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 need help to find a good rts  
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 originally posted by ChaosX1987:

well i play almost all sorts of game but rts is still my favorite since the moment i played total annihilation on my pentium 2.
but i also play fps and rpg even some simulation games and i play a couple of mmo's (few free and sto).
but the game companies only are releasing fps and rpg's (which are also changing with more fps elements often).
so that's why i decided to ask the best gaming community out there because i figured i doubt i know all games out there .
(still waiting for fable 3 on pc! )

but thanks everyone for the input and i hope this thread is useful for more people that love rts games and see a few names here they don't know

its certainly been helpful for guys like me that initially didn't like RTSs at all..but over the year developed a love for it. this thread also helped me realize how i've really missed some really good RTSs of the past

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 originally posted by saurabhfzd:

 originally posted by potato_chips:

Well pretty much everything is covered...

Only game I can suggest is Total Annihilation

Its a wee bit old (like AOE old) but at the time it came out it was way ahead of anything else I could find.

And I still find things about it which are superior to modern day RTS games.

You can build a really strong base with loads of rocket and plasma and laser towers etc and sit there through wave after wave of enemy assaults (highest kill count I recall was over 10,000 in one skirmish which lasted about 5 hours)

Plus it has the best resource system I've come across, it monitors your output and input resource wise and you only go down in resources if your output gets higher than your input, very handy

seems like i'll have to check this one out too. thanx buddy. will it run on win7?

I have no idea, I don't have Win7 to test it on, but it runs on XP ok for me.

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One game i didnt see listed is warzone 2100. I know that it is old but it is still being developed upon by a large fanbase.
And it sounds like its your style. Lots of tech to research and you can just fortify yourself until you have reached the point where you think that is time to kill the enemys.
And the best part is that its free!!!! Developer went belly up and the fans pushed to get the source code to keep it up to date.
I still play at it times. Give it a shot!


And there is also various mods and skirmish maps to get the game going.

Tha HorzE

Oh by the way, Thanks for the heads up on Total Annihilation! never tried that one. getting it now!

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