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User # 339605
posted: 2/12/2011 12:21:37 AM - Report Post               edit post

Sorry but I must disagree this game is terrible. Look I dont care if game lok like it ben made before 5 years this means nothing but this game is sooo boring soo predictable. Yes there are tons of thing here but no reaso to use them no reason at all. Tons of cars yes. But why even bother go and buy Pagani Zonda there is no nead for other cars. Yes ther is clasing And you cant use Zonda in all races BUT THI IS IT ther is no need to enter thous races at all.

look this is maybe a good game but but it is not a good game for me me I like C.MC.R.Dirt a this game is terrible for me.
Sooo if you prefer races before arcade fun, if you prefer realism before like The Sims mindlessness.

Please try demo or find some friend who has this game and ..... REALY think tvice befor you buy this game.

I really dont understood the police behind games like this one but thous tendency make my cry.

Are we really that Shallow?

this is BekStorm from downtown-game-arena signing off

P.S. this is clearly mi opinions and thoughts about this game T.D.U.2 and the have nothing NOTHING to do or common with Cheat happens personal, policy or agenda.

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User # 481020
posted: 2/14/2011 3:44:48 PM - Report Post               edit post

Just because you hate this game doesn't mean others have to, yeah it has its ups and downs i was mad myself to find out that you cannot get out of your vehicle at will like they intended you could oh well maybe they'll add that in the next game.

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User # 1722436
posted: 8/22/2013 8:44:34 AM - Report Post               edit post

I am playing TDU2, but find it tediouse, as you really have to work hard to earn money. Previously I used a trainer from Cheat happens with no hot keys having to be used, just the trainer keys F1 etc, now I can't find a single trainer to work, and as an unlimited member am very displeased with this new system of using hot keys instead. There must be an answer to getting around the hot key situation, but cannot find one. The same applies to TDU unlimited , the first version. Can some one help me please. I am no computer geniouse, am 65 yrs old , disabled, and unable to drive a real car, so this game gives me freedom to drive again in a way. I need a simple to use trainer use straight away without having to work out how to set a hot key up, What is a Hot key any way ??? I have tried but just cant get to grips with it. the old system of downloading a trainer and it working right off was great, but this new system I find very un user friendly.

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