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Dungeon Siege III
PC, XBox 360, Playstation 3

Reviewed on: PC
Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Square Enix
Rated: "T" for Teen

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

Dungeon Siege III features some impressive spell animations that will light up your entire screen, but the rest of it looks and sounds (it's almost as if the developers forced the voice actors to deliver their lines at gunpoint) rather dull in comparison.

Gameplay: 5

If you can ignore the story, the game is at its best when you're playing and able to hack and slash to your heart's content. A fair warning though - the new control scheme was obviously meant to appeal to console owners and doesn't work as well on PC.

Lasting Appeal:

The story here is alright, if not surprisingly linear, and there's a ton of loot to find, even though there's a not that much that's memorable. Mulitplayer limitations make that portion of the game almost unplayable.

Overall: 6
If you've never played Dungeon Siege before, the game feels like an average third person hack and slash - but if you have, it's more disappointing. Bland production values and aging mechanics mix with an infuriating camera and control system.
CHEATfactor: 6

For Dungeon Siege III, developer Obsidian Entertainment had big plans. For the series first foray into console gaming (save for the 2006 PSP edition), the sequel features a new story, new controls and a new multiplayer suite. Unfortunately, all of these tweaks lead to the game being stripped of the identity the series has created and could serve to alienate the fans that have made it what it is. The box may bear the Dungeon Siege name, but it feels so far from anything that came before that it's barely even recognizable.

Compared to previous games in the series, Dungeon Siege III features a pretty expansive story, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a very interesting one. Long story short; you've got to defeat a powerful enemy in an effort to restore power to the series famed legion. It's a story that will have you conversing with a ton of different characters and in typical modern RPG fashion your dialogue tree driven choices will have an effect on the world and story. Sounds great right? The only trouble is that none of these story elements or choices are all that interesting and are quite easily to telegraph.

It's also in the small details in which the story falters. You hear a lot about events happening throughout the world, but you never realize they're important because the game fails to put any emphasis on these events so that they seem trivial. Dungeon Siege also makes the unforgivable mistake of breaking one of entertainment's oldest rules - “show and don't tell.” During my game I was constantly being told about events in the world and wondering; “Okay, why can't I do that?” It's frustrating to know that these epic battles are happening somewhere in the game's continuity, but you're just dungeon crawling...still just dungeon crawling. It doesn't help either that the voice acting is done in a way that the characters all seem bothered, like they're being forced to read their lines.

"...there's a surprising bit of depth here if you're willing to look for and find it."


At its core and most basic level, Dungeon Siege III retains the simple gameplay of its predecessors; hack, slash, pick up loot and continue. You'll play as one of four different characters; each with their own abilities and play style (though curiously, you're no longer able to rename characters), and to the game's credit, finding which character suits your play style best is fun and even challenging at times. Leveling up feels like it should, and there's a surprising bit of depth here if you're willing to look for and find it.

Where Dungeon Siege III starts to unravel though is with its incredibly frustrating controls. It's clear that for this, the series first game to foray into console availability, the developers skewed the controls to appease console gamers and as a result, the PC version suffers. Unlike most modern day RPGs where you merely click on your target or click on your loot, here you'll have to turn your character towards your target, and then press a button for the targeting system to kick on. To get loot, you'll have to walk up to it and press a button. It's extremely fluid on a controller, and we highly recommend plugging one in if you're going to play Dungeon Siege III rather than having to deal with the hokey and frustrating controls in use here, which by the way - there's absolutely no way to change.

"...Dungeon Siege III allows for only two player teams."


The game also places some pretty absurd restrictions on its multiplayer suite as well, which is weird as the whole marketing campaign is built around it. Forget the four player parties of the past, Dungeon Siege III allows for only two player teams. If you're playing on your own, you can swap out your teammate for any of the other characters you've encountered, but you're stuck with your particular choice from the moment you pick them, so you better be sure. It's evident that Obsidian was trying to promote co-op, but it seems like it's at the extent of what made Dungeon Siege so special.

The camera in Dungeon Siege III also leaves a lot to be desired; in fact - it's quite infuriating. Here's one scenario; you're facing off with a huge horde of enemies, when you're pushed into a corner then suddenly the camera decides it's a good time to zoom in past your enemies and on to your face, leaving you unsure of just how many enemies are left. Headaches like this happen quite often in the game and frequently lead to inadvertent death.

Dungeon Siege III could have been a rebirth for one of gaming's most storied franchises, but instead it's just a frustrating and mildly fun title that merely resembles the games of the past. Dungeon Siege III suffers from problems in pretty much every aspect of its creation, if you're a fan and desperately need more Dungeon Siege, check it out, otherwise beware. 



CHEATS USED: Easy Kills, Add XP

In Dungeon Siege III you're going to battle through a ton of enemies at the same time, and the most helpful part of the trainer from is easily the easy kills piece. The cheat makes going through a series of enemies a lot easier than it should in the game.

You also have to love the add XP cheat, which allows you to level up a lot faster than if you were just trying to do it by yourself. Using both of these cheats at the same time is an incredible, almost god like feeling.



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User # 162612
posted: 7/16/2011 8:54:49 AM -  Report Post                edit post

game can be played as 4 player coop, but only online.

*host only* -save is bad, but i could overcome it.

what i could not overcome, was the forced screen sharing. not sure if this **** is common in consoles, but sure as hell i cannot play with it. screen jerks around when any player moves, especially when using dodge, teleport or charge. Charge was the most annoying of the lot.

this becomes incredibly annoying on boss fights where 4 players would like to see, move and fight back correctly on already quite limited view area.

don't know if it is even possible, but they should have made those screens stick with own character only. if they absolutely had to keep the group together, they could have added some kind of invisible chain keeping palyers all near each other or just allow them to run around. it has been done in games before, and i'm sure the devs are not degenerating there, maybe they are just thinking about slacking and easy money too much.

bought one copy, not going to buy 3 more.
..unless miracles happen and game is modded or changed to playable state

Current rank: 1.5 Stars. Next Rank at 500 Posts.
User # 966055
posted: 7/9/2011 5:48:02 AM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

i dont want to troll here but the f*ck up this game very bad.. This is not even close to DII, DIII is like Dragon Age I or II so not a hack&slash game but a RPG game. Good review. But not word to buy this if you love D2 Or D1 Ps i dont rate this game a 9 but a 2

[Edited by Xextreem, 7/9/2011 5:49:14 AM]

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