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Posted: Oct 25, 2013 7:56:57 AM - Report post  (13)  (5)       This topic is locked   post reply 

What scares me a little bit is that I am unsure how you came to this decision.

Because obviously this will lower your overall income, so if it was money you needed this is probably not the way to go.

Unless you really needed money NOW, as in right now.

Short term sure, you will rake in, but a couple of years from now, when most have a lifetime sub, and you have spent that cash already.

Will you continue to run this site with no revenue other then the revenue you got years before?

Aside from the new gamers coming of age.

I paid yearly, or 3 years last time i think, I have already spent more then a lifetime sub here, and I would have continued to do so, because I like that option, in all strides of life, I happily pay a bit more for the option to bow out should the need arise.

I got my lifetime now, no biggie to be honest but you lost out, on me at least, for quite a bit of cash.

Financially this makes no sense, unless you are planning to cash out.

And that is the bit that scares me.

I can understand MMO's and whatnot doing this, because their services are a bit limited and getting a lifetime or yearly sub up front makes sense for something they know probably will not be around for that long.

You guys however provide a service the need for which will never go away.

Removing the lifetime sub, aside for the people who already have it, would be a more fiscally sound decision in my opinion.


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Posted: Oct 25, 2013 8:16:56 AM - Report post  (25)  (24)       This topic is locked   post reply 

At this point I am just repeating myself over and over. Some of you act like the people visiting the site today will be the last people to ever visit again. As if we've had the same small number of users for the last 12 years that just keep visiting and renewing over and over. So, if we sell them a lifetime membership then there will not be anyone else to buy a new membership ever again. There are about 40000 BILLION people on the internet. 65% of our traffic (or approximately 32,700 unique visitors per day) is NEW TRAFFIC, people that have never visited CH in their life. This has been true for every single day, every single week, every single year for the past 12 years based on Google Analytics and internal metrics.

For the 30th and FINAL TIME, this policy affects less than 0.5% of our trainers, thus affecting a very small percentage of our user base. This policy affects a grand total of *26 GAMES* out of *11,000* over the course of *12 YEARS*. If this affected every single game in our database then that would be a different story. We thought that people might actually be happy that we're not charging 100% of users twice the normal yearly amount for the 1% of users that require access to these 26 trainers. Or maybe that we're not adding a $10 monthly CH PLATINUM add-on to all existing memberships, including LIFETIME. But nope, of course not. We could have made ANY change to our policy and SOMEONE would find some kind of problem with it.

So, support the policy and our site if you want. Don't if not. Trust us, we will be fine either way. Thread closed.

[Edited by moderator PWizard, 10/25/2013 8:47:30 AM]

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