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 Trainer DRM change must be made  
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Posted: Mar 20, 2012 8:37:52 AM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

Well disconnecting that work around is ok though still somewhat annoying since it takes like a minutes (or perhaps it's longer) for the trainer to stop trying online authentication and to use the offline key so it's not quite a simple matter of pulling the cable out and plugging it back in but true there is at least that work around.
I was just hoping you guys would be more reasonable and merely implement something similar to what you already have for your side of the validation but o well I give up. At least you guys know that it's no ideal.
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 originally posted by SCHUMI_4EVER:

 originally posted by Skyheart:

 originally posted by SCHUMI_4EVER:

 originally posted by Skyheart:

 originally posted by SCHUMI_4EVER:

So cheathappens uses online validation and then there are offline keys for moments with no internet BUT that still doesn't allow for all instances of trainer validation so the DRM needs to be altered.

Earlier it appears Cheathappens was down and with it whatever sends out the validation so ok no problem I have my offline key handy but not go. The trainer refuses to activate and just sits there eternally trying to obtain validation. It would seem the offline key only kicks in when I have no internet but since I had the trainer ignored it and just kept trying to to connect.
That isn't acceptable. Granted I can work around it but if I have to put up with online validations you have to ensure there is an alternative method for validation in ALL instances, not just when there's a net problem on my side but also when there is one on your side.

Now I can understand that changing the priority to where it searches for the offline key first is probably undesirable since keys could be used to "pirate" the trainers without anyone ever being the wiser. So that's not a solution.

Instead what needs to happen is that the same check for the offline key that activates after the trainer determines I have no internet also needs to be implemented when it can't reach the validation server despite there being internet.

Thanks for reading.

Under that system it would be a simple matter for someone to download the trainer, then just block access through the firewall.

I don't understand how it would be any more or less bypassable than the current implementation....
If something is blocked through a Firewall it doesn't get net access and wouldn't even be able to tell there is internet and we would never get to the stage I was talking about since after a minute or whatever the time is set to it would jump over to the offline key.

Under the current system, the trainer has to validate online. If there's no connection or the server is unavailable, authentication fails and the trainer closes. There's no way to use the trainer in this case when authentication fails for whatever reason.

Under a system where, if there's no connection, instead of automatically closing until authentication is available it just continues to be usable, people can just download anyone's trainer, block access through their firewall and continue to use the trainer.

So either everyone loses access to trainers on the very rare occasion the server is unavailable, or everyone gets to pirate trainers for free all of the time.

There already are offline keys so I still don't know what you're talking about.

Offline keys are randomly generated numbers (I assume) uniquely assigned to a single user. No one else can use that key. If it's shared, the different IP(s) will be logged.

I'm not trying being a smartass here or anything- I do similar stuff for a living.

[Edited by Skyheart, 3/20/2012 9:40:05 AM]

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Actually I noticed the site's downtime last night and to test to make sure it wasn't my browser I opened up a trainer that had to validate. I also have an offline key. After waiting an inordinate amount of time (okay I have ADHD, sue me) the trainer acted as though it authenticated. I could have launched the game and used the trainer as far as I could tell, despite not having turned off my internet and that the site was down. So it does seem to offline validate if the online validation times out. And online validation should "time out" regardless of if it's on your end or their end. After a time the attempt to connect should time out, and prompt the trainer to offline validate.

Also I dunno if anyone else gets this but if I load a trainer and then open something else before the trainer validates, at the end of the validation the trainer will crash for me. No big deal really. Just wondering if I'm alone on that.

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