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posted: 4/9/2012 12:27:21 PM - Report Post               edit post

Dante_Reaper said: Im a little dissapointed that i managed 100% completion without any form of glitching or cheating in under 24 hours game time when the devs promoted it as having well over 300 hours worth

With respect, DR, I doubt very much that you have 'managed 100% completion".

You may have finished the main story questline but have you completed the Companions Questline, the Thieves' Guild Questline, the College of Winterhold Questline, either side of the Civil War questlines (Stormcloak or Imperial), the Dark Brotherhood Questline, the Daedric Quests, the Bard College Quests, or any of the dozens of other side-quests or literally infinite number of Radiant quests?

Have you maxed out the perks in any of the eighteen skill trees?

Have you bought and furnished any of the five player houses?

Have you travelled to and explored all nine of the main cities? Found all twelve of the standing stones? Become Thane of each of the nine Holds? Visited all 24 forts? All the dozens of small settlements, camps, farms, shacks, stables, ports and docks and shrines?

Have you entered and cleared the dozens and dozens of caves, dungeons, ruins and mines?

Have you lived as a vampire or werewolf? Been imprisoned and broken out of jail?

Did you learn all twenty Dragon Shouts - all three words for each?

Have you earned the loyalty of any of the thirty-two followers? Have you had more than one follower at a time? (Up to six is possible without mods.) Did you marry any of them? Did you have a pet? A horse?

Have you learnt the arts of smithing, (making your own weapons and armour), alchemy (making potions) or enchanting (making magical weapons, armour and stuff)? Can you cook?

Have you done any of these things as more than one of the ten races available?

Did you really give this game a chance to take over your life?

I doubt it. I've been playing for about 120 hours and have only really just begun.

I've started the main questline and travelled to High Hrothgar. I've killed a few dragons. I've only just sided with the Stormcloaks in the Civil War questline and I started the Companion questline but decided to leave it for later when I was asked a game changing question.

I've explored about 20% of the map. I've only been to two cities - Whiterun and Windhelm - and about five towns or villages.

And I've done perhaps about two dozen side-quests and cleared out about a dozen dungeons, forts, etc., and retreated from a few that were too tough. (I'll be back!)

I've got about 50 quests to do in my journal.

I've made a small amount of weapons and armour, two or three potions and only enchanted one ring.

I've only increased my perk levels in the bottom ranks of four of the skill trees. I've bought and furnished one house and I have only had three followers so far. I've not got married yet. I'm Thane of only one Hold. I have loads and loads and loads of stuff left to do. And I'm sure that there's a whole load of other stuff that I haven't even found about yet.

Anyway, I think you get the point.

Dante_Reaper, please, please, try the game again. Don't rush through it. There's much, much more to it than just the main quest. Take time to (literally) walk in the meadow and pick the flowers.

To be fair, 300 hours is the least amount of time it would take to get anywhere in this game.

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