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Official Trainer Thread  Life is Hard Trainer
PWizard  posted on Mar 19, 2016 7:34:13 PM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Reset Selected Unit
Numpad 2: Add 50 Wood
Numpad 3: Add 50 Stone
Numpad 4: Add 50 Leather
Numpad 5: Add 50 Seeds
Numpad 6: Add 50 Soap
Numpad 7: Add 50 Bread
Numpad 8: Add 50 Meat
Numpad 9: Add 50 Vegetables
Multiply: Add 50 Faith

Options (Editor)

Edit: Screen Pos
Edit: Apos
Edit: Words
Edit: Check
Edit: Warm
Edit: Saveint
Edit: Type
Edit: Treecount
Edit: Stonecount
Edit: Pigcount
Edit: Bushcount
Edit: Digcount
Edit: Child
Edit: Perk
Edit: Mens
Edit: People 1
Edit: Damage
Edit: Illtimer
Edit: Coldtimers
Edit: Moodtimer
Edit: Drinktimer
Edit: Hprestored
Edit: Fighttimer
Edit: Attackspeed
Edit: Maxattackspeed
Edit: Attackrange
Edit: Hp
Edit: Maxhp
Edit: Mood
Edit: Maxmood
Edit: Sleep
Edit: Maxsleep
Edit: Cold
Edit: Coldminus
Edit: Maxcold
Edit: Walkcounter
Edit: Rand
Edit: Wand
Edit: Ring
Edit: Carry
Edit: Work
Edit: Invent
Edit: Believer
Edit: Defence
Edit: Prevdefence
Edit: Weapon
Edit: Clothint
Edit: Helmint
Edit: Swimint
Edit: Animtype
Edit: Cloth
Edit: Hat
Edit: Gender
Edit: Wintercloth
Edit: Winterhat
Edit: Animate
Edit: Death
Edit: Travel
Edit: Dtravel
Edit: Walk
Edit: Fightwalk
Edit: Walkpoint
Edit: Sex
Edit: Ironskin
Edit: Rage
Edit: Mask
Edit: Vampirizm
Edit: Drinkbool
Edit: Drinking
Edit: Sexstarting
Edit: Starting
Edit: Carrying
Edit: Ova
Edit: Down
Edit: Upmine
Edit: Downer
Edit: Upper
Edit: Mining
Edit: Dungeon
Edit: Up
Edit: Chosen
Edit: Shown
Edit: Inventory
Edit: Sleepbool
Edit: Workbool
Edit: Autowork
Edit: Autosleepwork
Edit: Stonebool
Edit: Plantsbool
Edit: Deplantbool
Edit: Bushbool
Edit: Plantprocess
Edit: Planting
Edit: Fight
Edit: Fightoff
Edit: Learning
Edit: Hunting
Edit: Deplantprocess
Edit: Click
Edit: Reproprocess
Edit: Workprocess
Edit: Ill
Edit: Illtype
Edit: Post
Edit: Swim
Edit: Tropic
Edit: Waiting
Edit: Child Color
Edit: Maman Color
Edit: Batya Color
Edit: Start Color
Edit: Speed
Edit: Maxspeed
Edit: Wordtimer
Edit: Sleeptimer
Edit: Coldtimer
Edit: Sleepingtimer
Edit: Blend
Edit: Yscale
Edit: Timer
Edit: Deftimer
Edit: Ragetimer
Edit: Move
Edit: Sextimer
Edit: Timer 1
Edit: Maxsextimer
Edit: Worktimer
Edit: Maxworktimer
Edit: Mintimer
Edit: Maxtimer
Edit: Deplanttimer
Edit: Deplanttimer 1
Edit: Particlespawn
Edit: Health Bar Length
Edit: Workperiod
Edit: Sexperiod
Edit: Tooltip Pos
Edit: Scroll Pos
Edit: Debug
Edit: Sure
Edit: Showaut
Edit: Mincount
Edit: Notbusycount
Edit: Showautint
Edit: Showtimeraut
Edit: Days
Edit: Rainchance
Edit: Stargui
Edit: Pay
Edit: Foodtype
Edit: Skelint
Edit: Timer
Edit: Darktimer
Edit: Whitetimer
Edit: Buildtimer
Edit: Believetimer
Edit: Thiefstimer
Edit: Beerreload
Edit: Wagontimer
Edit: Positionx
Edit: Blend
Edit: Sunset Blend
Edit: Started
Edit: Payed
Edit: Settlegrade
Edit: Foodchoose
Edit: Wartr
Edit: Rel
Edit: Gwork
Edit: Forking
Edit: Firesword
Edit: Atckup
Edit: Shieldup
Edit: Speed
Edit: Sacred
Edit: Dwarftec
Edit: Dwarftecacc
Edit: Dwarfdrill
Edit: Dwarfmet
Edit: Goblinmet
Edit: Colonized
Edit: Tropichelp
Edit: Relations
Edit: Travelchosen
Edit: Dtravelcolon
Edit: Dtravelchosen
