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Keyboard prob.
bonzaike  posted on Jul 25, 2012 3:18:09 AM - Report post

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Hi guys i am currently sitting with a situation which is rather... dissapointing so to say.

I've looked around for this mather to get resolved without much result so i come hear to hopefully get pointed to the right direction.

I recently purchased a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard.
However the Function keys also have different tasks like homepage, media player controls, calculator etc etc.
I know these special functions can be turned off which i did!
However now my function keys should work as intended so i start up Shogun 2 and press F1 without result if hearing trainer activated. I minimised my game and checked if the trainer actually notices the key i press which it does.

When i press F1 i see *Run game and press F1 at main menu*
I see it flash everytime i push it but i don't hear activated at all nor does it say trainer activated on the bottom. I assumed the trainer might be activated afterall so i also checked ingame to test one of the trainer functions but not appear to be working.

So bottom line i can't activate it no matther what i do .
Is there a way for me to activate the trainer by binding the Activate key to another button except for function keys ?

Kind regards

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Wrythe1985  posted on Jul 25, 2012 4:06:23 AM - Report post

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That usually happens to me when the game patches and I didn't update my trainer to match the game's new version...in short, check that your game version matches the trainer version. I also have a feeling that the mods are gonna tell you to disable or uninstall anti-virus software, and ensure that there are no processes running that would interfere with the trainer. Shogun 2 is also extremely finicky if you try to use a trainer with it, so it could also be the game itself.
bonzaike  posted on Jul 25, 2012 4:09:39 AM - Report post

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I just downloaded the latest version like i did before i posted this .
This problem started with my new keyboard.
Before i started to use Threatfire with Kapersky antivirus.
So am like 200% convinced its my keyboards problem.
I just don't know if it is possible to change the F1 key to a non function button or so to activate it
DABhand  posted on Jul 25, 2012 6:25:05 AM - Report post

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1 big problem straight away thats a possible on why the trainer isn't activating, you have 2 anti-virus programs running at same time I take it, which is a big no no, only one should be installed. With 2 they fight over files running in the background, causing many issues.

bonzaike  posted on Jul 25, 2012 7:27:48 AM - Report post

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This started happening the moment i purchased my keyboard
not the moment where i installed both antiviruses
also do take a look at

Threatfire & kapersky work together, not against eachother
but i can be wrong of this mather

DABhand  posted on Jul 25, 2012 9:36:40 AM - Report post

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Its common knowledge not to use 2 Anti-viruses. Not only that both at same time eat away at resources, and CPU processing time.

Never believe a site that claims to have 0-day threat removal, that is BS, they can only remove a threat once they know what it is, how it works and then formulate a form of action. They will be like any other AV will take a day or 2, but never on the same day the virus is released.

I was clearly mentioning a potential problem, because like most up to date keyboards that have additional functions there is usually a running program in the background taking note, or a .dll loaded into the memory running functions.

Now if 2 AV's are fighting to scan that, it may result in problems there where it seems there is no key presses, and also there won't be any code injecting or memory manipulation if its being blocked in a game of ping-pong between two AV's.

Now if Threatfire was just an anti-spy/malware program, I would say both is fine, but because it scans for viruses also then no its not cool.

But hey its your PC its up to you how you use it :P

bonzaike  posted on Jul 25, 2012 4:55:46 PM - Report post

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Problem has been resolved

I noticed this a bit late, back before all this my trainer always asked me admin access yes or no, this time it didnt so i changed it so that i run my trainers as admin.
as for the AV, removed both and put AVG 2012 in place and the trainer into the whitelist

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