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Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
Numpad 2: Unlimited Energy
Numpad 3: Super Speed
Numpad 4: Super Jump
Numpad 5: Tactical Synergy
Numpad 6: Mega Ammo
Numpad 7: No Reload
Numpad 8: Invisible
Numpad 9: Increased Accuracy
Numpad 0: Unlimited Inventory
Numpad *: Zoom 2 Levels
Numpad -: Save Position
Numpad +: Teleport
Numpad .: Undo Teleport
Numpad /: ALL OFF
F5 Key: 99 Nano Upgrade Points


As has become too common, the developers of this game have added
multiple scanners to this game to detect if the game has been
tampered with. If these scanners detect the trainer manipulating
the game it will immediately close the game. Therefore, we suggest
that you turn on options only when needed and sparingly. Also, between
missions, we suggest you use the ALL OFF option to reset the trainer

Numpad 1: Unlimited Health - this will keep your health high.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Energy - this will keep your energy topped off.

Numpad 3: Super Speed - toggle on for greater sprint speed.

Numpad 4: Super Jump - toggle on for higher jumps. It's probably
best to have unlimited health on when jumping.

Numpad 5: Tactical Synergy - toggle this on, and you can use multiple
suit powers at once. It's probably best to toggle on the
stealth power first, then turn this on, then the rest of them.

Numpad 6: Mega Ammo - for the current gun, press this and you will
have more ammo.

Numpad 7: No Reload - for the current gun, press this and you will
have a large gun clip so that you do not need to reload for
a long while.

Numpad 8: Invisible - when you first enter an area, press this key
and the enemies will not be able to see you. Toggle again
to allow them to behave normally.

Numpad 9: Increased Accuracy - for the current gun and possibly
others, press this key and then when you fire the first
round most guns will have improved accuracy.

Numpad 0: Unlimited Inventory - you MUST TURN THIS ON before entering
the missions. Once you are in the missions, you will be
able to pick up many items at once instead of the usual two
weapons and etc.

Numpad *: Zoom 2 Levels - each press adds more zoom. The 3rd press
sets the zoom to normal.

Numpad -: Save Position - this will save your current position in the
game world.

Numpad +: Teleport - this will teleport you to the saved position.

Numpad .: Undo Teleport - this will undo the teleport.

Numpad /: ALL OFF - this shuts off all options that are toggled on
that constantly work, such as energy and health. It is wise
to use this when a new mission is loading or between saves.

F5 Key: 99 Nano Upgrade Points - once you are able to upgrade your
suit, press this key and then press 'H' to enter the
upgrade menu. You will have 99 points. You may have to
collect at least 1 point normally and/or wait until the
game allows you to upgrade as part of the story to use
your points.

This trainer will allow you to customize the keys if you desire!
There are two ways to do this. One is the built-in custom key
creation and the other is the Trainer Customizer.

Built-in Custom Key Creation (this feature is not in Promo Trainers)

To create a custom key, make sure you have pressed F1 to activate
the trainer. Next, mouse over the option description on the
trainer and press the left mouse button. You will hear "Select Key".
Select the key on your keyboard that you wish to use. The program
will then say "Activated" and the option listed on the trainer will
update to the key you selected and will have "Custom" before it.
You can also click ANY option with the mouse button and then press
the ESC key to reset the trainer options back to their default
keys. You will need to do this each time you start the trainer or
use the Trainer Customizer described below.

Trainer Customizer

Alternatively, you can also use our Trainer Customizer to accomplish
this! Download it from our trainer troubleshooting page (link below).

Having trouble getting the trainer to work? Visit our forums at
and check out our TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE for helpful tips:

AUTHENTICITY NOTICE (Does not apply to PROMO or FREE trainers):

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the files downloaded from our site and to prevent
illegal file sharing, this trainer will perform an authenticity check while in use. This check
requires an Internet connection and the trainer will not run if a connection is absent or if the
trainer is blocked by a security application. NO INFORMATION, PERSONAL OR OTHERWISE, IS SENT TO
CHEAT HAPPENS DURING THIS PROCESS. This check is only performed on trainers that have been
personalized for individual use, not our PROMO or FREE trainers. If you want/need to use the
trainer offline, please go to our trainer troubleshooting page for instructions on how to obtain
an offline key to avoid online checks.

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