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Xbox 360
Dancer  posted on Apr 22, 2010 4:35:57 AM - Report post

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So, I decided to get mine out again and have a nostalgic experience with fable 2. I bought Mass Effect 2 but I'm going to play Mass Effect 1 first so I am up to date with the story and the various decisions I made.

It may come as a surprise to a lot of you but on Mass Effect, I'm a paragon.

I was very impressed with the updates that xbox has done since I last played on it, which was a few years ago. The dashboard is a lot better and there is a lot of procrastination possibilities available, games on demand? Genius.

Sadly, my xbox is suffering from being an original chip-set. It's extremely noisy and troublesome, which reminded me why I gave up on it before. However, after doing a bit of research and some spontaneous Ebay-ing, in 5 days I should be receiving an X-box 360 super elite, Limited Edition final fantasy. Now, I dont like final fantasy and the limited edition thing just means that instead of a black x-box elite, I get a white one, which is ****. No one will know I have an Elite!? Why did they do that? Anyway, I paid the equivalent of a regular elite but get an extra controller and 250gb HDD so, it was worth it. The main reason I decided to get a new X-box is because of the Jasper chip-set which is supposed to eliminate the problem of the RROD, every-time I looked at my current Xbox, I knew it was just on the Horizon.

I'm no longer convinced that PS3 is better, I am now under the belief that they are both on equal ground. Ps3 is technically a better system regarding spec, blue-ray is nice and the free online play with built in wi-fi makes Microsoft look like a greedy con-artist. However, after looking at what X-box has become over the years, it seems the community aspect, utilities, friendliness and the large amount of things you are able to do without even having a disc in the machine makes Sony look like a boring old man.

This isn't a Vs. topic. I'm not a fanboy for either machine, I just thought I would talk about games and stuff for once. This is a gaming website after all.

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