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March 06, 2005
Extreme Mode:
To enter extreme mode on 1 Player VS mode, highlight the hard setting and hold L and up and press start. The background should change to red.

Remove stop command:

To remove the stop time when you clear a combo/chain, at the start when Yoshi says "Nintendo" press B,A,L,L. A sound will confirm the code.

Play Rescued Characters:

In 1 player VS mode push X and Y buttons untill you strat the match. You will be directed to the player select screen.

Play as Rival Characters:

In 2 player VS/Time Trial mode push L and R on BOTH controllers. The rivals characters will appear.

Extra Puzzles:

To access the hidden puzzle stages in puzzle mode, enter this code in the Password Game "FP5D29J!"

How to control the cursor in "How to Improve Mode":

In any of the sessions hold down the "R" button. You can now control the cursor and try out the chains, combos, and skill chains on your own.

Control Yoshi:

In the ending credits for the VS mode hold select and use the D-Pad to control Yoshi.

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October 01, 2004
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