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PC Trainer Customizer

The Cheat Happens PC trainer customizer allows a trainer's hotkeys to be customized by the end user. The trainer must be compatible and is typically marked as "CUSTOMIZABLE" somewhere on the trainer itself.

  Download CH Trainer Customizer v1.0

Offline Trainer Authentication

Trainers that have been personalized for Unlimited members require authentication before they will operate. Typically this is done over the Internet and is transparent to the user. If no Internet connection is present, an offline key is necessary. Download this file to create an authentication code for your computer then continue to the offline key creation page. You do not need to create a different key for each trainer.

NOTE! Offline Key can only be created for Yearly of Lifetime Premium users.
  PC Trainer Troubleshooting
  Trainers, like any other piece of software, will sometimes have compatibility problems. The important thing to remember is that you're cheating. You're trying to manipulate the game to work in a way that the programmers never intended. Sometimes the programmers go out of their way to make this more difficult. Here's a few things you can try if you're having problems getting trainers (ours or any other) to work:

Are you using AVast?

In our opinion, you are using one of the worst products ever created. It blocks trainers even when you tell it not to. It blocks trainer downloads even when disabled. Now it even has the added bonus of completely BRICKING your OS when Microsoft rolls out a simple Windows patch. Do yourself a favor and completely uninstall it and never use it again. If you paid for it, I would suggest asking for a refund. ANY other security product is better than using AVast.

Receiving a 404 error when trying to download a trainer?

This can be caused if our system is unable to properly read your cookie or you have cached a previous trainer download. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Also clear your DNS cache. Close and re-open your browser. You should also try disabling any antivirus, firewall or other security software including browser addons and extensions which may be blocking the trainer download. If you are using AdBlock or AdBlock PLUS, please disable it and/or exclude Cheat Happens from being filtered.

Trainer repeating "Activated" over and over?

Most likely your keyboard cache is full and needs to be cleared. This is most easily accomplished by rebooting your PC. Other possibilities include a bad keyboard, personalized keyboard software interfering or security software blocking the injection routine.

Personalized trainers suddenly crashing during the authentication process?

Odds are you have upgraded your operating system to Windows 8/8.1/10 or installed Internet Explorer 10/11 on Windows 7 or earlier. With this software release, Microsoft changed a core piece of functionality that has been in place since IE1 was released. Our authentication process relied on this component and this is why the trainers are crashing. We have gone through and updated the most recent version of most trainers to be compatible with this update. All trainers released after around July of 2012 are already compatible. You can find the compatibility status on each trainer download page (marked as Windows 8 compatible). There is more information on how to get older trainers to work and the process for requesting a trainer to be updated on our FEEDBACK message board. The easiest fix for Windows 7 users and below is to uninstall Internet Explorer 10+11 or you can manually restore the file that the authentication process needs by following these instructions.

Recently upgraded to yearly or lifetime account and trainers say "INVALID TRAINER USER"?

You most likely had a monthly TRIAL account and allowed it to expire. When that happens, the site disables your trainers and since authentication is based on a simple HTTP request, your system can actualy cache the block. Even though your account was cleared on our side, you may need to manually clear all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc even if not used), system (Windows), and network device (routers, firewalls) caches in order to clear the block. Be sure and reboot after clearing all caches. It's also possible that your ISP has cached the block and it may take a few days for it to clear on its own. Another reason for this error can come from using VPN or proxy software such as Spotflux.

Using a BETA or Pre-Relase Operating System?

While some trainers may work on these operating systems, they are not supported and are not guaranteed to work 100%. Operating systems go through many changes before release and it too time consuming to try and troubleshoot issues on an OS that is in BETA and/or in an unstable format. If you are experiencing problems using trainers on a BETA or pre-release OS, it is recommened that you go back to an officially released OS. Once operating systems have been officially released to the public (in a FINAL RETAIL state), support for those operating systems will begin.

Does game and trainer version match?

If the trainer is written for v1.1 and your game has been patched to v1.2 then this is a good reason for the trainer to fail. Trainers are looking for very specific places in memory or the executable and updates tend to shift these locations around. Many times you can reinstall the game back to the level needed to get the trainer to work. Otherwise you will need to wait for a new version of the trainer to be released.

Are you using third-party apps such as FRAPS?

These third party programs sometimes cause issues with the video system or with the memory space the trainer is trying to occupy. Disabling them while playing can many times cause the trainer to start working.

Have you disabled your Anti-Virus, Firewall and other security software?

It's very typical for antivirus and security applications to flag trainers as a virus or malware simply because of the way they are designed. This can cause problems such being unable to download trainers, extract trainers or successfully use trainer. Many antivirus products will simply block a trainer from injecting into the game and never even tell you. CHEAT HAPPENS scans all files with multiple scanners before uploading them to the website so that you can be sure our trainers contain no real viruses. You can read here for more information. You can usually add the trainer to your security software's exception list which will make it ignore the trainer and cause it to start working. Sometimes you may have to disable your security software while the game/trainer is in use. This can also include software such as Punkbuster which is designed to disable software such as trainers.

Have you read the trainer readme file in full?

