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 What have they done to KotOR?!  
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Posted: Dec 25, 2008 12:20:24 PM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

The fact alone that it's slated as an MMORPG saddened me. I don't play online games, primarily because:

1. I don't want to pay to play a game I already paid for.
2. I don't want to deal with idiots. And online, there are lots of them.

Other than that, looking at screenshots and what not, I have to say that the game doesn't look all that special. The graphics seem plain and dry to me.

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Posted: Dec 26, 2008 9:18:47 AM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

 originally posted by lucyblue:

I never thought that making a KOTOR MMO was that great of an idea in the first place, but I think you're over reacting.

First of all, what would you suggest? They just replicate SWG and have the original signature characters be mere mission contacts? In an MMO, you can't play a signature character or have a team made up of signature characters. It doesn't work like that. Otherwise, everyone would run around as Revan or Bastilla.

Do you have any idea how old the Ebon Hawk is? I garauntee you it'll still be functional and in the hands of some NPC. Either that, or it'll have been crashed and left to rust on some backwater planet for you to discover. In SWG, HK-47 was still around, and that's thousands of years later. And SWG wasn't even a Bioware project. So you'd better believe he'll be somewhere in the new MMO. I garauntee you that you'll be able to pry story line secrets about what happened from him.

As for not wrapping up the original story, have you ever played an MMO? MMOs tend to be loaded with backstory, lore, etc. If you think for one second that they wouldn't wrap it up either by having you being able to discover locations and information on your own, or by having missions that lead you on and investigation, then you're a fool. Seriously, dude, calm the hell down. You're getting way too reactionary and emotional about this. I for one think KOTOR is doomed to fail, but for none of the reasons you're suggesting.

I think it's doomed to fail, because of two very pragmatic reasons.

1: All the fanboys going "OMG! KOTOR MMO! STAR WARS MMOS ARE REDEEMED! IT'lL BE THE BEST GAME EVAR!" are going to hype the game up so much that when the game comes out, they're going to be disappointed.

2: It's an MMO based on a pop culture series. So far the only two I'm aware have been released are Star Wars Galaxies and the Matrix Online. Ultimately, they both failed miserably.

Other pop culture based MMOs which I predict will ultimately fail the fans and cause them to become disillusioned are:

Star Trek Online
Stargate Worlds
DC Comics Online
Marvel Online (provided the project ever gets resurrected)

If it's pop culture, fanboys and fangirls will hype it up. The studios in control of the series will attempt to wrestle creative control from the developers with experience that know what the hell they're doing and thus dumb it down.

[Edited by lucyblue, 12/25/2008 11:02:57 AM]

How old are you pal? I'm not trying to insult you but could you at least try to spell correctly...I could barely understand that whole thing. You come off as a youngster that doesn't understand where I'm coming from.

What I get from that is that your not that big a KotOR fan, well I am! I and many other dedicated fans have been waiting for KotOR III for too long, now on a whim Lucas decides, hey lets destroy a perfectly good franchise with this half-assed idea (with EA's evil grin from the shadows)...did you even look at ther story, it's terrible! Definetly not worthy of KotOR, online is always have and always will be. You can't pull a compelling story like KotOR out of the God awful online universe. KotOR was designed as a structured RPG from day-1 not an MMO, that's what really me off...

If they want to upgrade things fine, I completely understand that they need to 'keep with the times' and do things a little differently but don't break down and destroy the very foundation that made the series. You need to read my posts again then go take a look at the interviews with all the KotOR personel at IGN before calling me a fool. Better yet go to youtube and see then maybe you'll understand why I'm so ticked off. They've explicively stated there done with that era, Revan, Exile, everything...there creating a new everything. Because if your not a true fan then you don't understand where I'm coming from...like everyone else here does.

Forgive me, but you sound more like a online fanboy...or girl. Maybe you should stick with Warcraft and leave a well-touted masterpiece like KotOR out of your views. At the end of the day we shouldn't argue because we both agree that it's going to fail miserably...that's really the bottom line here no matter what. Either way I'm done with KotOR for good...I don't even care anymore, at the time I just had to get that off my chest.

[Edited by Jackal, 1/4/2009 10:53:08 AM]

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Posted: May 15, 2009 7:00:16 PM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

sorry too berst your guy's bubbles but this isnt it for Kotor, the MMO is being made so they can get more money for the next Kotor game. AKA Kotor 3 the mmo will not effect the story line for the Console games. the fallowing was said by Gorge him self " this mmo will not end the Kotor console sirise".
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Posted: May 23, 2009 3:39:58 AM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

Ya Kno' This Topic about Kotor MMO(or whatevah you call it) is Annoying. You guys get mad because a mmo that happens 300(or 350) years after Revan is annoying, But the truth is that Bioware did Kotor and Obsidian did Kotor 2, Technically not the same stories Between Kotor and Kotor 2 because they don't have the same mind. Tough "I" like the idea of a Kotor MMO because there's kindah an own story for each character tough everyone collide, You will have a own NPC teammate, You will become good and evil, You will be able to Team up with friends (Player Controlled) and fight with them. The only bad thing that i agree with you guys is "I Don't Want To Pay For A Game I Have Already Paid For"but we don't kno', Maybe special stuff for those who pay? Maybe, maybe not ...soo.... Exerosp Over And Out!
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Posted: Jun 11, 2009 9:24:42 PM - Report post  (0)  (0)       Post Reply  post reply  

 originally posted by Jackal:

At first when the KotOR MMO project was announced I figured it would be something entirely separate from the series, not affecting the plot, characters, etc...and not ruin everything every KotOR fan holds dear- the compelling Story and Characters. But after gathering more info on it and realizing the scale of the whole bloody thing I was dead ass wrong.

