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A Story
Woffie  posted on Apr 01, 2010 9:15:04 PM - Report post

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(somewhere in the forest on the other side of the dark portal)

"So who are we getting rid of with that thing anyway?" the wolf asked the fox with curiosity in his eyes. "and if they wronged us, why don't we just take care of them personally? We haven't teamed up to take anyone out lately" he said with a grin on his face and a wink.

Degari  posted on Apr 01, 2010 9:24:57 PM - Report post

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Degari paused on the top of a roof and sighed, looking at the sky.
"You can't even see the stars in a city."
She growled softly and stood up; this was no time to be homesick. She had a job to do and there was very few who could do it.
"But then again, if I don't rest, I'll fall apart, and how would I be able to summon the help needed when the time comes? Even now I'm weaker and I'm finding it hard to keep my thoughts together."

The smell of fries in a late night diner caught her attention. Some food would help.
With that, she leapt off the roof and changed back to normal before walking into the diner.
Beforehand, she added yet another shield spell to the satchel, just in case.

Foxxie-kun  posted on Apr 01, 2010 9:36:56 PM - Report post

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The fox turned to his mate with a somber look in his eyes.

"This satchel is but the first blow against the slave traders who'd see us furs as slaves, servants, and other such low and inhumane positions in their society. While most would have our larger kin be as pack animals and free labor on their farms, wolves and foxes like ourselves are regularly sold into the households of the most perverse fetishists there can be. And when they get bored of us, be it when we become too willing, or cease to struggle against them, they dispose of us and find fresh meat. The satchel is bound for the household of our would-be owner, Jakob Marko Darren, notorious for his love of causing pain, and will be best placed in his own bedchambers where none of his slaves can ever go. He keeps them and uses them in his basement, while his wife and himself sleep in his bedchambers between 1 in the morning and 9 in the morning."

He laughed a little.

"His wife is kind to us though, and I've arranged a convenient outing for her to undertake while her husband rests within the bedchamber. He has also beaten her and abused her, so she will not shed a tear for him. Not that anyone will know he died, the chemicals are a bio-organic compound meant to destroy any and all human tissue without harming anything else. It'll be as if he disappeared once the compounds evaporate and become inert."

The large fox sighed and kissed his mate.

"Next, we'll go for the source of the slave trade. 'Exotic Service Imports Inc.'"

Degari  posted on Apr 01, 2010 9:43:35 PM - Report post

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Eating a sandwich, Degari pondered as to what could be in the satchel, and who it was to be delivered to.

"Are you ok darling?" the waitress said, looking concerned.
Degari nodded, "Just a bit tired, been working overtime."
"You look tired, how about a hot drink? To perk you up?" the waitress offered, "Its on the house."
Degari thought for a moment, "Hot chocolate please."

The waitress left and brought back a steaming mug of rich hot chocolate.
Degari continued to ponder, going through a list of well known, and not so well known, wrongdoers.

Foxxie-kun  posted on Apr 01, 2010 9:56:32 PM - Report post

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As Degari took the first swig from her hot chocolate, a carriage out front, easily visible from Degari's position, was being pulled by an anthro horse bound in leather straps, blinders, and a red hot poker and several whips are set next to the man with the reigns.

"Come on you filthy subhuman jackass! Pull this cart and you'll get your nightly ration! On with it! Gotta get these slaves home for a test run before the missus has to leave for that party she was going on about!"

The man, a tall and fair-skinned man of muscular build, took a cat-o-nine-tails and flogged the horse mercilessly, the cries of pain permeating the night air.

"Come on! We gotta get them home before the sedatives wear off you jackass!"

Despite the horse's now bleeding back, he pulled the cart with all his might and the cart started to move down the road, and as it moved, it neared a large mansion and pulled in to the barn.

Degari  posted on Apr 01, 2010 10:09:49 PM - Report post

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Degari's eyes widened in shock and disgust. Finally she realised who she was meant to be delivering to.
She left behind some money and left quickly, leaving the waitress to wonder why she had left so suddenly.

Degari half walked, half ran down the street into an alley. Without breaking pace, she changed into a panther and climbed up a ladder to the rooftops, powered by determination.
This was one delivery she was most willing to do.

((Thanks Foxxie-kun, I was starting to be afraid that I'll have to stay clueless for a while and go through tonnes of boring research))

Degari  posted on Apr 02, 2010 1:51:39 AM - Report post

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Degari reached the mansion and crossed the grounds, pausing near the barn where the men were tying up the anthro horse. The smell of stale blood and soiled hay reached her nostrils.
"Even a stray dog is better off." she murmured, tempted to rampage through the place, but she knew that the monster, Jakob, would be able to escape with plenty of warning. And the effort could render her dead in her current state.

She snuck into cover and changed into a large barn owl, beating powerful wings to fly silently to the roof, carrying the satchel in her talons.
Carefully, she landed and changed into a gargoyle beast before dropping down a chimney, satchel clung to her chest.

Using curved claws, she managed to land softly and silently in the bedchambers of Jakob.
Barely louder than a shadow, she reached the bed side table.
She paused, unsure what to do next. If she just left the satchel there, then maybe he would be suspicious as to how it got there.
She recalled the fox's warning.

Stepping back, she got ready to make a quick escape. Quickly she ran through a quick spell and the satchel hovered above Jakob's sleeping form.
Using magic, she opened the satchel until there was a blob of chemicals floating in the air.
She let go of the magic and scampered up the chimney before flying off into the night air as an owl, taking care to 'accidentally' run through the barn doors as a rhino and 'accidentally' open the basement door with a key she just happened to 'find'.

As she left, she could hear the dying screams of Jakob.

"Now, to go back home." she said to herself, muttering a spell that would open a portal to her world.
"A world in which anyone thinks they could easily kill me is definitely not a good world. Not to mention a world that tears my essence apart." Degari murmured as she flew through the portal.

waq999  posted on Apr 02, 2010 2:55:10 AM - Report post

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Im going to compile this into ne HUGE story, Im asking for the rights to do so, so can i??
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