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Official Trainer Thread  Space Engineers Trainer
PWizard  posted on Mar 18, 2014 6:56:38 AM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Numpad 2: Infinite Energy
Numpad 3: Infinite Oxygen

Options (Editor)

Edit: Health
Edit: Energy
Edit: Move And Rotate Counter
Edit: Update Counter
Edit: Suit Oxygen Amount
Edit: Old Suit Oxygen Level
Edit: Current Blend Time
Edit: Total Blend Time
Edit: Current Upper State
Edit: Current Upper Blend Time
Edit: Total Upper Blend Time
Edit: Vertical Foot Error
Edit: Cummulative Vertical Foot Error
Edit: Current Shot Time
Edit: Current Shoot Position Time
Edit: Current Zoom Time
Edit: Camera Distance
Edit: Current Speed
Edit: Current Decceleration
Edit: Current Jump
Edit: Current Walk Delay
Edit: Current Autoenable Jetpack Delay
Edit: Weapon Bone
Edit: Head LocalX Angle
Edit: Head LocalY Angle
Edit: Head Bone Index
Edit: Camera 3rd Bone Index
Edit: Left HandIK Start Bone
Edit: Left HandIK End Bone
Edit: Right HandIK Start Bone
Edit: Right HandIK End Bone
Edit: Left Upperarm Bone
Edit: Left Forearm Bone
Edit: Right Upperarm Bone
Edit: Right Forearm Bone
Edit: Left Hand Item Bone
Edit: Right Hand Item Bone
Edit: Spine Bone
Edit: Root Bone
Edit: Left Hip Bone
Edit: Left Knee Bone
Edit: Left Ankle Bone
Edit: Right Hip Bone
Edit: Right Knee Bone
Edit: Right Ankle Bone
Edit: Current Animation Change Delay
Edit: Zoom Mode
Edit: Current Hand Item Walking Blend
Edit: Current Hand Item Shoot Blend
Edit: Current Scatter Blend
Edit: Current Character State
Edit: Current Falling Time
Edit: Movement Flags
Edit: Current Light Power
Edit: Light Power From Producer
Edit: Light Turning On Speed
Edit: Light Turning Off Speed
Edit: Jetpack Power From Producer
Edit: Current Head Animation Counter
Edit: Current Local Head Animation
Edit: Local Head Animation Length
Edit: Current Respawn Counter
Edit: Last Scream Time
Edit: Current Looting Counter
Edit: Animation ToIK Delay
Edit: Current Animation ToIK Time
Edit: Animation ToIK State
Edit: Switch Back To Spectator Timer
Edit: Switch Back To First Person Timer
Edit: Squeeze Damage Timer
Edit: Character Accumulated Damage
Edit: Previous Movement State
Edit: Can Jump
Edit: Debug Mode
Edit: Was Flying
Edit: Is Falling
Edit: Is Falling Animation Played
Edit: Crouch After Fall
Edit: Is Flying
Edit: Dampeners Enabled
Edit: Jetpack Enabled
Edit: Enable Bag
Edit: Light Enabled
Edit: Die After Simulation
Edit: Use Animation For Weapon
Edit: Is In First Person View
Edit: Target From Camera
Edit: Force First Person Camera
Edit: Was In First Person
Edit: Is In First Person
Edit: Reset Weapon Animation State
Edit: Use Damage System
Edit: Current Scatter Pos
Edit: Current Scatter Pos_ 2
Edit: Current Scatter Pos_ 3
Edit: Current Scatter Pos_ 4
Edit: Last Scatter Pos
Edit: Last Scatter Pos_ 2
Edit: Last Scatter Pos_ 3
Edit: Last Scatter Pos_ 4
Edit: Head Matrix
Edit: Head Matrix_ 2
Edit: Head Matrix_ 3
Edit: Head Matrix_ 4
Edit: Head Matrix_ 5
Edit: Head Matrix_ 6
Edit: Head Matrix_ 7
Edit: Head Matrix_ 8
Edit: Head Matrix_ 9
Edit: Head Matrix_1 0
Edit: Head Matrix_1 1
Edit: Head Matrix_1 2
Edit: Head Matrix_1 3
Edit: Head Matrix_1 4
Edit: Head Matrix_1 5
Edit: Head Matrix_1 6
Edit: Head Matrix_1 7
Edit: Actual WorldAAB B
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 2
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 3
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 4
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 5
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 6
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 7
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 8
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 9
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 1 0
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 1 1
Edit: Actual WorldAAB 1 2
Edit: Aabb
Edit: Aab 2
Edit: Aab 3
Edit: Aab 4
Edit: Aab 5
Edit: Aab 6
Edit: Aab 7
Edit: Aab 8
Edit: Aab 9
Edit: Aab 1 0
Edit: Aab 1 1
Edit: Aab 1 2
Edit: Local Head Animation X
Edit: Local Head Animation X_ 2
Edit: Local Head Animation X_ 3
Edit: Local Head Animation X_ 4
Edit: Local Head Animation Y
Edit: Local Head Animation Y_ 2
Edit: Local Head Animation Y_ 3
Edit: Local Head Animation Y_ 4
Edit: Camera Shake Offset
Edit: Camera Shake Offset_ 2
Edit: Camera Shake Offset_ 3
Edit: Camera Shake Offset_ 4
Edit: Camera Shake Dir
Edit: Camera Shake Dir_ 2
Edit: Camera Shake Dir_ 3
Edit: Camera Shake Dir_ 4
Edit: Manipulation Tool Id
Edit: Manipulation Tool Id_ 2
Edit: Stored Camera Settings
Edit: Stored Camera Settings_ 2
Edit: Stored Camera Settings_ 3
Edit: Stored Camera Settings_ 4
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 2
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 3
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 4
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 5
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 6
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 7
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 8
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_ 9
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 0
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 1
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 2
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 3
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 4
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 5
Edit: Relative Weapon Matrix_1 6
Edit: Crosshair Point
Edit: Crosshair Point_ 2
Edit: Crosshair Point_ 3
Edit: Crosshair Point_ 4
Edit: Crosshair Point_ 5
Edit: Crosshair Point_ 6
Edit: Aimed Point
Edit: Aimed Point_ 2
Edit: Aimed Point_ 3
Edit: Aimed Point_ 4
Edit: Aimed Point_ 5
Edit: Aimed Point_ 6
Edit: Hit Capsule
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 2
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 3
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 4
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 5
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 6
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 7
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 8
Edit: Hit Capsule_ 9
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 0
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 1
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 2
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 3
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 4
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 5
Edit: Hit Capsule_1 6
Edit: Hit Info
Edit: Hit Info_ 2
Edit: Hit Info_ 3
Edit: Hit Info_ 4
Edit: Hit Info_ 5
Edit: Hit Info_ 6
Edit: Hit Info_ 7
Edit: Hit Info_ 8
Edit: Hit Info_ 9
Edit: Hit Info_1 0
Edit: Hit Info_1 1
Edit: Hit Info_1 2
Edit: Hit Info_1 3
Edit: Hit Info_1 4
Edit: Hit Info_1 5
Edit: Hit Info_1 6
Edit: Hit Info_1 7
Edit: Hit Info_1 8
Edit: Hit Info_1 9
Edit: Hit Info_2 0
Edit: Hit Info_2 1
Edit: Hit Info_2 2
Edit: Hit Info_2 3
Edit: Hit Info_2 4
Edit: Hit Info_2 5
Edit: Hit Info_2 6
Edit: Hit Info_2 7
Edit: Hit Info_2 8
Edit: Hit Info_2 9


