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Race Tournaments
You have to beat the Deconstruction mission and the Driving School to get these missions. You will get a phonecall when the missions can be started. Everytime you win a race you will get $10.000.

Los Santos Races:
9 different car and bike races.
Location: Little Mexico

Lowrider Race
Vehicle: Blade

Little Loop
Vehicle: NGR-500

Backroad Wanderer
Vehicle: FCR-900

City Circuit
Vehicle: FCR-900

Vehicle: Sunrise

Vehicle: Super GT

Into the Country
Vehicle: Bullet

Badlands A
Vehicle: Sabre

Badlands B
Vehicle: ZR-350

San Fierro Races:
6 different car and bike races.
Location: Behind the Wang Car Showroom.

Dirtbike Danger
Vehicle: Sanchez

Bandito County
Vehicle: Bandito

Go-Go Carting
Vehicle: Kart

San Fierro Fastlane
Vehicle: Alpha

San Fierro Hills
Vehicle: Phoenix

Country Endurance
Vehicle: Bullet

Las Venturas Races:
4 different car and nike races.
Location: Las Venturas Airport Freight Depot.

San Fierro to Las Venturas
Vehicle: Banshee

Dam Rider
Vehicle: NRG-500

Desert Tricks
Vehicle: FCR-900

Las Venturas Ringroad
Vehicle: Turismo

6 different airplane and helicopter races.
Location: LVA Airport

World War Aces
Vehicle: Rustler

Vehicle: Stuntplane

Military Service
Vehicle: Hydra Jet

Chopper Checkpoint
Vehicle: Maverick

Whirly Bird Waypoint
Vehicle: Maverick

Heli Hell
Vehicle: Hunter


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