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Official Trainer Thread  Borderlands Trainer
Kaherdin  posted on Sep 14, 2011 2:37:25 PM - Report post

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The trainer 1.42 didn't work, I always get a error :

the General protection fault!

History: GThread::OnExit() Address = 0x1487b75 (filename not found) [in c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\borderlands\Binaries\Borderlands.exe]
GThread::OnExit() Address = 0x1486f87 (filename not found) [in c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\borderlands\Binaries\Borderlands.exe]

I try everything, ch.dll, stats tracking is off, etc, new cache data, reboot computer, reboot steam...

The game works perfectly without the trailer, but not with... Plz hepl fast (I'm of course on STEAM legit version).

Neo7  posted on Sep 14, 2011 2:40:53 PM - Report post

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Always assume something basic went wrong before jumping to "advanced" stuff like that.

1. Check program compatibility issues with Clean Boot.
2. Check your trainer version with the program version (Version number must match).

Kaherdin  posted on Sep 14, 2011 3:03:07 PM - Report post

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Thank you but the trainer and borderlands work in clean boot but not together, the same in normal boot...

The version of my trainer is 1.42 and the game is 1.42...
I'm on windows 7 64 bits

Iceman95  posted on Sep 14, 2011 4:38:34 PM - Report post

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I'm also getting a GPF error when running the latest trainer.

I've tested it by running Borderlands with the trainer, but not activating it until I've played for a little bit. Every time I activate it, the game shuts down with a GPF.

I've checked the version, and it's 1.42.0

Now, WoogieMonster is correct in that a patch was released today (9/14/2011) at 11AM CST on Steam. I actually saw it download and install, and as soon as it finished, I started running into these problems.

It's a little curious, however, that Gearbox didn't change the revision number at all. It seems like this patch is the 1.42.0 patch they wanted to release in the first place, and maybe they decided to keep the rev number the same.

Just to cover my bases, I also uninstalled the game, rebooted, reinstalled it, deleted and re-downloaded the trainer, turned off data checking, etc. Same problems.

I just wanted to report this to the powers-that-be to let them know what I've experienced and the trouble-shooting steps I took.

Thanks for listening!

Neo7  posted on Sep 14, 2011 7:28:49 PM - Report post

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Some research shows that this problem may be related to poor code management by the game and it's interactions with various API systems. Here's some more things to try:

1. Uninstall and reinstall nVidia's PhysX (Even if you do not have an nVidia card).

2. Uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft C++ Runtimes:
Version 2005: Link
Version 2008: Link
Version 2010: Link

Remember to run Microsoft Update after installing these three things so that these are properly patched against malware.

3. Make sure Microsoft DirectX is fully up-to-date

4. Make sure your video card drivers are up-to-date

5. You may need to reinstall Borderlands.

Vlasov_581  posted on Sep 14, 2011 8:44:26 PM - Report post

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i got another update this morning, and now the new trainer doesn't work......was working yesterday......i freaking hate these idiots......had a perfectly working 1.41 game without issues.....Flawlesswidescreen was running perfectly fine too.....now it studders when on, and the trainer doesn't work.....nothing but crashes......instead of adding multi-monitor support, and maybe AA option, they came out with this crap that contributes zero to all who play.....or should i say "not playing now" this game
Iceman95  posted on Sep 15, 2011 11:57:04 AM - Report post

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Hey all!
Just wanted to post more results from troubleshooting. Neo7, I took your instructions and did exactly what you posted. I did the following:

1.) Uninstalled nVidia's PhysX
2.) Uninstalled all Microsoft C++ Runtimes (I had 2008 and 2005 installed)
3.) Uninstalled Borderlands
4.) Deleted my copy of the trainer.
5.) Reinstalled Microsoft C++ Runtimes 2005, 2008, and 2010
6.) Ran Windows Update to patch all of them.
7.) Rebooted
8.) Reinstalled the latest version of my video driver, which includes nVidia PhysX
9.) Rebooted
10.) Reinstalled Borderlands
11.) Rebooted
12.) Re-downloaded and extracted the newest trainer

After doing all this, Borderlands STILL manages to crash out with a GPF error when I activate the trainer. It doesn't matter if I activate it right away, or play for 30 minutes and then activate it. The same result ensues.

Also, this happens when I create a character from scratch. Activate the trainer right away, or 30 minutes later, it doesn't make a difference. As soon as I activate it, boom.....GPF.

Unless someone else has any suggestions, I'm really thinking that Gearbox changed some stuff when they patched it.

Barneyirl  posted on Sep 15, 2011 1:25:09 PM - Report post

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I've gone through all the steps as the person above me did and I am still encountering the same problems as he is.

I hope this gets resolved quickly.

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