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Asset Properties:
There are 8 different property assets you can buy during the game. All assets wont be available for purchase at the beginning of the game, but you will get a notice whenever an asset can be bought. Once you have bought an asset and completed all its missions, you will get a money icon outside the building where you can pickup a certain amount of cash every day depending on the asset. You can find their locations on the Locations Map.

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The Malibu Club


Print Works


InterGlobal Film Studio


Kaufman Cabs


Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory




Sunshine Autos


Pole Position Strip Club



Hideout Properties:
You can buy new safehouses all over town, they are marked with a house icon outside of them. The different properties will be available throughout the game. Some of them have garages where you can park your car and you can save your game on all of them. Since there are no missions for these assets, I'll only list them on this page. You can also find their locations on the Locations Maps.

3321 Vice Point

El Swanko Casa

Links View Apartment

1102 Washington Street

Ocean Heights Apartment

Skumole Shack

Hyman Condo


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