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posted: 7/9/2011 5:48:02 AM - Report Post               edit post

i dont want to troll here but the f*ck up this game very bad.. This is not even close to DII, DIII is like Dragon Age I or II so not a hack&slash game but a RPG game. Good review. But not word to buy this if you love D2 Or D1 Ps i dont rate this game a 9 but a 2

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User # 162612
posted: 7/16/2011 8:54:49 AM - Report Post               edit post

game can be played as 4 player coop, but only online.

*host only* -save is bad, but i could overcome it.

what i could not overcome, was the forced screen sharing. not sure if this **** is common in consoles, but sure as hell i cannot play with it. screen jerks around when any player moves, especially when using dodge, teleport or charge. Charge was the most annoying of the lot.

this becomes incredibly annoying on boss fights where 4 players would like to see, move and fight back correctly on already quite limited view area.

don't know if it is even possible, but they should have made those screens stick with own character only. if they absolutely had to keep the group together, they could have added some kind of invisible chain keeping palyers all near each other or just allow them to run around. it has been done in games before, and i'm sure the devs are not degenerating there, maybe they are just thinking about slacking and easy money too much.

bought one copy, not going to buy 3 more.
..unless miracles happen and game is modded or changed to playable state

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