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There are too many grey areas to formulate a perfect opinion so im just going to agree with the majority and say the guys being a nob because he feels special.

What that guy needs is a slap and to be told to get a social life.

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 originally posted by Dhampy:

Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn


The Dhampy Summary (TM)

This kid, 13 years old, isn't allowed to go on a study trip to Africa because he's too young. He's saying it's age discrimination, the university is saying that they can't guarantee his safety because he's still a mere child. His motivation is a plan to have his PhD by age 22.

The Dhampy Commentary (TM)

Give me a freaking break. You're ****ing thirteen. No one but you cares that you want a billion degrees by age 22. Chances are, you'll have to redo your doctoral thesis half a dozen times anyway so Africa is the least of your concerns.

You are 13. You should not be traveling to Africa and especially not in a program intended to adult students.

Oh, you'll bring your mom? Really? This is so important to you that you are willing to upset the delicately planned affairs that study-abroad courses are?

You, kid, are a self-absorbed ****. Your apparent intelligence made your parents treated like a pet, not a child. You were the center of their world, and therefore you think you are the center of everyone's world. Well, prepare for a real shock because you won't get your PhD by age 22. You'll go to Africa and end up as a lobotomized sex slave in Leopoldville because you aren't mentally prepared or physically able to prevent your own kidnapping.

You need two things. One, a good beating as punishment. Two, to learn how to play a sport.

Also, since when is reading a kid's book like Harry Potter at age four an achievement? My parents had me reading Red Storm Rising and Hunt for Red October when I was four.

[Edited by Dhampy, 3/25/2010 11:47:15 PM]

I agree with Dhamp whole heartedly. I mean who does this boy think he is! He's not noble born, he doesn't come from a wealthy family and if his family had any worthwhile connections he would already be in Africa by now.

And this notion of traveling abroad alone how absurd, heck I'm 21 I don't even leave my house without an assistant/bodyguard, at the very least someone who can open doors and carry your shopping and at the very most, someone who can take a bullet for you when it counts.

He hopes to get 2 degrees by age 22? I'm 21 and I have 3 degrees and if I had showed less interest in ancient languages I would most likely have degree in English. So where is the light shining out of my ass? Where are the angels that are supposed to sing a heavenly chorus when I enter the room?

Darkness... Silence... Knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility. Those of us who become overachievers from an early age wether through our own thirst for knowledge or because it is thrust upon us by parents or guardians with visions of grandeur for their children. It is true that many will go on to become great thinkers and tinkerers, but at what cost? Is childhood not an experience worth experiencing, do the blunders and mistakes of our youth not force us comprehend and thus persevere.

Will they not one day look back at their childhood and think to themselves what their fondest childhood memories were? What will they see, the small child sitting at her desk or on her computer studying away never taking a break not even on a sunny clear crisp day. Working, working and working, perhaps they relished in their work perhaps not. Perhaps they wished to go out and experiance the real world but for reasons they could not change, they could not.


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