Usually this is in a readme or .nfo file. Open these files with Notepad to read them. Some trainers need to be run AFTER the game has started (by pressing ALT+TAB to go back to the desktop) and some need to be loaded BEFORE the game is started. Some need to be placed in the same directory as the game and others can be placed anywhere. Using the wrong method can cause the trainer to fail. Some trainers require additional files before they can work and may be noted in the readme/nfo files.

Is the game copy-protected?

If you have LEGALLY purchased the game, you can visit sites such as megagames . com or gameburnworld . com and download a game 'fix' that will disable the protection and allow the trainer to function properly. Always make a backup of your original files so you can return the game back to it's original state after the necessary cheats have been applied. Just like with trainers, make sure the fix you download matches the version of the game you have.

Are you trying to use the trainer in multiplayer or online modes?

Our trainers are made to work in SINGLE PLAYER MODE only. Here at Cheat Happens, we never intentionally create or post cheats that work in a multiplayer environment. Cheats (in our opinion) should only be used for single player modes and trying to use them in multiplayer will cause the cheats not to work and may possibly get you banned from that game's multiplayer servers.

Are the trainer keys also mapped to controls in the game?

If so, this will cause the trainer to fail as the game's control keys will almost always override the trainer's hotkeys. If this happens, re-map your game's controls to different keys and then the trainer keys should work fine.

Are you using any type of multimedia keyboard software?

Some people have trouble with these types of programs as they overwrite the trainer's built-in hotkeys. Try disabling any software like this before running the trainer/game.

Are your F-LOCK and NUMLOCK keys on?

Trainers that use F1 (or any F-KEYS) require that the F-LOCK be turned on. Some keyboards have this and some do not. If you're pressing the F-keys and get no response, this is typically the reason. Trainers that use the NUMPAD keys require that NUMLOCK be turned on. Make sure you're using the actual NUMPAD keys and not the number keys at the top of the keyboard. If you're using a CHEATHAPPENS trainer and do not have a NUMPAD (like on a laptop) you can use our TRAINER CUSTOMIZER to change the keys. Many newer trainers can also be customized from within the trainer.

Are you running the trainer with admin priveleges?

Many trainers need access to special memory space, create temp files and access another running application. This often requires elevated privileges. This is most easily accomplished by right clicking on the trainer .exe and choosing "Run as Administrator". It may also be necessary to change the file permissions on your Windows temp folder.

Did you download the game from Origin, STEAM or another digital download service?

Many times these digital download services sell a slightly modified version of the game in order to make them compatible with downloading and playing without a CD/DVD. Trainers rely on very specific memory locations or game files in order to work. The slightest change in the game's code could cause the trainer to fail. If you're using one of these downloaded versions, this could be the case. Always mention if you have one of these versions if you're reporting a problem with a trainer. Sometimes applying a no-cd "fix" to these downloaded versions will make them compatible with the trainer and is always something to try. Many of our trainers list the digital download services they are compatible with in the description.

Where did you put the trainer file?

Sometimes trainers need to be run from the same folder that the game is installed in. Sometimes it doesn't matter. For the sake of troubleshooting, it's always best to put the trainer in the same folder as the game and run it from there.

Is your sound card functioning?

Some trainers, especially those produced by our site, require windows sounds to be functioning correctly or the trainer may crash or fail to run. Make sure your sound card is working properly, not muted, etc. You may also need to download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack (search Google), espeically if you are getting an on/off sound when activating the trainer or its options.

Been using trainers made by h4x0r?

If you have been using trainers by a person named h4x0r then you may need to delete these trainers and any .dll files associated with them. These trainers have been known to drop suspicious .dll files in the root of your C:\ drive and also in the Windows/System32 folder. You may need to show hidden and system files to see them. Some of the names include h4x0r.dll, SCS.dll and SCX.dll. These malware .dll files interfere with some other trainers and should be avoided at all costs.

Have you tried running the trainer different ways?

Some trainers need to be run BEFORE the game is started and others AFTER the game is started (using ALT+TAB once in the game to go back to Windows). If you're having trouble always try both ways to see if it makes a difference.

At the end of the day, sometimes trainers just simply won't work with your version of the game. Sometimes game publishers put out multiple versions of the same game (international, etc) with slight changes to the code, but they use the same version number.

We always try to associate the correct version with the trainers that we post, but sometimes it isn't available and we don't know how many versions are out there.

Good luck everyone and we hope you appreciate all of the hard work that goes into creating some of these trainers (some take days and days of programming). We certainly do and we appreciate everyone that works hard to find and/or create these cheats.

How To Use a PC Trainer

 Read the readme or .nfo file included with the trainer. The .nfo files can be opened using Notepad or Wordpad. These files usually contain important instructions or information regarding the trainer.

 Extract the trainer to the game folder on your hard drive. This location is not always important, but some trainers will not work without being in the same folder as the game.

 Depending on the trainer, you should either run the trainer BEFORE you start the game or after the game is already running. Most trainers are run AFTER the game is loaded (by pressing ALT+TAB while in the game to go back to the desktop -- run the trainer then press ALT+TAB again to go back to the game). Try it both ways or check the .nfo file if you're not sure.

 Use the keys assigned by the trainer to activate the trainer's cheats while playing. Sometimes the keys used by the trainer are already mapped to functions in the game. You may need to re-map game controls to other keys in order for the trainer to work properly.

 Do not close the trainer until you have closed the game. Sometimes the cheats stop working or the game will crash.

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