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User # 283427
posted: 11/22/2010 12:58:08 AM - Report Post               edit post

I had fun with it and still having fun with it! As I did with all COD series I have. Still the SP is way lot better than the latest Medal of Honor.

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User # 306742
posted: 11/22/2010 10:13:10 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

I hated this game.Black Ops is some kind of World at War and MWF2 hybrid game. I'm not talking about the current unpatched errors its the idea behind the multiplayer is bad. They couldn't make the multiplayer worse.BUT i loved the singleplayer campaign and the zombie mode again.. Couldn't stop myself getting in to details... Weapons totally suck i have unlocked only Ak74u in submachine guns, Stoner in MG and Commando for suppresed weapon in my 1st prestige (after unlocking all in my first 50 lvls) there is no need for any other weapon ever in this game.Perks are the same, only hacker pro is a little interesting and mask pro is kinda useful.Equipments are a little bit flavour.Killstreaks..What?.Ohhh and the servers are total failure.You cannot even play with your friend in the same team and sometimes in the same server. On 11 am i see 5000+ servers in the game, at 5 pm i only get 500+ of them.This is ridiculous.I cant even find my own server since the release.. So I have stopped playing the game about 3 days.Because its a waste of time.This game does not worth 60$...

User # 1075073
posted: 12/22/2010 11:06:35 AM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

I have bought it and played through it... but not really impressed. To much cutscenes/video. If I wanted to see a movie I would have gone to the cinema! Not being able to skip the cutscenes is annoying as hell.

All in all I give it 5 points out of 10. Some missions are fun, but to me it just seemed like they put 10 developers to make one "mission" each without speaking to each other, and then put all missions together and made a crappy story to tie them together...

If you think this is a new Modern Wardare 2, you will be disappointed.
Zombie mode is only fun for a little while, and there are absolutely no good coop mode like it was in MW2.

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User # 837023
posted: 1/3/2011 1:00:45 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

meh...Single player is great, but very disapointing length. The only other fallback was zombie or multiplayer. While zombie mode is fun, it can get repetetive. Battlefield in my opinion is much better for multiplayer, I believe it took this type of gameplay/concept, added vehycles/destructable enviorment, to create a much more atmospheric enviorment.

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