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Official Trainer Thread  The Forest Trainer
PWizard  posted on Jun 02, 2014 3:32:28 PM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Numpad 2: Infinite Stamina
Numpad 3: Infinite Energy
Numpad 4: No Hunger
Numpad 5: Freeze Body Temperature
Numpad 6: Freeze Heart Rate
Numpad 7: Freeze Day Time
Numpad 8: Instant Build
Numpad 9: No Thirst
Numpad 0: Infinite Armor

Options (Editor)

Edit: Cave Doors
Edit: Body Temp
Edit: Heart Rate
Edit: Stamina
Edit: Health
Edit: Energy
Edit: Armor
Edit: Armor Vis
Edit: Cold Armor
Edit: Battery Charge
Edit: Stealth
Edit: Day Survived
Edit: Dead
Edit: Fullness
Edit: Thirst
Edit: Starvation
Edit: Starvation Current Duration
Edit: Blood Dice
Edit: Should Check Armor
Edit: Is Lit
Edit: Got Control Refs
Edit: Run
Edit: Is Bloody
Edit: Asleep
Edit: Is Tired
Edit: Cold
Edit: Warm
Edit: Recharge
Edit: Checking Blood
Edit: Is Cold
Edit: Sitted
Edit: Hunger
Edit: Infection Chance
Edit: Bleed Chance
Edit: Ate
Edit: Cold Amt
Edit: Health Current Color
Edit: Stamina Current Color
Edit: Energy Backing Current Color
Edit: Energy Current Color
Edit: Armor Result
Edit: Health Result
Edit: Stamina Result
Edit: Energy Result
Edit: Tired
Edit: Energy Ex
Edit: Dead Times
Edit: Energy Icon Temp
Edit: Black Man
Edit: Log Weight
Edit: Collision Layers
Edit: Walk Speed
Edit: Run Speed
Edit: Strafe Speed
Edit: Crouch Speed
Edit: Swimming Speed
Edit: Crouch Height
Edit: Cant Run
Edit: Sailing Raft
Edit: Pushing Sled
Edit: Diving
Edit: Crouch
Edit: Stand Up
Edit: Original Height
Edit: Crouch Capsule Center
Edit: Locked
Edit: Crouch Block
Edit: Input
Edit: Crouching
Edit: Standing Up
Edit: Speed
Edit: Gravity
Edit: Max Velocity Change
Edit: Maximum Velocity
Edit: Can Jump
Edit: Jump Height
Edit: Prev Grounded
Edit: Allow Fall Damage
Edit: Prev Velocity
Edit: Input Velocity
Edit: < Grounded>k__ Backing Field
Edit: Warmup Shaders
Edit: Fog Current
Edit: InA Cave
Edit: Sleeping
Edit: Moon Brightness
Edit: Stars Intensity
Edit: Horizon
Edit: Mie Directional G
Edit: L
Edit: Fog Color
Edit: Noon Fog Color
Edit: Sunset Fog Color
Edit: Exposure
Edit: Reileigh Coefficient
Edit: Mie Coefficient
Edit: Molecules
Edit: Turbidity
Edit: Ambient Sky Color
Edit: Ambient Ground Color
Edit: Ambient Horizon Sharpness
Edit: Ambient Boost
Edit: Shape Intensity
Edit: Shape Size
Edit: Shape Hardness
Edit: Day Color
Edit: Sunset Color
Edit: Night Color
Edit: Night Alt Color
Edit: Current Night Color
Edit: Lx
Edit: Ly
Edit: Lz
Edit: Ldot Up
Edit: Ldot Down
Edit: Sun Light Intensity
Edit: Moon Light Intensity
Edit: Noon Light Color
Edit: Sunset Light Color
Edit: Sunset Light Alt Color
Edit: Current Sunset Light Color
Edit: Rotation Speed
Edit: Time Of Day
Edit: Delta Time Of Day
Edit: Animate
Edit: Scatter Intensity
Edit: Scatter Exaggeration
Edit: Current Fog Color
Edit: Night Fog Color
Edit: Current Average Sky Color
Edit: RT T_ Format
Edit: Fog Min Height
Edit: Fog Max Height
Edit: Fog Start Distance
Edit: Visibility
Edit: Inscattering Intensity
Edit: Inscattering Distribution
Edit: Vanishing
Edit: Show Info
Edit: Cutoff Angle
Edit: Steepness
Edit: Sun E
Edit: Was Noon
Edit: Was Daytime
Edit: Cave Amt
Edit: Sun Pop Hack
Edit: Sun Pop Intensity Hack
Edit: Sun Pop Color Hack
Edit: Moon Pop Hack
Edit: Moon Pop Intensity Hack
Edit: Moon Pop Color Hack
Edit: Atmosphere Gain
Edit: Lightning Intensity

- Freeze Day Time:
While active the time of the day is frozen. Alternately you can change the time of day in the editor.

- Instant Build:
While active set up a construction and look at it for a few seconds and it's instantly built.
You don't even have to have the necessary resources.

- Walk / Run Speed:
I recommend to freeze the values are they getting reset on falling.

The trainer requires .NET framework 4.5 or above.
The trainer does not work on Vista or older.

[Edited by PWizard, 5/1/2015 11:57:04 AM]

techowl  posted on Jun 02, 2014 3:59:10 PM - Report post

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Thanks for the good work Cal =)

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Goodjob thanks
z3r0gk  posted on Jun 04, 2014 2:47:49 AM - Report post

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It's not working for me, for some reason :/
savior70  posted on Jun 04, 2014 4:05:54 AM - Report post

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Aye, the trainer does not seem to effect any changes at all.
PWizard  posted on Jun 04, 2014 6:53:56 AM - Report post

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32bit or 64bit OS?
Caliber  posted on Jun 04, 2014 8:01:34 AM - Report post

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originally posted by savior70

Aye, the trainer does not seem to effect any changes at all.

we have 408 downloads of this trainer. I have to assume there would be many more reports of the trainer not working.

btw, 'not working' is very little information. also, the instructions are important, as you have to activate the trainer once you are ALREADY in the game..


dragonmaster505  posted on Jun 04, 2014 8:43:27 AM - Report post

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originally posted by z3r0gk

It's not working for me, for some reason :/

guys, if the trainer doesn't work, restart the game and try again, and make sure you took something to eat and walk out of the plane until you carry the axe, then activate the trainer and use the options, this is how i solved it and the trainer works perfect

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