combinations that will inflict major damage upon his foes.

Kratos will be given a variety of magic abilities throughout his quest that will allow him to unleash magical attacks upon his foes by using up a small portion of his magic gauge. Hold the R button then tap either Square, Triangle or Circle in order to unleash these magic attacks. A magic attack must first be gained in the main game before it can be used.


Chest will be strewn through the environment and are sometimes hidden. They can contain, green orbs, blue orbs or red orbs. A glowing mark on top of the these chest will glow the same color as the orbs held inside.

These pillars of light will allow a player to save the game. Walk into the pillar of light and interact with it by tapping the Circle button to pull up the save files.

The following items are hidden in chest throughout the main game and may be collected in order to power-up Kratos.

Collect five of these Gorgon Eyes to increase Kratos' health gauge. A maximum of 15 may be collected.

Collect five of these Phoenix Feathers to increase Kratos' health gauge. A maximum of 15 may be collected.


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