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Test Drive Unlimited 2
PC, XBox 360, Playstation 3

Reviewed on: PC
Publisher: Atari
Rated: "T" for Teen

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

For a game with this much content, Test Drive Unlimited 2 both looks and sounds superb. Driving through some of the wonderfully detailed environments and watching the day turn into night is downright gorgeous.

Gameplay: 5

Less of a straight forward racer than most games, Test Drive Unlimited 2 gives players a heavy dose of freedom to take on a number of varying missions along with the traditional races you'd expect.

Lasting Appeal:

Much like Burnout Paradise before it, Test Drive Unlimited 2 has a ton of content and an open world in which to unlock it. The result is a massive game that you're unlikely to put down for quite some time.

Overall: 6
Save for a few missteps, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a blast to explore and play. The worlds are large and gorgeous, and the cars are (mostly) fun to drive.
CHEATfactor: 6

Four years ago, Eden games dreamed of a different type of racing game, and the result, Test Drive Unlimited delivered in spades. Taking drivers beyond the track, the original Unlimited was a massive and fun endeavor that kept gamers busy for hours. Now, they're looking to do it again. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a much bigger title that save for a few missteps that weren't fixed from the original is just as fun, if not more.

If you've never played the original Test Drive Unlimited, you may be in for a bit of a surprise when jumping into its sequel. The box, the manual, all of the PR make it seem like a straight forward racing game, but what you're getting is much more. Test Drive Unlimited 2 can best be described as an open world adventure with a dash of racing added in for flavor. Sure, you'll still enter into a number of different races and try to squeal your tires for first, but the real fun of Test Drive Unlimited 2 comes with exploring the truly massive open world created by the developers. You start off on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and later unlock the tropical Hawaiian island of Oahu, and both are rendered impressively well. As you drive the islands, which are loosely based on reality, it's hard not to notice just how gorgeous the game can look. Driving along a coastal path as you watch the sunset over a moment is nothing short of gorgeous.

"'ll find tons of great content littered throughout."


Of course, the open worlds in Test Drive Unlimited 2 aren't just for looks, and you'll find tons of great content littered throughout. Driving around, you'll of course find races that you'll be able to enter in, but as you may have expected, Test Drive goes deeper, much deeper. You'll also find hidden paths to take (many that lead to cool rewards), photography missions and even casino mini games. Perhaps more than anything else, I found myself really digging the photography missions, as they seemingly presented a good portion of the game's features, the massive world, hidden paths and gorgeous environments, all working together. Also of note, you can probe wrecked cars on the side of the road for parts to upgrade your car, giving you even more reason to explore each of the islands far reaches.

There's an impressive feeling that most everything in Test Drive Unlimited 2 flows together quite nicely. You gain XP in four categories, discovery, social, competition and collection. While these four categories are viewed as spate factors in the game, they also play into each other quite nicely. Take for instance the discovery category, you'll gain XP by driving through the islands and finding new routes, but in the process you're likely going to find new races or pieces to collect, adding XP to other categories as well. Sometimes the XP seems to rack up a bit too fast even, leading to players being unprepared to take their game online.

"The online modes are best enjoyed with a dedicated car club."


The game's online suite though is a bit disappointing. While the massive world is impressive and works well throughout most of the game, it tends to be a burden while playing online. Most sessions play out like this (especially if there aren't a lot of people online): you'll drive around looking for opponents to take on, but the game continuously tries to push you into certain games that you don't want to play. The online modes are best enjoyed with a dedicated car club. Much similar to an online guild or clan on Xbox Live, car clubs allow you to jump online with a persistent group of friends to explore the island and race with.

While each of the game's cars feels different, some are just a pain to maneuver through the islands' tight pathways. Sadly, not much of the controls have been changed from the first game, which puts a definite hamper on just how much you can enjoy your experience. It's a bit off putting when you spend so much time working on your car, only to find that it still handles like crap - just saying.

These missteps aside, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is still a great time more often than not. Continuing the tradition of massive open worlds to explore and gorgeous scenery, it's hard not to recommend Test Drive's sequel. If you were any bit of a fan of the first game, jump back in, the islands are waiting. 



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The trainer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 from is much like super charging your car, it'll allow you to do things that were impossible without it. With the trainer, you'll be able to employ the super jump, the super brakes and turbo boost, which were immensely helpful in unlocking new roads and getting to new challenge areas. At the same time though, you could just enter in the unlock all roads cheat.

There's no doubt that the trainer is one of the best of 2011 so far, the only thing stopping it from getting a full 10 Cheat Factor score is that once I got to use the cheats, unlocking certain missions an areas seemed a bit cheaper, a shame with such a well designed game.



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