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Mission 1: Alloy Wheels of Steel
Reward: $1.000
Objective: Win the race and Mitch's respect.

After the cut-scene, get a bike and enter the marker to start the race. Win the race to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Messing With The Man
Reward: $2.000
Objective: Fill the chaos meter.

You have to cause a lot of damage and chaos to fill your chaos meter. Once you get a wanted level, the chaos meter will appear. An easy way to fill it is to get up the stairs by the Skumole Shack and shoot the police from there, they cant follow you up the stairs. Just watch out for the SWAT teams that can drop from the helicopter.

Mission 3: Hog Tied
Reward: $4.000
Objective: Get Mitch's bike back.

Get a bike an drive up the stairs at the Ammu-Nation in full speed to jump to the roof across the street. Kill all the gang members and get down the stairs from the roof. Get Mitch's bike and jump the other stairs to get out of the area. Drive the bike back to Mitch to complete the mission.

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Ken Rosenberg

Colonel Juan Cortez

Phone Missions

Avery Carrington

Ricardo Diaz

Kent Paul

Tommy Vercetti

Umberto Robina

Auntie Poulet

Love Fist

Mitch Baker

Phil Cassidy


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