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Luigi Goterelli

Joey Leone

Toni Cipriani

Salvatore Leone

Marty Chunks

El Burro

Asuka Kasen

Ray Machowski

Kenji Kasen

Donald Love

King Courtney




Mission: Give me liberty
Location: Portland
Reward: --

After the intro sequence, jump in the car with 8-Ball and drive to your hideout. It is marked on your map with a purple dot. Its in the alley where the "Eddies" sign is. This is where you save your game later on and you car park a car in the garage for later use if you want to. For now, park your car in the blue circle. You and 8-Ball will change clothes, then get back into the car and drive to Luigi's. It is marked on the map with a pink dot. Stop in the blue circle and walk in and talk to Luigi for you first mission.


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