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Favorite Stuff
HonestGamer  posted on Jul 02, 2010 6:06:03 AM - Report post

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Favourite Genre: RPG
Favourite Game Companies: EA (If that includes BioWare!), UbiSoft and Activision.
Favourite Games: Mass Effect (1 & 2), Bully SE, Oblivion, GTA Vice City and Doom 3.


Favourite Genre: Hard Rock
Favourite Bands: Poets of the Fall, Godsmack and System of a Down.
Favourite Songs:-
The Ultimate Fling - Poets of the Fall
Fire - Poets of the Fall
Shimmy - System of a Down
Serenity - Godsmack
Shinedown - Godsmack


Favourite Genre: Comedy
Favourite Actors: Adam Sandler, Mel Gibson and Will Smith
Favourite Movies: Click, In Pursuit of Happiness, Apopcalypto, Mr.Bean's Holiday and Avatar.

Evanscense  posted on Jul 02, 2010 6:07:47 AM - Report post

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1. Favorite Genre: RPG, Strategic, Action (First and third person shooter)
2. Favorite Game companies:EA Games,Rockstar, Naughty dog, Guerilla games, Konami, Hideo kojima Productions
3. Favorite Games:GTA Series,uncharted 2,Gran Turismo series, Gears of war series, Final fantasy series,C&C:General ZH2,God of war series, Red dead
1. Favorite Genre: Metal, Rock, Alternative, pop
2. Favorite Bands : Linkin Park,Bullet For My Valentine, Evanescence, Metallica , Lady gaga , Modern talking, Owl city

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LordVenator  posted on Jul 02, 2010 7:31:10 AM - Report post

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1. Favorite Genre: Metal
2. Favorite Bands: Dethklok, Amon Amarth, Metallica etc.
3. Favorite Songs:
- Dethklok - Awaken - Link
- Dethklok - Cyborg Slayers - Link
- Metallica - One - Link
- Metallica - To Live Is To Die - Link
- Amon Amarth - Guardians of Asgaard - Link
- Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God - Link
andyN  posted on Jul 02, 2010 9:57:44 AM - Report post

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1Favorite Genre: FPS
3favorite Game companies:EA Games,Bethesda,Ubi Soft
5Favorite Games: Fallout3,CoD MW2,Dark Messiah

1Favorite Genre: Rock(especially Clasic rock)
3 Favorite Bands :Chuck Berry,Bon Jovi,Bruce Springsteen
5 Favorite songs:Johnny B Goode(Chuck Berry),Living on a prayer(Bon Jovi),Hungry Heart(Bruce Springsteen),Bitter Sweet Simphony(Verve)

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Einstein  posted on Jul 06, 2010 2:01:23 AM - Report post

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I don't like picking favorites.


Company: BioWare
Game: Dark Cloud 2


Actor: Robert Downey jr.
Movies: Manos: The hands of fate

darkone112  posted on Jul 06, 2010 2:59:35 AM - Report post

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favorite genre:fps
favorite company:ea games
favorite studiold infinity ward new respawn
favorite game:call of duty series
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