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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
PC, XBox 360, Playstation 3

Reviewed on: PC
Publisher: THQ
Rated: "M" for Mature

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

THQ and Relic have done a great job recreating the look and feel of the Warhammer universe. Filled with a well done soundtrack and the amount of cheesy voice acting you'd expect, this is the same universe you've known for decades.

Gameplay: 5

Warhammer is a mix of elements from different games and genres - and it mostly works. Warhammer is at its best when it embraces its bloody button mashing DNA and its worst when it tries too hard to force its narrative.

Lasting Appeal:

Warhammer is not a long game, but it doesn't feel like its cut all that short. You're unlikely to jump back into the campaign much, but the multiplayer suite is surprisingly deep and a lot of fun. If Warhammer has legs, it will be in the multiplayer.

Overall: 6
Space Marine could have been a mess of a genre transition, but Relic and THQ have done a great job in giving you a different and much more intimate look at a long established franchise.
CHEATfactor: 6

Anyone who has ever played Warhammer 40k has dreamed of strapping on the Space Marine Armor and digging into a horde of Orks. To command a squad into battle, to rev up the chainsaw sword. THQ and Relic understand this and thus created Warhammer: 40k: Space Marine; the most intimate and gritty look at the longstanding universe. Space Marine isn't perfect or innovative, but it is a fun and deeply satisfying new way to look at world that so many have been in for so long.

You are Captain Titus, leader of the Ultra Marines; a squad featuring the best of the best of the Space Marines. You and your small contingent are sent to eliminate an overwhelming presence or Orks from a hostile planet. It's not the most interesting or original story, but it does feature enough twists and turns to keep even those unfamiliar with the universe interested throughout. What it does do however is give one of the most intimate and gritty looks at the franchise yet. Warhammer has always been more of a passive experience - you command your table-top troops from a distance above, in Space Marine however, you are the Commander, and you're right in the mix of the battle with your fellow soldiers - and it's just as satisfying as you would imagine.

"Space Marine is a bloody and violent game, and it's not afraid to show it..."


You and the Space Marines are armed with a few weapons at the outset of your quest, and chief among them is your chainsword. The first time you equip it and walk right into a swarm of Ork soldiers, sword swinging, the weapons feel extremely weighted and satisfying. Space Marine is a bloody and violent game, and it's not afraid to show it; it's a regular occurrence to be up against a ton of enemies one minute, only to be lost in a sea of blood the next. As you progress through the game you'll unlock new weapons and abilities to tailor the commander to your play style.

The gameplay in Space Marine isn't anything revolutionary, but it is built on strong gameplay elements that make Warhammer entertaining throughout. The majority of the game is a mix of melee combat and gunplay, and to be successful you're going to have to switch between the two pretty regularly. The game has frequent supply drop boxes where you can switch out weapons, spread throughout the game, a nice tough given the fact that you'll often go into a battle unknowingly with the wrong weapons for the job. These supply boxes allow you to try again - from a different route.

"For all that it does right; Space Marine has a nasty habit of stopping its own momentum."


For all that it does right; Space Marine has a nasty habit of stopping its own momentum. The game's story isn't anything to write home about, but Relic seems intent on making it work via a series of incredibly intrusive cut scenes. It's often that you'll clear one section, trigger a cut scene and then walk five feet to trigger another one. These cut scenes take you out of the game in a major way. There's also an issue with Relic being obsessed with its own game's beauty, as there are a number of sections where you'll be walking down long corridors without any enemies to fight, and it seems like it always happens when the game's environments are at their best.

Warhammer's campaign isn't obtrusively long, but it's not incredibly short either. That being said, the game's legacy will be made through its online suite. The game modes aren't that surprising, but adding in real players to the game's frantic mix does wonders for the formula. In the week since the game's release, the servers have been very busy and with any hope a solid community will spring up around the game.

Space Marine could have been a mess of a genre transition, but Relic and THQ have done a great job in giving you a different and much more intimate look at a long established franchise. There's nothing revolutionary here, but Warhammer is a game that's built on solid mechanics and thought out progression. Perhaps the most important aspect, it feels like the start of a brand new franchise. 



CHEATS USED: Armor Regen, Mega Ammo

The trainer for Warhammer 40k: Space Marines doesn't have a ton of features, but the ones it does have are incredibly useful, making it a great trainer. I found myself using the armor regen cheat more than anything, as it allowed me to keep running right in to battle without much hesitation.

This cheat combined with the mega ammo cheat made me really feel invincible throughout most of the game. It made me really feel like...a space marine.



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User # 9168
posted: 10/13/2011 12:39:51 AM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

Given the recent history of GW IPs in the computer gaming world, I foresee numerous expansions for Space Marine, each adding new races and options to encourage our investment.
A solid game, but, as has been said, the single-player game is short and very linear. So we'll all jump on the expansions like a pack of ravening (Space) wolves.

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User # 428779
posted: 10/7/2011 11:00:33 PM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

I am so agree with @benduhova... instead of able to play as many spaces marines units, we only can play just as captain of Ultramarine

Also the finishing moves are so repetitive and the final boss battle lack of many oomph
The story also is so so too... after doing that for the 123 times, its not so cool & fun anymore
They should have allow us to choose to become loyal space marine or corrupt chaos SM then have its own story for each choice, its add more replay value too

Considering this game came out after GoW & Darksiders & many more similar games... surely u need to bolster the game to have edge in stiff competition, and if u want to create it for the W40K fans then why limited it to just Space Marines & Ultramarine campaign too ? why not giving Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Raven Guard, Iron Fist, etc then ?

Heck, even No More Heroes or Mad World in Wii feels way more brutal & savage & more daring to show cooler bloodier moves than this...they should add more cool finishing moves like that in this game, its more fun & more suitable too since SM world is a very bloody dark grimm world

I rate this game at most at 7, no more... this game is way too decent & I believe, Relic should make another exp for DoW2 to add Tau + Necrons + Dark Eldar + Daemonhunter instead wasting their limited budget for many so so projects like Space Marines or W40k Online, bah...

[Edited by kaizer88, 10/7/2011 11:02:48 PM]

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User # 157186
posted: 10/4/2011 5:06:02 PM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

Single player game is good for a single run through but issues i had were voiced by others. Anyone that like 40K would like this. The multiplayer is great, perfect? NO, but what game from out of the gate is? There is a large patch coming out that will have a multiperson 4 PVE environment. Also heard talks that other things like vehicles and races are being looked at. Cheating on PvP is mostly fixed since last 2 patches but a few things are still there but not bad and can be countered with a good group using voice, which is a must.

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User # 157701
posted: 9/24/2011 6:59:32 PM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

Decent at best, it is extremely linear with fair graphics and plays well. It leaves a ton to be desired after playing Dead Island and quickly becomes boring after a short period of play. I guess if you are a warhammer lover, this would be your dream come true, but otherwise.......OK, I guess. I rated it a 5....shows 10?

[Edited by Dragoneye, 9/25/2011 7:14:22 AM]

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User # 273005
posted: 9/23/2011 3:47:12 PM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

While This game isn't the greatest thing relic has done it's all around a decent game good graphics solid game play. However if you are a true warhammer nut this game is a must have doing everything fire warrior should have done. That being said the game does seem lacking, story is good but very liner online is also limited over all a decent game that leaves you wanting more.

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