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posted: 8/27/2011 6:18:14 AM - Report Post               edit post

Bull - each car handles like a cripple tank. The cars are sluggish, oversteer, adjustments seem useless, and pick the wrong car and you'll never finish anything but last; get in a race and be in the middle of the pack and you will NEVER catch anyone, and suddenly slow pokes that are 8 or more seconds behind suddenly appear in the rear view and then whiz by and cannot be caught. This game is a terrible simulation. SHIFT 1 was 1000 times more fun, if less realistic and fewer features; at least you could race and feel like you've accomplished something. You can actually overtake and pass cars in S1. In S2, unless you nail the takeoff, you can't win, you can't make up ground, and you can't enjoy the game. I play 10 minutes and go back to S1. I felt in total control of the cars in S1, here I feel nothing, they are all dead in the wheel.
THIS is what EA does with franchises; ruins them; they run them into the ground by changing instead of IMPROVING. They did it with NFS earlier, they did it with NHL Hockey, they do it all the time. Very disappointing, and too bad because a lot of the changes worked, but so many more did not. They improve the interface and then mess it up; they improve the tweaking, and then mess it up. They make it so difficult to just even RACE! You choose a race, but you don't have the car - you go to buy but they don't tell you if it qualifies. They have info buried in inaccessible places, there is no repository of data, no car lists, no category lists, no cross-references, no help, no explanations and not a very good result in my opinion. Bad job, EA.

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