WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 3: A Broken Promise

Part 1 - The Trapped Hallway


Walk down the hall ahead and run over the spiked traps when the spikes go under the floor. View Screenshot Roll or run by the spike pillars on the opposite side when they go to one side. The next trap is a mix of the first two - run ahead as the spikes go under the floor and stay on the opposite side of the spike pillar. Do the same thing for the next area only watch the spiked pillars more closely. Wall run to hit the switch on the wall then get through the gate quickly.

View Screenshot As soon as you run to either side of the room the floor will start to give away. Run along the left side and the floor will not fall below you - it will just fall beside you. Jump on top of the small column to the right of the door. Turn your back to the column in the back and jump to the next two. When the third is reached, turn your back to the ledge above the windows and jump to it. Immediately move to the right as you jump because the ledge will fall in that portion. Move to the right and jump to the column in the back. The
column will collapse just a few seconds after grabbing it so jump and stab the dagger into the wall across from it immediately. Wall run to the right and stab the dagger into the next wall plate. This second plate will fall in a few seconds, so wall run to the right instantly and stab the third plate. Jump to the next two columns in the back then jump to the ledge slightly below you before both columns collapse. The camera angle for the second column will show you the ledge below. From the ledge, jump to the hole in the wall and then jump and slide down the curtain. When you near the bottom of the curtain jump off of it to land inside of a gap across from it. If you miss the jump at the bottom of the curtain, the Prince will luckily grab onto a crevice below the curtain allowing you to still jump to the gap. Either way slide down the gap and fall to the room below. There is a save fountain to the side.


Part 2 - The Ruined Palace

Be sure to break any breakable objects from now on to get sand credits to recharge your sand gauge and unlock some extra content. Run down the hall ahead and roll through the first trap when the pillar goes to one side and the spiked wall spikes go inward. The second trap has an easy pattern - just run once the first set of spikes go under the floor. The third trap can be rolled
through as the spike pillars go to one side. Be sure to keep running even after going through the trap since the floor will give away until you reach the doorway in the distance.


Walk into the next room and leap across the gap in the floor. The guard in the back will catch sight of you instantly. Wall run over to him and defeat him. Climb on top of the area with the broken column View Screenshot and jump to the small strip of floor that is still left. Walk along the strip to reach the area to the side. Two guards will charge through the doorway. View Screenshot Defeat them and walk through the doorway to find 10 sand credits in the chest. Climb on top of the small section of the wall to the left of the flame and use it to reach the top of the collapsed floor. A guard will be waiting at the top. Get on top of the small section with the broken railing and jump and stab the plate in the back. Jump and stab again for the second plate then jump to the ledge above and use it to reach the area to the left. Wall run to the small strip of floor ahead - you'll have to stop this wall run early in order to land on the floor. Wall run again and jump off the shutter in the distance. The shutter will send the Prince flying toward a ledge that leads to a doorway and a save fountain.


Part 3 - The Royal Chambers

Hit the switch and dash through the doorway. Run down the stairs in the halls ahead and enter the room at the bottom.


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