[Edited by PWizard, 11/22/2015 7:56:28 AM]

Sutek  posted on Apr 06, 2014 11:32:00 AM - Report post

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it looks like they have updated the code engine. the trainer cant find the game code.
Peregrinus11  posted on Apr 07, 2014 6:48:00 PM - Report post

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Well, I don't see a point in creating trainer for game which has Creative mode, where you can turn exactly the options the trainer provides
jshields1986  posted on May 04, 2014 4:20:02 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Peregrinus11

Well, I don't see a point in creating trainer for game which has Creative mode, where you can turn exactly the options the trainer provides

there is an actual point when people like playing survival

0x90  posted on May 04, 2014 5:04:19 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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Updated trainer will be posted soon.
SubZero  posted on May 04, 2014 7:04:48 PM - Report post

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What about inf mass and Litres, clone resources (like if u have 20kg of uranium make wheelclick on mouse and copy it), inf ammo, instant production, a "no resurces" option witch allows to build anythuing without resources (like creative)...

Thaaaank you!!

0x90  posted on May 05, 2014 4:10:39 AM - Report post

Trainer Maker
Send a message to 0x90
The game is in early access status and 64 bit only plus it's based on Unity Engine which creates code on the fly. We can talk about more options when the game is done and patches are reduced to a minimum.
tommygunner70  posted on May 06, 2014 3:06:27 PM - Report post

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Sweet! the health and energy is the two features that are most important to me.

I play survival more then I do creative unless I'm testing something. playing creative all the time gets boring after a while because you can always instantly built whatever you want too. but the only thing that annoys me in creative is the fact that you need to keep running back and forth for energy for your suit.

thanks a million 0x90.

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