In one fell swoop just like that KotOR was destroyed for me, and now as a former loyal fan of a series I held dear to my heart its over, 6 years later and its all over. I feel like I've been ripped off and am definetly gut-checked by this. LucasArts and Bioware have teamed up again to make not a KotOR III but a half-assed, prick job known as Star Wars: The Old Republic...What?! That was my first thought in disgust. In a nutshell the story will leap ahead 300 years leaving the era, characters, everything that was great about the series behind in a war with the real Sith that have struck from the Unknown Regions of space. Now before you say, "Hey, that doesn't sound so bad" remember they've left behind everything! Yeah that's right. No Revan, no Exile, no Carth, no Atton, and no continuation whatsoever! Everything that made the series what it is is gone, a half-assed bunch of writers decided to leave an already established and built-in era behind leaving everything totally unresolved. To get an idea how insane all this is it would be like after Halo2 they made Halo Wars in its place...not concluding Chiefs story leaving everything unfinished.

Why you ask? For one simple reason, the higher ups at Bioware and Lucas wanted to make an MMO together for years, that's it! Well that and the PC fanboys kept pushing more and more content... And just like that the best gaming franchise on the market is raped and destroyed before my eyes...what really infuriates me about all this is the fact this will be strickly an MMO for PC's and the loyal Xbox fanbase (which I might mention started it all for them) has been totally isolated. They've said a port isn't out of the question but even doing so remember its an MMO, meaning you'll have to be online to play it... Unless they design a single-player campaign (which they won't) then I and tons of other loyal fans are completely out of luck. I'm a very asocial gamer, I don't use online, if I want to play with someone I'll go to my buds place and we'll go at it in multiplayer, its just the way I am. That's where a large portion of the audience is going to be isolated, no online, tough luck...

Okay, so to give the game its justice (aside from my online byassed) I checked out the game on the website and the story, environment, everything made me want to vomit. It looks like a dumbed down version of the new and old Star Wars episodes, an Emperor, Imperials, Republic troopers, etc...and you'd think in this day and age the visuals would be top notch, nope, they are a diasgrace to KotOR, there making the whole universe look cartoony, with no real textures at all. What made KotOR so unique was they completely remade the universe from scratch and gave the era its own special feel not borrowing from the movies. This again makes me mad, I mean if they wanted to do this why didn't they just create another franchise aside from KotOR instead of destroying it all together.

Despite this atrocity commited by both parties it's my hope that the fans will want a continuation of the true series and after this debocle is made Lucas will give the fans what they want...its quite a longshot though, they've put a lot of money and manpower behind it, and this MMO won't be out for years, I think this is it for KotOR. All this time all this waiting for this half-assed piece of Makes me want to puke...in my opinion Lucas should've left Obsidian alone and let them finish KotOR II right then given the third game over to them and let them finish what they began in KotOR II, and in true Star Wars fashion in three Episodes Revans story would be told, then move on to the future of the franchise.

But no, instead we get this If it ain't broke Lucas, don't fix it! Idiots...this may have just seemed like a fanboy rant but I needed to get this off my chest for my own sanity, in anycase I'm done with KotOR. Done with hoping for the future, done with waiting in the wings just done altogether. I still will pay tribute to the first two games and remember them for what they were when Lucas did things right...but like I said as for the future of the franchise I'm finished with KotOR for good.

I'll say it once more for the cheap seats Lucas, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Follow this link to the end of KotOR Link

[Edited by Jackal, 12/24/2008 5:55:01 PM]

I totally know what you mean. And I'm as ****ed off as everyone else, but standing from Lucasís point of view it makes a lot of sense to make a mmo.

1. They want to appeal to a larger audience and hopefully some original fans.

2. it is 300 years away so that they can go back to the original storyline and whatnot

3. MMOs are the new thing.

4. They would make a whole lot of money first for the game then for the monthly payments.

Donít get me wrong I hate it to but sometimes we just got to suck it up. And if they donít go back they will probably have a riot on their hands (from me anyway.)

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well If Lucas Is going to make a Dumb move like this i say let him. The only Reaction he is going to get is a bunch of angry fans and alot of bad reviews of the game. Why destroy a perfectly good franchise just for the monthly fees of an MMO. I mean it would'nt be to bad if there was no fee but if it costs 15 dollars a month to play a half assed game that cant even hold a candle to The original Kotors I dont think we should play it. it would have been alot smarter just to make kotor 3 and have happy fans and a above average rate of income. But its all about greed for lucas.
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