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Positive Feedback for you!
LordofFlames  posted on Jun 17, 2014 2:56:37 PM - Report post

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Hey CH!

Ive been a proud member since 2006 and a longtime LIFETIME member of this glorious webiste, and wanted to give you some positive feedback over all the problems.

Whenever I've needed a trainer, a cheat, a solution, I come here! And thanks to a few tips from Caliber(Kudos to you ) many years back and your tutorials I am somewhat capable of finding specific extra options myself! Not all of them, mind you, but definately enough I very seldom need to though since I find 95% of all your trainers (those made by CH is what I mean specificaly, not any submitted from other teams) to always have whatever I need and often more.

I also really like the direction your trainers have been going the latest years. Customizable keys, editors on their own or built into trainers etc. Stroke of genius that, and the best of the editors (only of them? still all good ) I would say come from 0x90, respect!

Keep up the good work, looking forward to the future!


LordofFlames  posted on Dec 18, 2014 6:07:19 PM - Report post

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I usually dont reply to my own posts, but I decided to since I already had a positive feedback thread and saw something awesome.

Auto-updating trainers. To quote Monty Python, it's quite a woody word. For me as a nerd. AUTO-UPDATING TRAINERS.


Sorry for my fripperies, but I am so glad over this, and also for YOUR sake CH team! Not only will this save you such an IMMENSE amount of time, but it opens up new possibilities. One can now easily go back to an older but popular title, and make ONE trainer, that can work for AGES! (By popular old titles I obviously mean re-releases like on steam or GOG, as games who are not re-destributed would be too much of a hassle.)

I don't know wich one of you decided to start with this or how you do it (I'm guessing it's AOB scans? or at least based on it?) but this is so awesome I almost fell off my chair when I read about it.

Way to go guys, awesome work! 10/10

//LordofFlames, Proud Lifetimer

PWizard  posted on Dec 18, 2014 6:09:39 PM - Report post

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Thanks for the great feedback and your continued support!
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