Edit: Dtravelfight
Edit: Dtravelfighting
Edit: Dtravelaway
Edit: Dtravelleaving
Edit: Travelaway
Edit: Travelfight
Edit: Dark
Edit: Darkspellb
Edit: Whitespellb
Edit: Buildspellb
Edit: Whitegod
Edit: Nature
Edit: Nogod
Edit: Modern
Edit: Looted
Edit: Coboldover
Edit: Open
Edit: Open 1
Edit: Open 2
Edit: Open 3
Edit: Open 4
Edit: Open 5
Edit: Checking
Edit: Rain
Edit: Down
Edit: Trdown
Edit: Dungeon
Edit: Arrived
Edit: Mousestop
Edit: Tribute
Edit: Desertspawn
Edit: Paused
Edit: Gunup
Edit: Totemism
Edit: Thiefs
Edit: Thiefsent
Edit: Thieffailure
Edit: Thiefsuccess
Edit: Wagons
Edit: Wagonsent
Edit: Wagonbroken
Edit: Wagonfight
Edit: Wagonback
Edit: Wagonrepair
Edit: Diplomacy
Edit: Dwarfdiplomacy
Edit: Goblindiplomacy
Edit: Tropicdiplomacy
Edit: Norddiplomacy
Edit: War
Edit: Desertwar
Edit: Tropicwar
Edit: Tropicchoose
Edit: Roguewar
Edit: Roguepeace
Edit: Roguechoose
Edit: Roguethink
Edit: Rogueup
Edit: Nordwar
Edit: Goodtribute
Edit: Choosetrade
Edit: Choosetrade 2
Edit: Badtribute
Edit: Orcspawn
Edit: Skelspawn
Edit: Boom
Edit: Hunger
Edit: Learning
Edit: Killing
Edit: Warkilling
Edit: Starting
Edit: Healing
Edit: Building
Edit: Locust
Edit: Planting
Edit: Choosemenu
Edit: Controlmenu
Edit: Mapmenu
Edit: Buildmenu
Edit: Addmenu
Edit: Win
Edit: Lose
Edit: Pausedsure
Edit: Relmenu
Edit: Chapelb
Edit: Beerb
Edit: Potb
Edit: Pumpkinb
Edit: Beercook
Edit: Trade
Edit: Hattrade
Edit: Dtrade
Edit: Aborchoose
Edit: Choose
Edit: Collided
Edit: Settlepoints
Edit: Dwarftecint
Edit: Thiefint
Edit: Nordskilled
Edit: Pigskilled
Edit: Aborkilled
Edit: Swampkilled
Edit: Nomadkilled
Edit: Totemscount
Edit: Magiccount
Edit: Beercount
Edit: Breadcount
Edit: Tradechoose
Edit: Atint
Edit: Meteoritint
Edit: Tradersint
Edit: Desertgui
Edit: Build
Edit: Trap
Edit: Chooseint
Edit: Spi
Edit: B
Edit: Spawni
Edit: Bread
Edit: Hleb
Edit: Vegs
Edit: Mushrooms
Edit: Drugs
Edit: Meat
Edit: Beer
Edit: Leather
Edit: Rlevel
Edit: Gui
Edit: Buildpage
Edit: Damagest
Edit: Wtribute
Edit: Stribute
Edit: Tradeint
Edit: Getint
Edit: Wagonint
Edit: Wood
Edit: Allwood
Edit: Wagonwood
Edit: Maxwagonwood
Edit: Wagonarmor
Edit: Wagonguns
Edit: Wagonswords
Edit: Flax
Edit: Wagonflax
Edit: Iron
Edit: Ironore
Edit: Mythril
Edit: Mythrilore
Edit: Ruby
Edit: Sapphire
Edit: Malachite
Edit: Topaz
Edit: Copper
Edit: Copperore
Edit: Wagoniron
Edit: Maxwagoniron
Edit: Stone
Edit: Allstone
Edit: Soap
Edit: Illcount
Edit: Faith
Edit: Revivefaith
Edit: Torches
Edit: Price
Edit: Money
Edit: Trust
Edit: Nordtrust
Edit: Dwarftrust
Edit: Goblintrust
Edit: Tribestrust
Edit: Num
Edit: Army
Edit: Coef
Edit: Pos
Edit: Mapvector
Edit: Temperature
Edit: Guitemperature
Edit: Winterhat
Edit: Wintercloth
Edit: Leatherhelmet
Edit: Leathercloth
Edit: Copperhelmet
Edit: Coppercloth
Edit: Rubywand
Edit: Sappherewand
Edit: Malachetewand
Edit: Topazwand
Edit: Rubyring
Edit: Sappherer

Matri  posted on Mar 21, 2016 5:12:31 PM - Report post

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Awesome! Thanks!
whitemike82  posted on Apr 18, 2016 10:41:09 PM - Report post

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[Edited by whitemike82, 5/31/2016 4:16:04 AM]

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