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Metroid: Other M
Nintendo Wii

Reviewed on: Nintendo Wii

Team Ninja
Publisher: Nintendo
Rated: "T" for Teen

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

Audio/Visual: 6
Gameplay: 5
Lasting Appeal: 5
Overall: 6
CHEATfactor: 6
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User Rating: 6

Team Ninja is anything but an obvious choice to make a new Metroid title. The Japanese developer, known for the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series aren't exactly known for the same type of games that Nintendo is known for making. Metroid: Other M was a huge gamble for Nintendo. It's a gamble though that paid off in spades, as Metroid: Other M not only reinvents the longtime fan favorite franchise, it creates a brand new experience that's sure to please fans and those looking for a jumping on point alike. Save for a few missteps, Metroid: Other M is not only one of the best Wii titles available, it's one of the best Metroid titles as well.

Taking place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, Other M opens with a dazzling cinematic showing the final battle of Super Metroid. After the battle, series protagonist Samus Aran awakens on a Galactic Federation ship where she receives an unusual distress signal from a ship long thought to be dormant. It's here that she meets up with a group of soldiers and the action of Other M really begins to take off. Metroid: Other M is a more mature take on the long established franchise. It's darker, it's grittier, it's a refreshingly realistic look at a hero who may have been on the verge of going stale.

"...close quarter combat is as exhilarating as it is rewarding."


Where previous Metroid games were built on creating solitary platforming experiences, Other M is definitely much more focused on the action side of things. The new approach is a welcome change of pace as the frantic, close quarter combat is as exhilarating as it is rewarding. Much of Other M is presented in the third person perspective, and you'll hold the remote horizontally to control Samus (there's no classic controller or nunchuck support here). Aiming is done automatically, so you never feel quite overwhelmed when there's a ton of enemies on screen. One of the most interesting design choices of Other M is the ability to switch freely to the first person perspective. Going into Samus' helmet can be a jarring change at first, but will soon become second nature. When playing through, it's extremely fun to blast through a wave of enemies, then slow things down and finish them off in first person mode.

Using the Wiimote's d-pad to control action on a 3D plane is a bit awkward, especially at first, but it does offer some interesting changes to the Metroid formula. Key here is the new ability to dodge by pressing the d-pad in any direction just before getting hit. Doing this will not only allow Samus to move out of the way of the attack (in a very stylish manner no less) but opens up a world of possibilities. If you hold down the fire button while dodging, your weapon will receive a full charge, letting you pull off one hell of a counter attack. You can also come out of your dodge with a melee attack but it's just not as impressive or effective.

What's most impressive about Metroid: Other M is the way that all of these factors work flawlessly together to create an impressive experience. The controls, as awkward as they may be when you first start the game, are incredibly responsive, and feel comfortable once you get the hang of them. Everything from the music, to the frantic pace of the game keeps you on your toes enough to ensure that you'll be glued to your seat from beginning to end.

Unquestionably, Metroid: Other M is at its best when you're confronted with the larger than life bosses. Now, these bosses have become a staple of the franchise, but here, with the new art style and action oriented gameplay, you're bound to appreciate them a bit more. Each boss feels like a test of the mechanics you've learned previously, and will tax you. Yes, you're going to throw down the controller in frustration more than a few times, but the payoff is oh so sweet.

"...lacks a lot of the exploratory elements of previous titles."


But perfect Other M is not. Fans of previous Metroid games will find that Other M lacks a lot of the exploratory elements of previous titles. In fact, Other M is a pretty linear experience all around; your next objective is highlighted by a giant arrow and there's little room to deviate from what the game wants you to do. Sure, there is extra weaponry and the normal clutter splattered around, but the linear take on the Metroid universe is something that's sure to shock some fans.

By far though, the biggest misstep Team Ninja made with Metroid: Other M is in the game's storytelling. Perhaps it's just me, but I've always felt that Samus is one of those characters, much like Wolverine (should be) that works better without a clear origin, but in Other M we learn much of what made Samus who she is. Yes, I love a good story, but it feels like a bit of the character is gone now that a backstory is established. It also doesn't help that the game's cutscenes are unskippable, so you're forced to pay attention to the story, oh and then there's the horrible voice acting.

I'm sure the core Metroid fans aren't going to want to hear this, but the series was due for a refresh and besides a few missteps, Other M is definitely it. It offers enough changes to the long running series without completely rewriting the book. Metroid: Other M is a Metroid for a new generation, but it's loyal enough that even the most hardcore fans will appreciate it. 



As of this writing, there are no cheats available for Metroid: Other M. The cheats I would want though are pretty self-explanatory, unlimited health, unlimited ammo, quick dodge.

Stick with for cheats for Metroid: Other M as they become available.


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