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Complete Console Cheats Part 1
Amanpia  posted on Aug 29, 2013 8:41:40 AM - Report post

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All items cost $1 - cvarAdd g_vendorSalePriceScale -1

Disable gore - cvarAdd g_EnableGore -1

Toggle unlimited ammunition - cvarAdd g_infiniteAmmo <0 or 1>

Toggle unlimited vehicle boost - cvarAdd vehicle_infiniteboost
<0 or 1>

Toggle no damage to vehicles - cvarAdd vehicle_god <0 or 1>

God mode - god

Invisible; nobody can see you - notarget

Get indicated amount of money - give cash

Get indicated amount of ammo for all weapons and special
bullets - give ammo

Fly and walk through anything - noclip

Set sprint speed; default is 450 - pm_sprintspeed

Set walking speed; default is 160 - pm_walkspeed

Set crouching speed; default is 160 - pm_crouchspeed

Set jump height; default is 52 - pm_jumpheight

Get indicated amount of race money - give racecash


Sniper rifle - give weapon/rifle

Shotgun - give weapon/regimeshotgun

Authority machinegun - give weapon/regimemachinegun

AK47 machinegune - give weapon/settlermachinegun

Authority pulse cannon - give weapon/plasmarifle

Striker crossbow - give weapon/crossbow

Nailgun (only with Scorchers DLC) - give weapon/nailgun

Rocket launcher - give weapon/regimerocketlauncher

Settler pistol - give weapon/pistol

Deployable weapons

Sentry Bot - give deployable/sentrybot

Advanced Sentry Bot - give deployable/sentrybotupgrade

Sentry Turret - give deployable/turret

Advanced Sentry Turret - give deployable/turretfull

Throwable weapons

Cluster Grenade - give throwable/grenade/cluster

EMP Grenade - give throwable/grenade/emp

HE Grenade - give throwable/grenade/highexplosive

Napalm Grenade - give throwable/grenade/napalm

Sticky Grenade - give throwable/grenade/sticky

Wingstick - give throwable/wingstick

Advanced Wingstick - give throwable/wingstick_multitarget

Weapon upgrades

Brass Knuckles - give weaponupgrades/brassknuckles

AMG Laser Sight - give weaponupgrades/regime_machinegun_laser

Shotgun Magazine Extender - give weaponupgrades/regime_shotgun_magazine

Rifle Scope Upgrade - give weaponupgrades/rifle_bolt

Sniper Rifle Auto-loader - give weaponupgrades/rifle_magazine

Rifle Scope Upgrade - give weaponupgrades/rifle_scope

Settler Machinegun Stabilizer - give weaponupgrades/settler_machinegun_concentrator

Settler Machinegun Concentrator - give weaponupgrades/settler_machinegun_stabilizer


Crossbow mind-control bolts - give ammo/crossbow/controller

Crossbow dynamite bolts - give ammo/crossbow/dynamite

Crossbow electric bolts - give ammo/crossbow/electric

Crossbow standard bolts - give ammo/crossbow/steeltip

Nailgun impale rounds - give ammo/nailgun/impale

Nailgun standard rounds - give ammo/nailgun/nail

Nailgun rail rounds - give ammo/nailgun/rail

Pistol fatboy rounds - give ammo/pistol/fatboys

Pistol fatmamma rounds - give ammo/pistol/fatmamma

Pistol killburst rounds - give ammo/pistol/killburst

Pistol standard rounds - give ammo/pistol/standard

Plasma rifle BFG rounds - give ammo/plasmarifle/slowbigburst

Plasma rifle standard rounds - give ammo/plasmarifle/standard

Authority MG rounds - give ammo/regimemachinegun/standard

Authority AV2x rounds - give ammo/regimemachinegun/doubletippedap

HE Rockets - give ammo/regimerocketlauncher/standard

Viper Rockets - give ammo/regimerocketlauncher/stinger

Feltrite Sniper Rounds, unavailable in single player game? give ammo/rifle/feltrite

Sniper Rounds - give ammo/rifle/standard

Steel AR Rounds - give ammo/settlermachinegun/standard

Feltrite AR Rounds - give ammo/settlermachinegun/doubletippedap

Standard Buckshot - give ammo/shotgun/buckshot_standard

Pulse Shot (EMP shells) - give ammo/shotgun/plasma

Pop Rocket shells - give ammo/shotgun/poprocket

Vehicle weapon ammo

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/bullet_chaingun

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/bullet_chaingun_hoverturret

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/bullet_heavyturret

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/bullet_heavyturret2

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/cluster

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/cluster_c3

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/homing

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/homing_c2

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/homing_c3

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/mortar

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/pulse

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/rcbomb

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/rcbomb_upgrade

Self-explanatory - give ammo/vehicle/stickybomb

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